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11 W (5) Horse drawn carriage beside a river bed.
10 D (6)
440 Interior.  October 1880.
74 D 124.  August 2, 1884, Saturday 11:00 a.m.
83 D (51).  July 28, 1884, Monday 2:30 p.m. cloudy.  About 2 miles south up the valley from Strasburg, Va.   The pike here climbs an embankment and then goes over the bridge and turns a right angle up the valley of Tumbling Run.   We turned off to the lower (East) side and eat our dinner under the big trees on the right.  A ghost of the carriage can be made out.  This view would have made a fine picture if the Neg had not fogged in the development.
View G.N.E. from rear of Gordon's position.  Strasburg in distance.  87 D (53) Monday July 28, 1884 5 p.m.
139. W. (59) August 4, 1884. Monday, 9:00 a.m.
49 W (22) Wednesday, July 16, 4:10 p.m., 1884.
46 W (21) Tuesday, July 15, 1884.
No. 42 W. (19) Tuesday, July 15, 1884. The Battle of Rich Mountain, located in Randolph County was fought July 11, 1861.
40. D. 23. July 14, 1884. Monday 6:25 p.m. Sunshine.
(75) W. B. 179.  August 8, 1884; Friday 1:40 p.m.
A photograph of a group of people eating a meal on rocks in a wooded area with a horse in the background. '181.D(107); Aug. 8 Fri. 1:35 pm'
A photograph of a country road with two small buildings standing on either side. '108 D.; Friday Aug. 8, 1884, 5 p.m.'
A photograph of a boat floating down a canal. '184.D(109); Aug. 8, Fri. 5:35 p.m.'
'Looking in almost the opposite direction of No 80. On the extreme left about 30 feet beyond the bridge stands the old flour mill. The door, like that of all the mills we saw is out in two in the middle so that the upper half can be opened while the lower is shut. Leaning on a stand the extortionate miller himself and his brother just at their left is where Walter placed his camera for No 78 pointing it toward the little building on the left (a sort of shop). On the right is the sawmill. Picture taken just as we were ready to harness. 81.D(50); July 28, Mon. 8 am'
A photograph of a small town, possibly Harrisville, with a wooden fence in the foreground.
'Start at Home. 1 D(1); Thur. July 3, 1884' Presumably the first photograph taken by the Biscoes before they set out on their trip.
A picture of a wooded landscape with a small girl standing on the right. '3 W (1); July 30, 1884'
'A small stream emptying in the South Fork of the Shenandoah is crossed by the Luray Valley RR a branch of the B and O on a trestle which is 100 ft. high.  The length I have not obtained. The best idea of the height is obtained by trying to follow down from the track to timber on the further side, and noticing the narrowness of the structure. My camera was standing about 20 feet above the lowest ground crossed. A watchmen is obliged to cross the trestle after the passage of every train day and night to see that no sparks have fallen from the engine.  There is no plank for him to walk on...76.D(47); July 25, 1884, Friday 4:45 pm, raining.'
A picture of a farm with a fence lining a dirt road and a carriage in the foreground. '40.D.23; July 14, 1884, Monday 6:25 pm; sunshine.'
'Winchester is behind. The ground is that between the two armies before the last attack of the Federals. The Union men formed line on the slight rise of ground which makes the horizon, and the Conf. were where we stand. Under the trees on the left is a fine old mansion where W. went to go get milk. The next view (No 108) is taken from the place looking in the same general direction as this. The battle referred to in this and the following view is Sheridan's in 1864. 107.D.(64); July 31, 1884, Thursday 12:10 p.m.'
'Looking towards the Blue Ridge, the eastern wall of "the Valley." The line of the range of Mts. can be scarcely distinguished in the photograph, though the blue line was very easily seen by us when on the spot.  Two noted passes on gaps were in sight. Ashby's gap on the extreme right and "Snickers gap" on the extreme left. Under the trees on the left we sat after dinner and read our letters which were received at Winchester. 108.D(65); July 31, 1884, Thursday 1-15 pm. hazy'
'Looking N. from a little sandy hill on right of pike and nearly alongside Dinkler's farm house seen in No 113. The place of the pike is shown by the telegraph wires through the road itself is low and hidden by the fringes of bushes. 110.D.66 I.C.; July 31, 1884, Thursday 3:50 pm, dark, cloudy'
A photograph of a fence-lined road leading up to a house. '167.W.(70); August 6, 1884, Wednesday 5 pm'
'End of Sheridan's famous ride to battlefield of Cedar Creek looking North. The ridge on the left where the whole fenced cemetery stand was held for a while by our troops and then they were forced back parallel with the pike beyond Middletown, a few houses of which are seen on the right. At the first of them, on the right of the pike. Walter drew water from a well out in the field for the team. (62)D.101; July 30, 1884, Wednesday 12:45 pm'
'Looking S.W. My view is taken from near the entrance gate. In the foreground are the tops of he flowers of the beds kept by the wife of the officer in charge. The lodge is just out of sight on my left. Everything is kept in the neatest order, the turf close cut and very thick and green. On various mounds are placed cannon as monuments like the one on the right. There are 4430 soldiers buried here. In the center of the cemetery stands a fine "soldiers monument." The Conf. cemetery lies next to this one with only a lane between. A wall of dressed stone surrounds the cemetery concealed on the inside by a thick hedge. 105.D.(63); July 31, 1884, Thursday 11:45 am, cloudy'
'Sheridan's headquarters, occupied in his absence by Gen. Emery and other officers in command. It is off to the West of the pike and in rear of formation of the 19th corps. The distant hill of No. 97 on the left. Our troops were driven across the field from the left towards the right; nearly parallel with the pike. 99.D.(61); July 30, 1884, Wednesday 12:15 clear'
'88.D.(54); July 28, 1884, Monday 5.30 pm; Misty and very dark; The right of the picture is ground occupied by Sheridan. The left by Confed. army. The R.R. embankment can be detected running left to right just in front of the houses. The Mts. in the distance are those along which the flank movement of Gen. Crook was made, by which about 4 p.m. he came upon the left rear of the Confed. over beyond the R.R. On the left in mid-distance is the field occupied by Gordon which No's 85, 86 were taken.'
