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Group Portrait of Large Lumbering Crew in Woods.
In the front row, from left to right, is Terrence Moorefield, Fred Brown, and Boyd Brown.In the second row, from left to right, is Christian Hetzel, George Griffith, Clemmer Peck, Mrs. Carrie B. Mahon (teacher), Reese Capeller, and Stanely Butler.In the back row, from left to right, is William Moorefield, Cecil Hinton, Julian Fredeking, Roy Mann, Oswald Blackwilder, Leo Ross, and Fred Flanagan.
Hinton's first brick school.
Group photo of the band members and instructor in the earlier part of the 20th century. Subjects unidentified.
Pictured is Earl Meador, Ray Meador, Clarence Knight, U. G. Ryall, O. J. Bowlry, Ollie Hoover, Mann, Ray, Henry Ryalls, Emmett Pack, and Charlie Bishop.
One of the earliest baseball teams known to Hinton.Starting in the back row, from left to right, is Edgar Noel, "Bootie" Brown, C. Templeton, Bob Hoover, Owen Miller, Ernest Bond, Ott Morton, Charlie Kline, Frank Sweeny, Forest Bradenberg, and Irvin Maxwell.
From left to right: Harrison Gwinn (President), J. H. Jordan (Cashier), C. B. Mahon (Vice President), N. Read, Harvey Ewart, Judge Miller, Mr. Drumheller, and Mr. Brightwell.
Employees pose for a group picture beside the building located on 2nd Avenue. Subjects unidentified.
Murrell is pictured on the lower step of her porch located on the corner of 5th Avenue and Summers Street. Her associates are unidentified.
Numbered individuals include Major Shriver Moore's children Ira C. Moore (#14), Eva Moore Templeton (#18), Martha Sabina "Binnie" Moore Everly (#19), Alva B. Moore (#20), Dora Moore (#22), Jonathan Moore (#56), and Melvin Moore (#58). For a list of other subjects, see original document.Major S. Moore served as a Union soldier in the Civil war under the 14th West Virginia Infantry.
Lona Richmond, left, and Betty Jane Arrington Angell, right, pose in front of the theatre on Ballengee Street.
Pictured from left to right in the front is Earnett Cobb, Betty Jane Arrington Angell, and Lloyd Seldomridge. The two gentleman in the back are Homer Thrall, left, and Raymond W. Argabright. On the awning, above the group, reads, "The Gang's All Here".
A crowd gathers on 2nd Avenue in the Hinton National Historic District. The winner of the drawing is given an automobile as a prize from Pucket's Drug Store. Nu-Way Cleaners and McCreery Hotel pictured in the background.
A crowd gathers on 2nd Avenue between Temple and Ballengee Streets in the Hinton National Historic District to witness the results of the Pucket Drug Store raffle that will give an automobile to the winner. An unidentified woman and young boy hold up their tickets.
A Sunday School teacher poses with twelve young girls on the outside steps. Subjects unidentified.
Mr. Welfrey and his wife pictured with Oran Mann, the man with the tie. Other subjects unidentified.
A group poses in front of the court building. The front line pose with their instruments. Subjects unidentified.
Two men stand by a microphone in the yard. Musicians are pictured with instruments seated behind music stands on the left. A small crowd can be seen in the background watching the event. Subjects unidentified.
A group of unidentified men pose beside the newly acquired Civil War cannon. This ancient piece of artillery is claimed to weight 16,500 pounds and was used by the southern states. The cannon was transported from the state of Florida, specifically. Former Congressman Littlepage donated the item to the city.
A class of graduates pose in front of the building. Subjects unidentified.
Boy Scout Troop 115 poses on the steps of the building. Subjects unidentified.
A large group of unidentified men, perhaps members of the church, pose along the steps and in front of the building.
Located on the corner of 3rd Avenue and Ballengee Street, a group of church members pose in front of the building and on the steps. The reverend at the time the picture was taken was Rev. Gates. Subjects unidentified.
Moorman Parker, right, dressed as the rider for the re-enactment shakes hands with an unidentified man in front of the church located on 3rd Avenue.
Parker, center, prepared for the re-enactment of the Methodist preacher circuit rider next to the church located on Third Avenue. Other subjects unidentified.
