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A portrait of Ella Brown Moreland, the wife of Joseph Moreland of Morgantown, West Virginia.
Lucy Johnston, sister of J.L. Johnston, is sitting underneath a tree in Morgantown, West Virginia.
A portrait of Waitman Willey of Morgantown, West Virginia.
A girl is sitting in a chair outdoors near a large flower bed in Morgantown, West Virginia.
A woman with braids leaning on a porch railing in Morgantown, West Virginia.
A man wearing a three piece suit is sitting in a chair in Morgantown, West Virginia.
A baby is sitting on her mother's lap.
Portrait of a woman holding a flower.
A bride is sitting in a chair.
A woman poses for a portrait wearing a white dress. 'Source: Hugh Knee.  Knee also worked in New York. These photos may date to that time.'
Woman seen wearing hair band and formal dress.
Young woman in portrait. Wears white hair piece to match dress.
A baby sits in a rocking chair for a picture.
A little girl holds onto her teddy bear in this picture.
An unidentified child seated in a chair holdind a doll.
'Harry Selby, Acme Store at site of present Morrison's Annex, died'. Can be seen breaking ice blocks.
A portrait of Rabbi Herbert Wilner of the Hillel Foundation of West Virginia University.
A portrait of Guy C. Shafer of Morgamtown, West Virginia; 'Newspapers and magazines please credit Fabian Bachrach. Directly under reproduction. Photographers and photo-finishers must not copy under penalty of prosecution.'
'Knee also worked in New York- these portraits may date to that time'.
A portrait of Mrs. Alexander Thompson. First President of the Morgantown Music Club.
'Knee also worked in New York, these portraits may date to that time.'
'Bruce E. Davis, 49 Thoughts on Direct Examination.'
Woman seen sitting on a piece of furniture; large rug seen in front of woman. 'Knee also worked in New York, these portraits may date to that time.'
'Colonel Zackquill Morgan 1735-1795. Founder of Morgantown, West Virginia. Photo taken of an oil painting.'
'Property of F. C. Hough.'
A portrait of Dr. Eston K. Feaster of Morgantown, West Virginia.
A portrait of Louise Dawson of Morgantown, West Virginia.
A portrait of Roberta Moore of Morgantown, West Virginia.
'The Hermit of Allsop's Island. On Septmember 8, 1863, twenty-eight year-old Philip Shuttlesworth, son of John and Susan Shuttlesworth, was shot and killed by a mysterious hermit, Doctor Bonaparte Allsop, living in a lean-to hut near Uffington. He had appeared in the area years before, his origin unknown. Each year he planted corn and vegetables on a nearby island in the river, known by neighbors as Allsop's Island. It was said that Shuttlesworth was killed because he had been taking vegetables from the garden. On February 16, 1864, he was found guilty in the circuit court of second degree murder and sentenced to twelve years in the penitentiary. After his release he returned to Uffington to live, but became mentally upset and was taken to the Weston Hosptial. -- The above account appears to include the essentials of a story that has become so overladen with myth and tradition that it is virtually impossible to separate truth from fiction. That he was a relative of Napoleon Bonaparte, a schoolmate of James G. Blaine, a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, the actual inventor of Dr. McLane's liver pills, are some of the stories told of him. See Curcuit Court Order Book Number 4, pages 27, 31, 32, and 39. See numerous pieces about him by E. E. Meredith (Do You Remember?) in the Fairmont Times, including December 11, 1937. See also Dennis Rasche, The Emperor's Kinsman, Tableland Trails 2 (3) (1958): 123-128.'