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'Probably Women's Christian Temperance Union members.'
'Barging in for a summer concert is 'Point Counterpoint' -- concert hall of the American Wind Symphony Orchestra.  During its 33 city tour of river communities, the floating concert hall is moved from port to port by towboat.  One of the most unusual and resourcefull stages in the world, its amplifying system and modern lighting installations were designed with mobile practicality as well as theatrical showmanship in mind.'
Print number 1056.
Horse drawn wagon in what appears to be a parade with unidentified people holding a 'welcome' sign.  Wording on the image container reads "Horse Drawn Wagon Concession"
Members in the front row include from left to right: 'Robin Core, Nancy Capelli, Mary Ann Horton, Patty Palumbo, Katy Muffly, Karen Suarez.'
'Variety sale on Court House Square in Morgantown'. Tables represent area playgrounds - Sabraton and Cassville tables visible.
At the intersection of Richwood and Route 7.
'The Effects of a Modern Drug.'
Children man tables with eamples of crafts and activities from their respective playgrounds.
Table is covered with flowers.
The boat race was in the Monongahela River at Wharf Street.
Betty Wilson is identified with Local 13200 District 50 and Glorie with Local 578 AFL.
Justice Bowers and Harley O. Staggers ride in a convertible in a Labor Day parade on High Street at the corner of High and Pleasant Streets.
Two young ladies representing local labor unions ride in the back of a convertible in a parade.
George Crago of the C.I.O. rides in a car in Labor Day Parade.
High Street sign in the background.
Harry Truman arriving at Morgantown Airport, Morgantown, West Virginia. Sheriff Clarence Johnson is at his left.
Harry Truman arriving at the Morgantown Airport in Morgantown, West Virginia. On his left is Sheriff Clarence Johnson.
Harry Truman at the Monongalia County Courthouse during his visit to Morgantown. From left to right are Herschel Richard Mullens, Deputy Sheriff, Truman, and Sheriff Clarence E. Johnson.
Governor William C. Marland, Ann Hearst, Valena Powell, and Harry Truman are standing in the Hotel Morgan in Morgantown, West Virginia.
President Harry Truman, Hulett Smith, Violet Snedegar of Elkins at the Hotel Morgan, in Morgantown, West Virginia.
'Morgantown High School Band. 1952-53 school year, poised near intersection of High Street and Walnut Street, Morgantown, W. Va.  Head majorette: Rose Anne Lawson.  'The Front Line' of majorettes, left to right: Kathryn Rosseau, Carolyn Cappellanti, Alma Still, Jan Vanlandingham, Sharon Andrews, Janice Riley, Kay Zinn, Carol Maddox. Photo donated by Thomas E. Zinn, Morgantown High School Class of 1952.'
Three ladies in dresses sit on the Labor Temple float.
'Front seat: John Solomon. Back Seat, left to right: John Sanders, Johnny Muffly and Jules Singelton.'
Parade on University Avenue.
Print number 1753.
Print number 1046.
Print number 1111.
People walking down Spruce Street.
Possible Fourth of July Celebration. Sign behind woman on left reads "The Birth of Democracy." Print number 1086.
Armistice Parade taken from a window of the Davis home at High and Willey Streets in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Armistice Parade lined up along North High Street. Old Boughner house on right.  Torn down during the summer of 1970.
Armistice parade, High Street and Willey Street in Morgantown, West Virginia. 'Jacques in center.'
Sailors march around the corner at Willey and High Streets.
Five African-Americans with drums and a large American flag pose for a group photo. The posters in the background are for Richards the Wizard, who was an active magician touring from 1910-1930.
Morgantown Plumbing Company visible in background.
Information with the photograph, "Uniformed women on the decorated wagon are members of the Degree Team of the Ladies of the Maccabees of the World, Morgantown Hive No. 8." The location is possibly Spruce Street.
'Jim Koontz and Harry Selby'. Picture taken from the Selby house.
Ladies in white dresses seated on the Acme Department Store float.
Children are riding their bicycles behind a decorated wagon float.
Possibly "Chadwick Day", celebrating the return of "distinguished native son", Rear Admiral French Ensor Chadwick.
Possibly "Chadwick Day", celebrating the return of "distinguished native son", Rear Admiral French Ensor Chadwick.
'Possibly a 4th of July parade.'
People with umbrellas watch the parade.
Police officer, Ralph D. Chapman, stands next to the road.
A man tries to mount a horse.
Two horses pulling a man down Beechurst Ave.
Man holding a flag.
Two girls with umbrellas carry the flag of 1776 with 13 stars in the Monongalia County Bicentennial parade.
On a rainy day, a horse is pulling a carriage with two men during the Monongalia County Bicentennial Parade in Morgantown, West Virginia.
The parade procession traveling on Beechurst Avenue.
Santa being pulled down the road in a sleigh.
A truck in the parade carries a group of people down Beechurst Avenue.
A man drives a carriage pulled by ponies.
A. James Manchin waves from the back of a vehicle.
Color Guard marching in the Monongalia County Bicentennial Parade.
A band marches down Beechurst Avenue.
A small girl holds an umbrella.