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Three unidentified coal miners are pictured inside a mine with shovels and an oil lamp.
Two oxen are hooked to a cart carrying coal inside of a mine.
Four unidentified men shovel coal.
Coal miners push a large machine on tracks in an unknown mine likely in West Virginia.
Vance, a 15 years old trapper boy, whose job it was to open and closed the door, allowing mine trains to enter and exit. Vance earned $1.60 a week.
Published by Grafton Souvenir. (From postcard collection legacy system--subject.)
Men watch as teams participate in safety and rescue training exercises.
Conveyor and other machinery at a shop in Thomas, W. Va.
Continuous mining machine at work.
Jamison No. 9 Mine shaft with a tensioning device on a cable.
Mine car traveling through the mine.
Controls at the Jamison No. 9 Mine.
Controls at the Jamison No. 9 Mine.
Controls at the Jamison No. 9 Mine.
Overcast, where two air currents cross in a mine, at the Jamison Mine No. 9 shaft bottom.
Shows timber roof-support and mine railway track.
Coal car tracks inside of the mine.
Two miners operating a loading machine.
Miners using a machine to bolt the mine roof.
'Note the wooden mine car. It is of the Barnestown shaft which was the first shaft, of 100 feet in depth, in the valley.'
'White Oak preparation begins when the machine leaves and the miner is ready to shoot down his coal. The shooting inspector on the left has not only located the hole for the miner to drill, but instructed him as to what angle he must bore his hole to contain the necessary explosive used in dislodging the coal from the seam. The "kerf" made by cutting machine is plainly visible in this picture and you will note the cutting or "bug dust" have been removed before the coal is shot. The length of the auger used by the miner and the width of the bit which determines the size of the hole bored, is also carefully regulated.'
'This miner has just completed loading a mine car of weighing net about two and one-half tons, and is waiting for a locomotive to come along and take it out and give him another empty car. An industrious miner will load about six and sometimes eight of these cars in one day. This is a wooden mine car that is now being rapidly replaced by steel mine car equipment. The number of post shown in this picture indicate again the immense amount of timber required to conduct operations in a safe manner.'
J.P. McGee, Acting Research Director, and Jack Smith, in Charge of the Gas Turbine Development Project discuss proper positioning of the turbine rotor in its casing.
Miner works on pile of shot down coal.