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A WVU group portrait.
A group portrait of the 1900 WVU Football team.
A WVU student group portrait.
A WVU women's group portrait.
Text on the back reads:"Rear Row: Del. Kincaid, Claude Gore, W. W. D. Rogers, Ed Boyd, Harry DuncanMiddle Row: Ed Hartman, unknown, Ed Mayer, ? Willis, Sam BoydFront Row: Dick Hayes, Fred Marshall - DirectorWilliam C. Meyer, Manager"They are posing on the steps of Commencement Hall.
A WVU Literature class poses on the steps of Woodburn Hall.
Music students at WVU pose together for a class photo. Olive Cordelia Knotts Cox is pictured in the third row, fourth from the left.
Print number 434.
Print number 395. Photo taken in front of Wise Library.
Print number 359f.
Print number 359b.
Print number 359a.
Print number 359.
Players identified as South, Koontz, and Leps.
Group stands in front of what is now known as Stalnaker Hall of West Virginia University.
Two female students identified as "Schultzie" and "Margie Frum" pose on the roof of what is now known as Stalnaker Hall of West Virginia University.
Female students play in the snow covered roof garden on top of what is now known as Stalnaker Hall at West Virginia University.
Back of the photo reads, "Mary Ethel, Phyllis, Ruth, and Francis". Francis kneels in his R.O.T.C. uniform while the girls gather around him.
Special training was offered in several fields at WVU to military and non-military personel during World War II, contributing to the war effort.
Inscription on the back of the photograph, "Class of 1873, Thirteen was their lucky number". The graduating class included: Daniel Boardman Purinton; Charles Montgomery Babb; James Talman Waters; John Thomas Harris; Thomas H. Price; Edmund Tanner Bullock; James F. Brown; M. L. Temple; Daniel Webster Border; Taylor Bascom McClure; W. L. Boughner; George P. Lynch; and William T. Pritchard.
Postcard photograph of the West Virginia University Cadet Band in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Unidentified students and staff pose in front of "The Hall" on the WVU campus.  Inscribed on the back.  "Whitesell" and "Marie Price".
Miriam Graybeal of Williamsburg, WV; Ruby Allen of Ravenswood; Josephine Snyder of Huntington; Polly Snyder of Romney; Naomi Tompkins of Hinton.
The Spinster Club at Lucy Wood Lawrence's wedding, February 18, 1908. From left: Bess Brown, Willa Brand, Sallie Bennett, Lucy Wood, Minnie Core, Josie Kunkle, Tillie Bernhardt. The Spinster Club of Morgantown flourished by the first decade of this century. At least two members married. All were Morgantowners who had graduated from high school and several had finished West Virginia University. Most were teachers. The Club met to socialize and visit on Saturday nights, with an occasional male friend or fiance allowed to attend. Members helped Ruth Wood, a pioneer stenographer, Realtor,and political candidate, raise her sister Lucy's daughter after Lucy died in China giving birth to her only child.
The Spinster Club in Gym Suits, 1903. From left: Ruth Wood, Sallie Bennett, Willa Brand, Stella Hall, Lucy Wood, Minnie Core, Josie Kunkle. Lucy Wood left a letter which mentioned wearing her gym suit as one of six layers to keep warm in western China.
The caption reads--"Good-bye: the Monticola Board is going home."
The third row, center with bow tie is identified as Jefferds.
Pictured are: Burt C. Alphant; Ed C. Gerwig, Jr.; Geo H. Atkinson, Jr.
'The ones I know; Back row - Dr. Chak, Dr. I.D. Peters, Dr. Eaves; Second row - Betty Miller, Sam __'  Betty Miller is in the middle row, 6th from the right in the dark colored dress.
A group portrait of a physics class (?) at WVU. The names correspond to the numbers on the photograph. 1. D.B. Williamson, 2. ? Arnett, 3. David Clase, 4. Doug Dickens, 5. Don Harmon, 6. Harry McKinney, 7. A.P. Arya, 8. Paul Marley, 9. Wilbur Kimbraugh, 10. unknown, 11. James Kelter, 12. Jim Smith, 13. Bill Wallace, 14. Nick Blaskavich, 15. C.D. Thomas, 16. Jackson Auvil, 17. Tom Pauls, 18. Gary Benninger, 19. Mike Palmer, 20. Lynn Walls, 21. Bill Vehse, 22. Roger Buzzard, 23. Carl A. Ratler, 24. Larry Stenger, 25. Larry Headley, 26. Dave Walker, 27. Jim Barb, 28. David Selone, 29. Jim Champion, 30. Lional Craddock, 31. ? Spiker
A group portrait of graduate students and instructors from the WVU Physics Department.
A group portrait of graduate students and instructors from the WVU Physics Department.
A group portrait of students and instructors of the WVU Physics Department.
A group portrait of the graduate students and instructors of the WVU Physics Department.  The graduate students are standing and the instructors are kneeling.   Instructors (left to right) are: Gerald Arthur, Michael Pavlovic, Arnold Levine, Douglas Williamson, Harvey Rexrode, Charles Thomas, Dr. Ford.
A group portrait of graduate students and instructors from the Physics Department of WVU.
First Row (left to right): Dr. Paul Errington, unknown, unknown, Gerald Huffman, unknown, Dr. William Coleman, unknown, unknown, unknown.  Second Row (left to right): unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Harold Hartley, Dr. Charles Thomas, Hulrey Hudgins, Gerry Eddy, Bill Leach, unknown, Dr. Arnold Levine, unknown, Gerry Barnett  Third Row (left to right): Dr. Harvey Rexrode, Dr. Wade Temple, unknown, unknown,  Douglass Williamson, James Marsh, Dr. Frank Hoge, Dr. Pavlovic, Nick Nickson, Roy Stout, unknown remainder of row.
Students grouped around a table with texts in classroom with English teacher,since 1936, Mildred Woofter.