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Cass, WV; Second switchback, Cass Hill; Foreground 1-r; 1. Merle Ervin, brakeman 2. Ward Hudson, Conductor 3. Joe Woodell, brakeman; Cab: doorway- Cardock, fireman; throttle- Piney Williams; K.J. Neighbors Collection<br />
Cheat Mountain Cass, West Virginia; Standing:  Sam Harman, Cook; looking toward camera:  Alfred Higgins; first on left:  Russell "Poppy" Taylor; seventh on left: Howard Barb; third on right: Lester Hevaner
Group portrait of men standing in front of a train.
Train engine with crew standing in front and top of it.
Side view of train engine with nine crew members standing in front of it.
Train engine with three crew members standing in front of it.
Side view of Shay #8 train engine.  Two crew members in the front, two crew members in the train engine.
Mixed crew of Whites and Blacks.
Train engines and crews line railroad tracks.
'Pat and friends' on train car.
A portrait of unidentified man: he is possibly connected to C&amp;O Shop Employees Car E13 and/or Westward Ho used in Virginia Central in images 025724 and 025725.
Fetherman Yard Crew with a B.&amp; O. Steam Engine.
From left to right 1) Marcellus George 2) M.S. McDanel 3) F.E. Englar 4) J.P. Walker 5)V. D. Cockey 6) F. S. Dannenberg 7) C. McCLemley 8) J.J. Curtin 9) W.L. Zirkle 10) E.E. Harrison 11) I.L. Peffinberger 12) J.C. Heilig 13) R.H. Killingsworth 14) A.C. George 15) T.C. Cockey 16) H.A. Cook 17) W.L. Six 18) F.W. Ternune 19) J.P. White 20) J.A. Carder 21) Ray Hawkins 22) M.E. Nelson 23) S.S. Mathias 24) C.W. Brown.
Men seated next to railroad tracks with tools.
A group of workers posed on the side of train tracks with tools.
From "Beckley U.S.A." by Harlow Warren. On back of portrait: "Sitting: T. H. Allen, Supervisor of bridges and buildings C&amp;O Railways; J. M. Gooch, Train Master, Raleigh; ___ Grubbs, General Supervisor C&amp;O; W. J. Hedrick, Supervisor Maintenance (retiring); Henry Suffer, Assistant Coal Engineer; Bert Hatcher, Road Foreman of Engineers; unidentified. Standing: Chas. Hodel, Publisher and reporting for his Beckley newspapers; Eugene Nichols, Secretary Foreman; unidentified; W. A. Martin, Secretary Foreman; J. L. Hamler, Secretary Foreman; Emmet Wray, Secretary Foreman; ____ Cales, Supervisor of Water Supply; Z. Bennett, Secretary Foreman; W. J. Hendrick Jr., Beckley Depot; Edward Hedrick, Ticket Agent; unidentified; Harry Huffman, Train Master; Thurmond ____ McVey, Engineer; Jerry Mannix, Shop Foreman Raleigh; Z. W. Lafan, Secretary Foreman; unidentified; M. E. Luster, Secretary Foreman; John Brackman, Train Dispatcher; George Thompson, Secretary Foreman; G. A. Farley, Secretary Foreman."
From "Beckley U.S.A." by Harlow Warren, p. 391, vol. 2. In book: "Just exactly what occasion being celebrated here, was not learned. However, those shown are, standing: Mrs. E. E. White and daughter, Miss Julia White. Top row: E. B. Wray (father of Dr. E. B. Wray, chief clerk and still residing in Glen White); Joseph I. Doran, chief counselor for Beaver Coal Co., Beckley and Philadelphia and the Norfolk &amp; Western Railway Co.,; Robert F. Roth chief engineer for E. E. White Coal Company. (Now living in Martinsburg, W. Va.); Thomas H. Wickham, coal operator, Realtor and former superintendent of the Beaver Coal Company at Beckley; unidentified but reportedly, one of the directors named on the opposite page; Sam Adsit, traffic manager Deepwater (now Virginia) Railway Co., and L. R. Taylor, superintendent of the Deepwater Railway, Princeton Division, and coal operator in his own right.The significance of the azalea boutonnieres, for only the gentleman, and why Mr. White (see left hand) did not design to don his, were also not learned. Lower row: two other unidentified, but happy, directors; William MacTaggart and E. E. White. This home, with its seven or more acres of rolling hillside, is now owned and occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Parker. The number of rooms it contains is almost uncountable" (p. 391).
