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A pony pulls a cart festooned with flowers up a residential street lined with spectators.
The action begins at the Annual Flag Rush on the Old Athletic Field (now the site of the Mountainlair Parking Garage).
A large float decorated like a boat passes spectators on High Street in Morgantown.
Parade participants with what appears to be a May Day pole march down High Street.
A parade float passes buildings and spectators on High Street.
A group of soldiers march in the parade down High Street.  A cigar store and a grocery are visible in the background.
A decorated vehicle passes a building on High Street in Morgantown.
A vehicle decorated for the parade passes the Keystone Grocery on High Street in Morgantown.
Five African-Americans with drums and a large American flag pose for a group photo. The posters in the background are for Richards the Wizard, who was an active magician touring from 1910-1930.
A crowd observes as the M. W. of A. float makes its way down the street.
A crowd watches from the street as parade floats make their way down High Street. On the right, in front of the courthouse, is likely the grandstand.
Crowds fill the streets of Morgantown, W. Va. anticipating the parade. In the background is a Union Bank, right, and the building that is now Hotel Morgan, center.
A crowd lines each side of High Street as parade floats travel down the street at 10 a.m.  The first float visible is shaped like a clothes iron.
Horse drawn wagon in what appears to be a parade with unidentified people holding a 'welcome' sign.  Wording on the image container reads "Horse Drawn Wagon Concession"
1)William A. Moreland, 2)Pinkney Mercer, 3)Herman V. Walker, 4) Blank, 5)Charles Lloyd, 6)Julius Singleton, 7)James Prete, 8)Clifford Hoard, 9)A.M. Sellaro, 10)John Fyles, 11)Moon Vallalonga, 12)Ralph Frankhouser, 13)Robert Nestor, 14)Shorty Ponceroff
Print number 1753.
Print number 1111.
Possible Fourth of July Celebration. Sign behind woman on left reads "The Birth of Democracy." Print number 1086.
Print number 1080. Sign along back fence reads "Spirit of Progress. Schools of Today."
Print number 1084.
Print number 1082. Possibly West Virginia Day.
Possibly West Virginia Day. Print number 1083.
Print number 1085.
Print number 1076.
Print number 1079. People lined up in a way that forms the shape of the state of West Virginia.
Print number 1060.
Print number 1054a.
Print number 1056.
Print number 1058.
Print number 1044a.
Print number 1046.
Print number 1049. View down Foundary Street from High Street.
Print number 1042d.
Print number 1043b.
Two men walk beside a float carrying a camel. Print number 1009.
Print number 1012.
Print number 1014.
Print number 685.
Print number 675.
Print number 667.
Print number 665.
Print number 656.
Print number 650.
Print number 639.
Print number 644.
Print number 630.
Print number 631.
Print number 634.
Man performing in the air under a blimp as spectators gather around tents from below.
Men in uniform carry their guns over their shoulders as they walk in organized fashion through the spectator filled streets of the city.
A large group of men and women squeeze into the back of the American flag covered truck smiling and waving flags of their own.
Children dressed as nurses and soldiers ride on the parade float in Morgantown, W. Va.
Parade at the top of High Street in Morgantown, W. Va.
Passengers crowd along the deck of "Princess" before heading off on the Monongahela River.
Information with the photograph, "Uniformed women on the decorated wagon are members of the Degree Team of the Ladies of the Maccabees of the World, Morgantown Hive No. 8." The location is possibly Spruce Street.
Possibly "Chadwick Day", celebrating the return of "distinguished native son", Rear Admiral French Ensor Chadwick.
Possibly "Chadwick Day", celebrating the return of "distinguished native son", Rear Admiral French Ensor Chadwick.
Little League teams parade down High Street past Rogers' Jewelry Store,and Sidler's Department Store.
'Child Power reigned over Hoffman Street last night when 12 area youths staged a parade down to the Wiles Hill street. Said Mrs. Karl Engle, mother of two of the youngsters: "The children did this all by themselves, the parents did not help them at all." David Fawley, 18 months old and his sister Marsha 6, reigned as King David I and Queen Marcia. Shown are Sandy Hess, Ruth Engle, Patty Fawley, Jennifer Davis, Marcia and David Fawley, Shawn and Cindy Overley, Kenneth Ray Lindamood, Joanne Lemmon, Rachel Engle, Kersten Davis, Stephanie Davis, Grant Overley and Carl Sullivan. Invitations to area residents were distributed. (Photo by Shelby Young.'
The boat race was in the Monongahela River at Wharf Street.
'First meeting to arrange for air transportation at new airport. Left to right: Elmer W. Prince(City Manger), Dr. L.S. Adams, Jennings Randolph(Congressman, J.M. Strouss(State Legislator), and John R. Fortney(Postmaster).'
'Water Barrel Battles were one of the chief attractions of the 1969 Bituminous Show festivities last week. Here the top team battles for the championship.'
'Dedication of Air service for Morgantown, 5000 present, Jane Greer Christians "Mountaineer"-Flagship of Tri-State Aviation Corp.- a Bellanca first place plane.'