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A man stands in the mining shaft holding an instrument to test the gas levels in the mine.
This sketch shows men, a women and children walking to work.  John Williams/ Coal Life Project.  Rijksmuseumkrller-Mller, Otterlo(G.) Copyright Holland.
A painting by Van Gogh that shows slumped over workers walking along with sacks hanging from their heads.  Two children stand in the background. John Williams, Coal Life Project. Rijksmuseumkrller-Mller, Otterlo(G.) Copyright Holland.
Two miners riding a electric locomotive outside of a mine during the winter.
Miner walking next to coal carts outside of mine.
This trip of loaded cars contain mine run coal, ready to be dumped, that 'White Oak' is proud to put its trade mark on as a stamp of approval. It has received every care in mining, shooting and transportation that can possibly be given any coal up to the point where it is ready to be sized and loaded into railroad cars. This coal, due to careful shooting, is not friable but firm and will handle in railroad cars through to destination with minimum of degradation.
A mine locomotive of the Price Hill Colliery Co.
An electric locomotive carrying coal and miners outside of the mine.
Two men riding on a electric locomotive.
Miners standing next to coal carts and a locomotive. John Williams/Coal Life Project.
Miners posing for a picture outside of an unknown mine. John Williams/Coal Life Project.
Julius Blaney driving a coal cart with people in a coal mine.
Miners Workshop-Safety and Accident Prevention. Members of local unions from mining counties take this short refresher course to prepare to take the State Mine Examination.
Coal filled mine cars and miners at the Winding Gulf Collieries. Possibly Winding Gulf No. 4.
Man buying things from a unknown company store.
Two men with equipment putting up bolts to support the mine roof.
Two miners digging coal in mine.
Two men placing charges in an already drilled hole. Notice the preparatory cut on upper right hand side.
Two men working on the loading machine.
Miners gathered in a typical Consol locker room with a modern bath house adjacent to it.
Two miners take samples of coal.
Two men working with a rubber tire mounted cutting machine.
Two miners cut coal at Pursglove No. 15
Caption on back reads, 'Making a cut in the coal face is this Mastodon of the machine age - an underground cutter.  Rubber tired for mobility, and mounting a 9-foot cutting blade armed with whirring steel bits, it can cut a full 360 degree arc.  This and similar machines give America's bituminous coal mines almost unlimited capacity for production.'
A miner operates an electric shuttle car in the mine.
Coal miner's shower room.
A miner moves a fully loaded shuttle car down the mine shaft.
A miner empties his shuttle car.
Two men stand beside rail cars.  A cart a motor sits in  front of them.
Two miners operate a track mounted coal cutting machine.
Two miners operate the breast type coal cutting machine.
Miners leaving roofed man trip car at shifts end.
Two men operating a loading machine.
Man cutting coal in Consol. Coal Co. Mine in Kentucky. Note the roof supports using jacks.
Two men cutting coal in the parting.
A miner operating a coal cutting machine.
Miner on a small, track mounted, cutting machine.
Miners at work with loading machine and shuttle car.
Men at work with loading machine and shuttle car. Probably Joy Machinery.
Two men running a roof bolter in Jamison No. 9 mine.
Two men sitting on a bench in a mine in an underground mine.  Sign reads, 'It is a dischargeable offence to run over any cable.'
Close-up view of roof drill in action. Man in background is tightening bolt with air powered wrench at Consol. No. 204, Jenkins, Ky.
A coal cutter with nine foot cutting blade at work in Consol. Coal Co. Mine No. 32, Owings, W. Va.
Men sitting down on benches with mine diagrams on the walls. Joe Akers is on the right.
Front Row 'Left to Right'; N.T. Berry, North Western-Hanna, R.C. Larsen,North Western-Hanna, J.J. Larsen, North Western-Hanna. Back Row 'Left to Right'; Robert O'Conner, North Western-Hanna, J.E. Fier, North Western-Hanna, G.M. Allis, North Western-Hanna, M.L. Zhan, North Western-Hanna, Alfred Christopherson, North Western-Hanna, Harry Turner, Superintendent, Loveridge Mine.
Men outside of the entrance to the mine at Fire Creek.
Coal official shaking hands with miners
Group of miners and coal officials outside of mine building during a Consolidation Coal Co. Inspection trip.
Miner talking with two coal officials during a Consolidation Coal Co. Inspection trip.
Three miners watch a line of coal officials entering a room during a Consolidation Coal Co. Inspection trip.
Miners entering a room with other miners sitting on benches lining the walls during a Consolidation Coal Co. Inspection trip.
Miners locker room during a Consolidation Coal Co. Inspection trip.
Group portratit of 'Five miners who lived to tell the story'
Group portrait of a mine safety team at Thomas, W. Va.
Miners in cars about to go down to the pit.  Photograph courtesy of the Farm Security Administration.
A miner operates a cart full of coal exiting the mine.
'West Virginia coal miners entering 'the bowels of the earth' to produce fuel for the defense of the Nation.  The State supplies more than a quarter of the Nation's total production of coal.' Courtesy of W. Va. Dept of Labor.
Group of miners sitting on benches relaxing.
Miners and filled coal cars inside a mine.
Miners talking while others run drilling equipment.
Miner works on pile of shot down coal.
'This miner has just completed loading a mine car of weighing net about two and one-half tons, and is waiting for a locomotive to come along and take it out and give him another empty car. An industrious miner will load about six and sometimes eight of these cars in one day. This is a wooden mine car that is now being rapidly replaced by steel mine car equipment. The number of post shown in this picture indicate again the immense amount of timber required to conduct operations in a safe manner.'
'White Oak preparation begins when the machine leaves and the miner is ready to shoot down his coal. The shooting inspector on the left has not only located the hole for the miner to drill, but instructed him as to what angle he must bore his hole to contain the necessary explosive used in dislodging the coal from the seam. The "kerf" made by cutting machine is plainly visible in this picture and you will note the cutting or "bug dust" have been removed before the coal is shot. The length of the auger used by the miner and the width of the bit which determines the size of the hole bored, is also carefully regulated.'
'Note the wooden mine car. It is of the Barnestown shaft which was the first shaft, of 100 feet in depth, in the valley.'
Two miners operating a loading machine.
Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Company mine.<br />
Crowds gather to watch miners participate in Safety Day exercises.
Miner sitting in between posts that hold the roof of the mine up. 'Safety First is stressed in every possible way at White Oak mines.  Note the posts to protect this man at his labor.  He is waiting for another mine car so he can clean up his working place and make it ready for the mining machine crew who will cut it during the night, ready for him to work tomorrow.'
Group of miners in a safety class.
Miners taking their clothes down in their locker room.
Group portrait of miners with families at the anniversary picnic at Clark Coal and Coke Eagle Mine.
Group of people with instruments. 'Many NRC towns had own orchestras.'