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Large trees and forest bottom.(Pocahontas County?)
Lumber mill in operation on edge of log pond.
Men stand on a Shay locomotive hauling a train of cars filled with logs.
Operating mill of the Davis Babcock Lumber company.
The Jacob L. Rumbarger Lumber Company's Shay locomotive, No. 1 and crew unloading logs.
Logging crew loading truck.
Postcard of train on Dobbin Line pulling log cars, Dobbin W.Va.
Stumps and logs of a cleared out area.  Camp and log train in background.
Two Lumbermen stand with saw behind a large poplar log.  Gibson, Albright. W. Va
A giant Chestnut when they were alive - before the blight.  This tree was over six feet in diameter on the stump when cut.
Train pulling lumber carts in Dobbin, W.Va.
Circular Stream Saw Mill on Harper Anderson Place- 1 mile east of Lobelia, Pocahontas County, W.V.  Product was blanks for Barrel Stands.  Property owned  by Peter M. Hauer in 1975.
Loggers pose with their horses.
The Jacob L. Rumbarger Lumber Company Shay No. 1 hauling log cars. Crew rolls logs into the water from the train.
Three logs being lifted by a crane.
Four men standing in front of the side of a train engine.
Lumber piles beside a train track.  Man sitting on top of one lumber pile.  Original from Homer Floyd Fansler, Hendricks, W.Va.
Mill with six smoke stacks visible.
View from behind a log truck driving in the snow.
Tractor beside scraps of wood at unidentified lumber mill.
Train engine beside a hillside.  Man in the cabin of the train with W. M. on the Door.
Train engine going around a bend while pulling logs.
Man standing on top of logs.  'Sound logs of good quality are obtained from Appalachian hardwoods.  Selective logging and protection of young growth will insure continuous supplies of such logs.'
'A small dimension mill could utilize much material now wholly wasted.'
Class C Shay.  Shay train engine no. 11 pulling log carts.  Men are in the cabin.  Two people walking beside the train.
Mill was located at Glenray, W. Va.- one mile west of Alderson, W. Va.  Alderson is located in Greenbrier County on the Summer and Monroe County Borders.
No. 2 Climax Engine pulling lumber carts.
Tracks converge in the forest.
Lumber mill and pond. Three smoke stacks visible.  Greenbrier County.
Lumber mill and log pond.  Rainelle, W.V.  Built 1910.
Back of the mill.  Log slide down to the log pond.
Lumber mill and tracks.
Train track in the middle of lumber piles.  Rainelle, W.V.
One of the last teams on Cheat Mountain.  Mower Lumber Company.  Location: Shavers Fork of Cheat.
Four horses pulling a large log.   Neither the store nor the railroad building are still standing today.
Forest beside a train track near Glady, W.Va.
Many lumber piles in Rainelle, W.Va.
Cleared out area and mill.  Rainelle, W.V.
Lumber piles on a covered dock.
Mill and log pond in Mill Creek, W.Va.
Lumber mill with four smokestacks visible.  Also lumber piles.