'89.D.(55); July 28, 1884 Monday 5:35 pm; Dark, misting; On extreme right is mill(?) at edge of Strasburg. The field of corn is on the flat land of the river a little way to the right. The valley pike was commanded for a mile by the Confed. battery of Wharton stationed right where the camera stands. Sheridan's army turned off the pike onto the higher land west; (left in the view). The valley of Tumbling Run is hidden by the trees of the foreground, likewise the stone house by the bridge.'
'The entire house is only a few yards from the great bridge and is on the right of the pike as one comes from Strasburg, up the valley. The road on the left becomes Tumbling Run and then crosses the opposite bank.; 90.D(56); July 29, 1884, Tuesday 2:15 pm'
'93 D(58); July 30, 1884, Wednesday 8:45 am. About a mile down the valley from Cupp's Hill; Looking about East...Shows the series of low hills occupied by the camps of Crook's army corp which is on the other or Eastern side of Cedar Creek, up behind which the Confederate columns marched in their surprise of the Union.'
A picture of farm workers in a field. 'Team of 10 men, 6 horses, and colt. 1/2 mile out of Troy, Gilmer County.; No. 27 D(15); July 9, Wed. 11:05 am, clear'
'51.W.23; Wed., July 16 after 6 P.M.' A landscape of a mountain range and a country road, with a carriage in the distance.
A photograph of two young boys on the left with a river below. '137.W.(58); August 2, 1884, Saturday 6 pm.'
'143; 84D; August 4, 1884, Monday 4:20 pm.'
'116.D.(70); August 1, 1884, Friday 10-25 am; bright sun; Camera stands at the entrance to the grounds of a fine old house on the right hand. Boy on horseback just behind the camera wanted to be taken, sorry I didn't. View is looking East at Berryville. The Pike turns at right angle toward the left to Harpers Ferry.'
'(71)D.119; August 1, 1884, Friday 5-20 pm. clear sun; Bonfire burning on right. Court house with clock tower in center.'
'121 D.(72) I.C. 121; Aug. 1, 1884, Friday 6-20 p.m.; Half mile out of Charles Town. Looking N.E. towards Harpers Ferry. Maryland Heights are on the left of the gap and Loudoun Heights on the right. Through the gap on the N. side can be seen the South Mt. The nearer ridge under Maryland Heights is Bolivar Heights and the still nearer ridge extending across the whole picture is Halltown Heights and was the fortified line chosen by Sheridan when he took command in '64. On the extreme right lie the farms through which we wandered in lanes and field in search of hay, finally camping 1/2 mile or more away from the pike.'
'122(73)D. I.C.; Aug. 2, 1884, Saturday 10 a.m. cloudy; Halltown a few miles S.W. from Harpers Ferry. Looking N.E. toward Harpers Ferry. The town of Loudon Heights can be just made out. Halltown is only a cluster of a few houses, a RR station, factory and a store. In the village we passed a pretty pond which would have made a good picture, but we hurried through on account of the proximity of the R.R. The building with the cupola is a school house.'
'(69)D.115; August 1, 1884, Friday 8-40 am; 2 1/2 miles E of the ford of Opequon. On the right hand side of the pike (South). There was no fence on that side the whole length of the grove. We camped in ground a distance from the road which is behind us in the view. Just finished breakfast. There is a home nearby on the Eastern edge of the grove from whence a young man came to watch us eat our meal. Camera box on the ground near the wagon.'
'114.D.(68); July 31, 1884, Thursday 6-15 pm; sun in cloud; Sheridan army crossed here in '64 going to the battle of Winchester (West). Ford is shallow not more than knee deep. View was taken before we crossed. Current of river is from right to left.'
'142(83)D; August 4, 1884, 4 pm, Monday (sun)'
'65 D (39); Mon. July 21, 1884, 5:25 pm'
A picture of a field with a mountain in the backgound. '55 D(31); Thu. July 17, 1884 2-30 pm'
A photograph of a river with a horse and carriage on the left. '54 D(30); Thur. July 17, 1884 8 am'
'57.D.(33); Allegheny Mt. in distance on summit of which we spent preceding night; July 18, 1884, Friday 4pm'