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Continuous mining machine at work.
Jamison No. 9 Mine shaft with a tensioning device on a cable.
Mine car traveling through the mine.
Overcast, where two air currents cross in a mine, at the Jamison Mine No. 9 shaft bottom.
Coal car tracks inside of the mine.
Two miners operating a loading machine.
'Note the wooden mine car. It is of the Barnestown shaft which was the first shaft, of 100 feet in depth, in the valley.'
'This miner has just completed loading a mine car of weighing net about two and one-half tons, and is waiting for a locomotive to come along and take it out and give him another empty car. An industrious miner will load about six and sometimes eight of these cars in one day. This is a wooden mine car that is now being rapidly replaced by steel mine car equipment. The number of post shown in this picture indicate again the immense amount of timber required to conduct operations in a safe manner.'
J.P. McGee, Acting Research Director, and Jack Smith, in Charge of the Gas Turbine Development Project discuss proper positioning of the turbine rotor in its casing.
Miner works on pile of shot down coal.
Looking down a mine shaft.
Print possibly overexposed.
Notice the preparatory cut and the 3 charge-holes near floor of the mine.
Large chunks of coal piled below the seam.
'All white oak mines work the same seam of coal, viz: Sewall. THe face of one of the working places or rooms is shown in this picture. The coal averages about 48 to 50 inches in thickness. This working place is now ready to be cut by the undercutting machine, so it can be shot down be the miner and loaded into cars for transportation to the tipple. The white line on the roof in this picture is the center line of the room set by the engineers to guide the men operating the mining machine in driving the room straight.'
Mechanic's pit provides location to work on mine haulage equipment;
Miners talking while others run drilling equipment.
Miners and filled coal cars inside a mine.