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Twin Bridges, Cheat River; Third from left Carl Bradley - Engineer; P.E. Percy/Lima Locomotive Works; Lima "Shay" Shop No. 754 (1903; W.Va. Spruce Lumber Co. and/ or Greenbrier and Elk River #3; TKA 65 ton
Photograp taken above the shops, Dynamite house in the background.
Crane loading logs on flatbed train car.  Workers securing logs.
Collapsed building on top of train. Premar Coal Co. Property, Austin, W. Va.; Lima CN/#1907 of 1907; Scrapped Summer of 1969; EX-GL and E#6.
Train at Cass Yard, Cass, WV; Ivan Clarkson Collection.
Locomotive engine on tracks. Cass Scenic R.R. Cass, W.V.
Locomotive engine with conductors. Cass Scenic R.R. Cass, WV; Artie Bailey in the door; "Doc" Carlson at the throttle.
Lima 2563/1912 at Shaw, WV for Deep Run Coal Company. (To be flooded over by waters of the Bloominton Dam on the Potomac River now being built by the Army Corps of Engineers.  10/21/71)<br /><br />
Shay Locomotive No. 8 at Water Tank in Spruce, W.V.
Locomotive and passenger cars; Walter Good, conductor, on left side with hand on walkway chain; P.F. "Bus" Long, C&amp;O station agent, to Walter's right, also with hand on chain; photograph from Richard Carter, N. White Hall Rd., Norristown P.O. 3 P.A.
Photograph of painting by R. Sparks.
Birch Valley Lumber Co. Train. P.E. Percy, Lima Locomotive Works; CO 359 = Shop #3189 (12 22)
Shay No. 4 crossing a railroad bridge. Cass Scenic R.R. Cass, WV; Richard Carter, N. Whitehall Rd, Norristown, R.D. 3, P.A.
Shay No.1 in the Shop at Cass, WV; Phillip V. Bagdon, 7918 New Orleans Dr., Alexandria, VA 22308.
Shay Locomotives No. 1 and 4 pushing people in a cart up a hill. Cass, W.V.
Near Tioga, WV; Killed:  George Harrison (last living owner of old Tioga Lumber Co.) Omar Fitzwater, engineer, Vaon (?) Cox, fireman, Moody McCoy, brakeman; Injured:  Floyd Hinkle; Cass No. 4 Shay.
Train engine crashed into a block structure. Premar Coal Co. property, Austin, WV; Lima CN# 1907 of 1907.
Ivan Clarkson standing next to train engine. Sunday afternoon; Ivan Clarkson Collection.
Shay No. 4 Engine on tracks; R. Sparks.
Shay No. 7 train engine on the tracks of a hillside; Richard Carter, N. WHitehall Rd., Norristown, R.D. 3 P.A.
Shay No. 1 train engine on tracks. Cass Yard coal dock.
Cass, WV; Philip V. Bagdon, 7918 New Orleans Drive, Alexandria, VA 22308.
Fireman boarding train. Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, WV; Richard Carter, N. Whitehall Road, Norristown, R.D. 3, P.A.
Train engine on tracks with two men looking out of the engine room. Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, W.V.
Train engine on tracks in the forest; Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, WV; Bagdon.
Mower Lumber Company log loader loading logs onto train; Cass, W.V.<br />
Shay. No 3 on tracks; Cass Scenice R.R., Cass, W.V.
Shay trains on tracks. Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, WV; John P. Killoran, Promotion Office, WV State Parks, Charleston, WV 25305.
Cass, WV; Second switchback, Cass Hill; Foreground 1-r; 1. Merle Ervin, brakeman 2. Ward Hudson, Conductor 3. Joe Woodell, brakeman; Cab: doorway- Cardock, fireman; throttle- Piney Williams; K.J. Neighbors Collection<br />
Shay No. 5 on tracks in the forest. Cheat Mountain; Cass, W.V.
Shay No. 4 pushing passenger cart up a hill. Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, W.V.
Shay No. 5 being loaded by a tractor. Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, WV; John P. Killoran, Promotion Officer,WV State Parks,<br />Chas, WV 25305
Shay  No. 7 and 4 at Whittaker Station. Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, W.V.
Whitmer Lane Boom and Lumber Company. From Marshall Blizzard, Bayard, West Virginia.
Looking toward Spruce with Shavers Fork on the left.  Left to Right 1. Page McCloud (killed 1/25/23 at Sugar Grove), 2. not identified, 3. not identified, 4. not identified, 5. Piney Williams, Engineer, 6. Fireman; Ready to head down the steep mountain to Cass, Shay no. 11 and crew pause at Spruce water tower in 1916.  This engine was the biggest engine on the R.R. until the purchase of # 12 in 1921.
Train moving along tracks.
Engine parked in shop.
Derelict locomotives at Cass Yard, Cass, W.V.
Starting up Shavers Fork (Shay in woods at end of tracks); Walter Good 'Bluejay' Tumblin on flatcar (maybe not Walter Good - maybe Barney Showalter); D.D. Brown Collection.
P.E. Percy, Lima Locomotive Works.
Engine hauling cars on the Cass Scenic Railroad.
West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company Engine No. 2
Possibly Herb Shafer in cabin doorway; from collection of Phillip Bagdon 7918 New Orleans Drive Alexandria VA  22308
Original source:  Homer Floyd Fansler, Hendricks, West Virginia
From Marshall Blizzard, Bayard, WV
From Marshall Blizzard, Bayard, W. Va.