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Group portrait of anthracite organizers of the P.M.W.A.  'Org- Dist - 9 - Pa. - Shamokin, Pa.'  From left to right, Fisher, O'Gara, Director Donohue, Koble.
Joe Ozanic (on right) and another man sitting in a cart at the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Joseph Ozanic was a Progressive Mine Workers of America Activist and Officer.
Article reads:  'Building Service Employees Local No. 226' 'Since the chartering of our organization in August of 1940, the Building Service Employees Local No. 226 in Omaha has made considerable gains for its membership.  Our organization received wage increases of from 25% to 50% in this period of time.  In the past year we have expanded considerably.  We represent 99% of the custodial employees of the public schools, and now have contracts with the Omaha Steel Company for the guards, Skinner Manufacturing Company for all custodial employees, and the Alcohol Plant for guards.  We have been fighting for better conditions for the elevator operators in the city of Omaha, and for our organized elevator operators we have just recently received a directive from the War Labor Board authorizing a 10-cent an hour increase in their wages with retroactive back pay to May of 1943.  All of the members of Building Service Employees Local No. 226 have made substantial contributions to the war effort by purchasing more than their 10% quota of war bonds, by donating blood plasma to the Red Cross and by seeing their brother members and sons and daughters int he armed forces serving their country...'
Ceremony at Miners Cemetary, Mt. Olive, Illinois.  First row, left to right 1)- 4)Unknown; 5)August Schoppman, Mayor of Mt. Olive; 6)William Green, AFL President; 7)Joe Ozanic, PMW President; 8)Bill Kack, previous president, PMW Dist. 1; 9)John McCann, board member, PMA Dist. 1; 10)Unknown 11)Bill Compton, Vice Pres. Dist. 1.;  2nd row 1)Unknown; 2)Mike Engleman, Mt. Olive Miner; 3)George Simbger, miner and Virden Massacre Veteran; 4)Unknown; 5)Unknown; 6)Hansen, Mt. Olive miner; 7)Matt Yurkovich, Mt. Olive miner; 8)Nick Piluga, Mt. Olive miner; 9 Bush Miller, Mt. Olive miner.
Group portrait of committee members standing and seated at tables during the W.E. Campaign, Volunteer Organization Committee meeting in Oklahoma City, Ok.
Group portrait of five men with standing in front of the Mother Jones Memorial.  A framed portrait of Mother Jones sits on the ground in front of the group.
View of lights, signs, and cars parked at the I.B.E.W. Headquarters in Oklahoma City after dark.
Memorial at the Miner's Cemetery.
Group portrait of W.E. employees standing and seated at tables during I.B.E.W. Educational Conference. 92 workers attended.  Rep's - Mace, McAliley, Gillis, Ozanic, Ens.
Group portrait of men and women seated at tables.
Portrait of Joseph Ozanic.
Portrait of Joe Ozanic.
Five men in front of I.B.E.W. Headquarters.  'Left to right: Jerry Gray, Asst. Bus-Mgr-IBEW Local 1141-Okla City; Oscar Pennington, Fin-Sec'y-Local 1141, Okla City; Raymond Duke, Bus-Manager, IBEW Local 1141-Okla City; Forrest Conlley, Int'l-Rep-IBEW, 7th Dist-Fortworth, Tex.; Me-Gumpo;  All these guys cooperating with me nicely and helping every way they can - but which due to them having their own work full time for their own local union cant do very much with me, except let me use their office anyway I want to, hold my mail for me from the Washington office, put me in touch with places I need to know, and how to find certain places and people, etc, etc-all of which helps a lot.  Duke and his wife did an awful lot of work for me helping out on my Open House Deal - buying the groceries and making the coffee and serving the people as they came in.  I appreciate it a lots.'
Cars surround the I.B.E.W. Headquarters in Oklahoma City during an educational conference.
Memorial at the Miner's Cemetery.
'From Wide World Photos. Please use credit. AFL opens war on Lewis' miners. The newly chartered Progressive Miners Union, American Federation of Labor organization, opened their office here today as the first stop in the AFL campaign against John L. Lewis' CIO organization stronghold. Head of the new union is Joe Ozanic, sppointed last week in Washington by William Groon, AFL president. Photo shows Joe Ozanic, head of the Progressive Miners Union, at his Chicago office. With him is his 19-year-old daughter, Evelyn, who is also his private secretary.'
A group portrait of the officers of the Progressive Mine Workers of America and Women's Auxiliary.
A group portrait of the First Consitutional Convention, PMWA District 5, Madisonville, KY.
A group portrait of the Participants of the Virden Riot, October 12, 1898.
A group portrait of the Progressive Mine Workers' Scale Committee that won the rights for a seven hour working day in 1937.
'A.F. of L., Union Coal: President Green stopped and had this picture taken in front of a truck loaded with slabs of coal mines by the International Union, Progressive Mine Workers of America, the most recently chartered international union in the Federation. The foregoing are only a few of the exceptional exhibits  at the Exposition. The display was so vast and interesting that thousands of visitors made several trips to the Music Hall, so as not to miss anything.'
Joe Ozanic seated in a chair and speaking.
Joe Ozanic seated in a chair and speaking.
Side view of Joe Ozanic seated in a chair and speaking.
Side view of Joe Ozanic seated in a chair and speaking.
Unidentified man with sunglasses on seated at a table.
Side view of Joe Ozanic seated in a chair and holding a cigarette.
Joe Ozanic seated in a chair, holding a cigarette, and speaking.
Joe Ozanic as a young man and two other children pose for a picture.
A flooded load yard at Muddy, Ill.
The remains of a washed out bridge at the No. 11 Air Shaft.
Couple standing in front of a monument at the miner's cemetery.
Joe is wearing a miner's cap.
Joe is wearing a miner's hat with a lamp attached.
Side view of Joe Ozanic sitting with a miners cap on.
Joe Ozanic's name is on the top right of the plaque commemorating members of the Mother Jones monument committee.