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A display of the Consolidation Coal Company.
Display of the Georgetown Preparation Plant, near Cadiz, Ohio, Hanna Coal Division of Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co.
Display of the Georgetown Preparation Plant, near Cadiz, Ohio, Hanna Coal Division of Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co.
A man inspecting a Joy Continuous Miner.
View of a Joy Continuous Mining machine.
Close up of blocks of Coal.
Drawing of the West Virginia Coal Column at the Jamestown Exposition, 1907.
West Virginia Coal Column with diplay at the Jamestown Exposition in 1907.
A display of statistics of the different coal companies in West Virginia at the base of the coal tower at the Jamestown Exposition.
Display of statistics at the base of the coal tower at the Jamestown Exposition.
Display for the Consolidation Coal Company.
Consolidated Coal Co. display at the National Pm. [sic] Agents Convention in Chicago, 1946.
Drawing of Consolidation Coal Co.'s Williams Mine in W. Va. Photo copy print done by George E. Koehler, Inc., 612 Wood Street. Neg. No. 23459. GR. 1-5742.
Drawing of an aerial View of the Auburn, New York, Works International Harvester Company.
Plaque stating that the building was constructed of Grenadier Coal in 1935.  J.P. McMahon Coal Co.
A Continuous Mining Machine on display above ground.
A Joy Manufacturing Co. Continuous Mining Machine. ML 5196 DIO57.
A Consolidation Coal Company Display showing the usefulness of coal and where it is formed. 'Judge' of Good Pictures, Industrial Photographers, 954 Liberty Ave, PGH. 22, PA. GR. 1-4288 AT. 1-3834. Reorder No. 35547-1.
A continuous mining machine sits above ground in the yard of Lee-Norse Company Warehouses.
A continuous miner, model 2BT-2 Twin Borer, sits on display.
An electric shuttle car sits in a warehouse yard.
Joy executives stand beside a continuous mining machine.
Coal loaders sit outside the Joy Manufacturing Factory.  Caption on photo reads, 'Mine equipment suppliers are busy turning out machinery for mechanical mining. For example, Joy Mfg. recently went on double shift operation to speed up production of mining machinery.'
Display of Consolidation Coal Company shows the different mining techniques throughout the century and beyond.
Disco fuel company displays many ads that show how their fuel is smokeless and clean.  This is a product of Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co.
In the display a mannequin 'appears to be breathing and snoring mumbles good things about the wonders of Disco.'
A crowd gathers around a Disco Fuel exhibit, to watch the snoring, mumbling man.  The Snoring, Mumbling Man Attracted and Held the Attention of Thousands Each Day of the Fair.
About 15,000 guessed at number of pieces of Disco in transparent barrel.  The number of pieces was changed each day of the Fair.  One day two people guessed the exact number and both won $100.00 worth of Disco.  Participants were limited to Solid Fuel users only.
People crowd around the snoring and mumbling man exhibit for Disco Fuel.
People mingle around looking at the various exhibits presented by Disco fuel.
People stand around chatting and viewing the Disco Fuel exhibits.
This Disco Fuel exhibits shows their product for the stove.
Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co. displays their washed coal exhibit.  The display show various perks of the coal.
A man stands next to the Disco Fuel exhibit.
The National Mine Service Company granted an exclusive world-wide license to manufacture and sell a new type of shuttle car developed and patented by Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Company.  The shuttle car was designed by Arthur L. Lee and his engineering staff of Pitt-Consol.
This exhibits displays the various aspects of washed coal.
Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co. exhibit shows the Consol washed coals.
Consolidation Coal Company exhibits their coal history.
A display of the Consolidation Coal Company.
Plaque awarded to Consolidation Coal Company by the National Association of Purchasing Agents, Inc. at the Inform-A-Show in New York, 1947, for the most informative exhibit.
Jaycees Exhibit at the Denver Convention Pgh. Airport and Pgh Gateway Center. Consol section is third from the left. Re-order Photo No.7045.
Consolidation Coal Company display at the Careers in Engineering show in Pittsburgh, PA, 1954.
Consol Coals new Scene in Action Animated Display.
Display showing the advantages of the Stronger U.S.S. Man-Ten Steel in increasing the dipper weight and capacity for coal shovels.
Road sign advertising coal and showing the way to get to the Disco plant. Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Company.
Night photo of a road sign advertising Disco coal as well as telling how many miles to the plant. Black light flashes on and off. Sign is on the N/S Rt. U.S. 30 East 800' West of End of West Boung Ramp, Huntington Twp.
Night photo of a road sign advertising Disco coal as well as telling how many miles to the plant. Daytime effect between flashes.  Sign is on the N/S Rt. U.S. 30 East 800' West of End of West Boung Ramp, Huntington Twp.
A large piece of coal.
A large Marietta Miner Continuous Mining Machine.
Display of the Pocohontas Low Volatile Coal Field.
Large piece of coal with Analysis of Double Screened Champion Domestic Lump written on the side.
Lumps of coal in +10'' Blocks showing the trademark on one lump.
J.P. McMahon Coal Co. warehouse built out of Grenadier lump coal.
Picture drawn by Roger Zitko showing new face roof bolter on a continuous miner.
Man operating a JMC1 continuous miner.
Two men standing next to a continuous mining machine.
Text on back reads, 'This is the smallest size prepared coal in the White Oak group of prepared sizes but a more uniformly sized coal is not offered by any shipper than this small nut. For steam purposes it cannot be excelled, because freedom from slack produces excellent combustion and absence of impurities prevents clinkering. It is a washed size exclusively and of uniform quality. A careful examination of the picture indicates it is absolutely free of slack due to it passing over a high speed vibratory screen just before being discharged on the loading boom for loading into the railroad car.'
'Background: Back and side walls are covered with flag blue no seam matting edged with red, white and blue braided silk. Floor is covered with red crystalline cloth and draped over a partial platform in the rear of the window. Display: In the center of the back wall is a map of the United States raised a bit from the wall to make it stand out. All around this map are photographs of 50 Governors, 47 from the States and 3 from the Territories and under these photos are the names and states of all the Governors. Some are place on the platform on the floor in the back with the Chairman of the Conference at one end and the Host at the other. A welcome banner is placed in front behind which is a stand containing a small state flag for each of the 48 states and 4 territories. Remarks: This window is our best so far I believe, from the standpoint of attracting attention and being talked about. The coloring at night is particularly attractive with the two spot lights bringing out the colors quite vividly. We have had many residents call in and stop in to remark on the window and there have been as many as 25 people at one time looking at it out front. It has proven timely for two events, the Governors Conference and the Republican Convention in Philadelphia this week. The majority of the Governors as well as their parties also stopped by to see our display.'
Rear view of a display showing several huge pieces of coal.
Three professors stand behind a display booth on the left while a student poses beside a large display on the right. Subjects unidentified.