Six unidentified men wearing quarantine masks due to a death from spinal meningitis. The quarantine lasted 30 days for all personnel at the Civilians Conservation Corps (CCC) camp. The CCC constructed projects including bridges, buildings, overnight cabins, retaining walls, roads, dams, towers, picnic areas, and drainage systems.
Photo caption reads, "Coahes & K. P.'s or dishwashers and dining room orderlies". Subjects unidentified.
Civilian Conservation Corps members on the way to clear heavy timber for the Bluestone Dam right of way.
A group of young men stand behind surveying equipment. Subjects unidentified.
Ballengee, pictured with the beard on the left, speaks with an African-American man.
The boat traveled on New River from Hinton to Bull Falls.Pictured from left to right, an unidentified boy, , Ernest Bond, Harriett Campbell Hall, Mrs. W. H. Gwinn, W. H. Gwinn, Mrs. S. W. Poore, S. W. Poore, Oliver Graham, Mattie Graham Humphrey, Charlie Poore, Jim Gwinn, and F. H. Jennings.
A group of kids ranging in age pose in front of a Christmas tree.
The church was located in the Elk Knob community cemetery. Subjects unidentified.
A group of unidentified women stand around a birthday cake dedicated to President Dwight D. "Ike" Eisenhower's birthday. In the background hangs a campaign poster to re-elect Eisenhower as president with Richard Nixon as his vice-president.
Five unidentified men pose in front of Ashland gas pumps with the schrader fish they have caught.
Five unidentified young men pose with the large quantity of fish they caught.
Fall season of 1948 semi-pro football team at Hinton Old Field.Front row, pictured left to right, starting with No. 35 is John Ratliff; "Bud" Maddy (No. 50); "Tobe" Humphreys (No. 31); Jimmy Thompson (No. 49); Tom Clinebell; "Big Deal" Richmond (No. 45); Sweeney (No. 39); Fred Vass (No. 47); "Rob" Vass.Back row, left to right, is Bobby Jack Crush (No. 44); Maynard Bruce (No. 33); Big "Poodie" Phillips; "Flop" Osborne; Julian Fredeging (No. 35); and Charley Johnson.
Football players sit along the bleachers for their team portrait. Subjects unidentified.
The Bobcats pose for their team photo. Subjects unidentified.
Portrait of the football team that had a winnin season, losing only their last game against Beckley High School.1st row, left to right: Billy Carl Meadows; Jack Westfall; Robert Morriss; K. D. Foster; Phil Dupriest; Kyle Gwinn; Jack Johnson; Jimmy Hartley; Bobby Jack Crush; Howard "Curley" williams; "Buck" Seldomridge2nd row, left to right: "Snooks" Dobbins; Paul Phipps; Charley Patrick; Jimmy Ellison; Ernie Moore; Dennie Surber; Dutch Holbert; Bill Jenkenson; Tootie Woods; Tink Ritter; Richard Patrick3rd row, left to right: Coach Stan Huffman; Pete Johnson; Bobby Hoffer; Dick Gunnoe; Clifford Ratliff; Pat Shires; Garland Tyree; Carl Houchins; Buzzy Hellems; Tom Halloran; Hammy Brown; Crow Hellems; Coach Harold Beasley4th row, left to right: Ronnie Keaton; Dickie Wiseman; Dave Hess; Bobbie Meadows Pollock; unidentified; Cyrus; Mose Lilly; Ray Surbaugh; Nick Cantrell; Danny Keaton; Chubby Willey; Yancey; and Dough Richmond.
Players pose in their uniforms for their team photo. Subjects unidentified.
Mary Dolin holding football in the front.Front row, left to right: Voile Turner; Harold McNeer; Ashly Eubanks; "Ram" Harford; Jim Anderson; Warren Holbert; and Sam Bess.Middle row, left to right: Ford Wauhop; Milton Bean; John Faulconer; Herman Fredeking; Jack Hayes; Alton Riddlebarger; and Hobart Foster.Back row, left to right: J. S. "Cowboy" Duncan; Coach (and Principal) Theodore Martufi; Norman Wilson; Buster Coleman; Bob Harford; Coleman Hank; Carthon Haythe; and Frank Tomkies (superintendent).