John L. Graw
John L. Graw
Only identified worker, fourth from the left is Herbert Swats. Inscribed on the back of the photograph postcard: "2000 ... From David Ballard".
East end of the shop track work crew. None are unidentified.
Unidentified workers stand on the roof of the railroad round house, a building used for serving locomotives. Inscribed on the back, "John Falconer Coll. from James Petrey to Stephen Trail..."
Ro Murrell, center, stands in front of caboose with two unidentified crew members. Inscription on the back includes: "...from Ro Murrell Collection..."
Photograph taken at Hinton High School. Identified L to R, Back Row: G. H. Harwood, Joe Hayth, Cecil Lively, N. S. Seldomridge, , --Patton, E. M. Bobbit, Isaac Meadows, --Eubanks, Brown Nunley;  Second Row: F. S. Hunter, --Poteet, Tom Youell, Wood Wickline, Clarence Seldomridge, Tom Rogers, Bert Ashley, George Nutting, Ira Wiseman; Third Row: Dick Cobb, E. K. Rogers, Lindsay Burks, M. M. Mastin, Bob Jones, Howard Honaker, Elmer Garten, Deifenbach, W. G. Dameron, C. H. Fredeking; Fourth Row: Bob Noel, Charlie Poore, Henry Ailstock, Lynn Gardner, Richard Thomasson, --Eubanks, --Cottle, --Hout, Tuney Swatts, C. I. Smith, C. S. Faulconer.
Unidentified workers pose in front of the depot, along an empty track.
Workers L to R: Maynord A. Oliver, Tom Myrtle, Evert Richmond, Everette E. Harvey, O. T. McGuffin, V. T. (Vernie) Boley, J. W. McClure, Bill Coop, "Gumbo" Morris (car foreman), Arthur Meeks, Mr. Roles, and Mr. Downey.
Train maintenance workers L to R : A. C. Via, Noah Richmond, "Big Boy" Karnes
Unidentified railroad workers pose on a locomotive.
Employee is either Roush, Caynoe, McThiney, Sands or Murphy.
Loomis at work in his shop located on Front Street. Loomis carved most of the stones that grace the graves of pioneer railroaders that settled in Hinton in its infancy. Loomis died in 1936.
Engine No. 7 sitting beside stall No. 1 of the roundhouse. A group of unidentified workers stand on along the tracks and sit on the train.
Billy Edwin Stennett, employed started December 3, 1947, is pictured almost thirty years later still working on the train.
G. W. Conner, left, and Charles Johnson, right, stand outside the roundhouse building.
Pete Sentz pictured on the pole located near the wash pit.
A group of unidentified male employees are pictured around a train outside of the roundhouse building.
Unidentified workers construct a turn table outside of the roundhouse building.
The turn table, 115 feet in length, was installed with a type twin spin-electric drive. The construction workers are unidentified.
Wilson pictured sitting at a desk writing.
John Earl Lilly pictured in his work gear.
Pictured is Bob Gully, A. J. Poff, W. B. Tyree, Joe Allen, and Billy Joe Edwards.
Pictured, from left to right, is John McLaughlin (machine helper), Arnold Lilly (machinist), Bernard Richmond (machinist), Joe Allen (machine helper), B. J. Edwards (pipe fitter), Bill Linkerhoker (machinist) and Bill Williams (machine helper).
Bernard Richmond pictured in his work gear.
"Big" Jim Meadows observes the damage after a mast was torn down on 2nd shift by laborer Marlin Meadows, who moved the engine before the fueling nozzle was removed.
J. C. Lane pictured beside the railroad tracks.
Roy Shrewsbury is pictured by the railroad tracks. An old storeroom is pictured in the background.