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This picture shows the thickness of the coal seam in relation to a normal doorway.
Two miners digging coal in mine.
Unidentified coal loading platform alongside railroad tracks.
Two miners take samples of coal.
Group Portrait of Men Standing Below the Tiger Coal Shovel
Two miners cut coal at Pursglove No. 15
Coal conveyor systems run throughout the hillside.
Caption on back reads, 'Making a cut in the coal face is this Mastodon of the machine age - an underground cutter.  Rubber tired for mobility, and mounting a 9-foot cutting blade armed with whirring steel bits, it can cut a full 360 degree arc.  This and similar machines give America's bituminous coal mines almost unlimited capacity for production.'
A miner operates an electric shuttle car in the mine.
A miner moves a fully loaded shuttle car down the mine shaft.
A miner empties his shuttle car.
Men work with core drilling equipment on a hillside.
Group portrait of children standing in front of the large shovel 'The Mountaineer'.
Five men standing in the Mountaineer Scoop.
Two men sitting on a bench in a mine in an underground mine.  Sign reads, 'It is a dischargeable offence to run over any cable.'
Taken at Cranberry mine, Chesapeake and Ohio Coal cars being filled under a tipple.
'This miner has just completed loading a mine oar of coal weighing net about two and one-half tons, and is waiting for a locomotive to come along and take it out and give him another empty oar.  An industrious miner will load about six and sometimes eight of these oars in one day.  This is a wooden mine car that is now being rapidly replaced by steel mine car equipment.  The number of posts shown in this picture indi- again [sic] the immense amount of timber required to conduct operations in a safe manner.'
Chesapeake Coal Car getting loaded off of coal ramp.
Tipple loading coal mining cars are shown.
Men carrying cans along track with coal cars.
Man walking on a train track beside two other tracks with coal cars on them.
Skelton Mine tipple loading coal cars.
Kanawha Coal Co. tipple loading Chesapeake and Ohio coal cars.
Coal cars on train tracks.
Tipple filling coal car with large pieces of coal.
Miner shoveling coal as it pours into a coal car.