Front row, left to right: (No. 38) Haynes; (No. 43) Joe Hinerman; (No. 40) Raymond Jackson; (No. 32) Bus Tyree; (No. 35) Bill Stone; (No. 39) Ernie Perry; (No. 36) Bobby Dodd; and (No. 44) Charles "Fatty" Harris.Second row, left to right: Ralph Vass; (No. 18) Jimmy Stewart; (No. 19) Bill Crush; (No. 26) Gene Grimmett; (No. 34) Andy Williams; (No. 41) Basil Gil; (No. 42) Paul "Foodie" Phillips; and Morty Meadows.Third row, left to right: Scott Meadows; (no. 10) Jess Parkers; (No. 27) "Rob" Vass; Earl Ailstock; (No. 22) Shelby Allen; (No. 15) Orbe Meadows; and "Buck" Harvey.Fourth row: Coach Johny Worth; Coach Bun Goff; Manager "Noonie" Meadows; and Coach Paul Smith.
Front row, left to right: Dick Maynard; Tommy Hartley; Jack Dillon; George Harris; albert Morgan; Coach Stanley Huffman; Kay Rogers; Tommy dodd; Dick Withrow; Virgil Moore; Marshall Vansant; and Bill "Stud" Bennet.Second row, left to right: K. D. Foster; Teddy Elmore; Georgie Cales; "Sug" Shull; Paul "Foodie" Phillips; Bill Scruggs; Gene "Mule" Bennet; Tom Pack; Jimmy Hartley; Don Wilson; and Charles "Dadburn" Dobbins.Third Row, left to right: Elraydo Johnson; Snooks Dobbins; Dick Fridley; Howard "Curley" Williams; John Gilbert; Jimmy Jarrett; Benny Neely; "Pete" Bishop; "Bootie" Bennett; and Jimmy Harvey.Fourth row, left to right: "Morty" Meadows; David Lively; Jimmy Burton; Carl Leach; Boyd Vansicle; Stanley Ferguson; Robert Morris; W. C. Parker; and Tommy Hallarow.
Photo caption reads, "Pat Shires led this team of Bobcats in 1946. They lost to the Eagles 19-7 but were hampered by more injuries than one shake a stick at."Front row, left to right: Charles Dobbins; Boyd Vansickle; Bobby Jack Crush; Pat Shires; Kyle Gwinn; Howard "Curly" Williams; Teddy Elmore; Virgil Moore; Jimmy Hartley; Stanley Ferguson; Kay Rogers; and Tommy Dodd.Second row, left to right: Billy Westfall; George Ames; Billy Carl Meadows; Jack Butler; W. C. Parker; Jack Yancey; Jack Johnson; Garland Tyree; Robert Morris; Bobby Hoffer; Phillip Dupreist; and Lloyd Seldomridge.Third row, left to right: Jimmy Grimmett; Marvin Steele; Jack Westfall; Ernie Moore; Richard Abbott; Bill Jenkinson; "Tootie" Wood; Benny Paul "Crow" Hellems; Dick Gunnoe; Pete Johnson; and Tommy Hellsm.Last row, left to right: Bill Apostolon, Manager; "Jake" Grimmett; Richard Neely; Benny Paul Taylor; Clifford "Bud" Ratliff; Bill "Chief' Humphreys; Tink Ritter; Charles Patrick; and Morty Meadows, Manager.
First row, left to right: David Westfall; Pete Meador; Milton Haskins; Jurd (?); David Medly; Lyn Goins; Eddie Carson; Jack Harvy; and David Meadows.Second row, left to right: Rickie Ratcliff; Beetle Baily; Robbie Ratliff; Buggie Richmond; Mike Rhodes; Sarge Banks; Parker (?); Harold Buckland; Larry Meador; Terry Hamgan; and David Meador.Third row, left to right: unidentified; Lee Smith; Doug Epperly; Stoddard; Bobb Parker; Tom Woodrum; Tom Light; Atkins; Dennis Lindsy; Neal Grimmett; Bobby Joe Johnson; Bobby Brightwell.
The victorious football team poses with their trophy. The trophy is the Cinderella carriage drawn by horses. Subjects unidentified.
The freshman boys pose for their team pictures. Subject unidentified.