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Seated left to right:  Gottlieb Farhner (born February 1839 in Zurich, Switzerland; died April 1915); Catherine Christine Lorenz Fahrner (born March 1852 in Wittenburg, Germany); Louisa; Anna.  Standing left to right: Gottlieb; Willie; Mary; Henry; Dan; Ruth; John; Ben.
A portrait of a man and woman and a son taken near their home.
A view of grave site with a few head stones.
The name 'Albert' is sewn into the belt or sash the man is wearing.
A portrait of woman sitting outdoor near an evergreen tree.
A portrait of Herbert Shock near a chair, Helvetia, W. Va.
A portrait of Herbert Shock next to chair taken outdoor at the bottom of the tree, Helvetia, W. Va.
From the left are Herbert, Bess (before moving to Arkansas), Alma holding her half brother Charles, and Rilla.
Pickens business pictured are D. G. Thomas Grocers and McNeal's Saloon.
A portrait of people at the bottom of a waterfall.
A view of lumber mill, rails leading toward it and loggers on the site, Helvetia, W. Va.
A portrait of people taken at the bottom of rock ledge, Helvetia, W. Va.
A group of people of different generations gather just outside of a building; they structure could well be a church or a school.
A portrait of three women sitting right at rock ledges.
A portrait of man sitting at the rock ledge.
A view of logging site with all the horse drawn carts on the railroad tracks are loaded with felled trees.
Four men and a boy holding guns taken outside of a house.
Mrs. Halderman was a neighbor of photographer U. C. Shock and his family.
A portrait of boy sitting in front of an evergreen tree.
A portrait of man sitting on a hillside.
A portrait of a couple sitting on a log in front of rhododendron.
A portrait of infant sitting in chair draped with fabric.
A portrait of a couple and five children.
A portrait of three girls and a boy taken outdoors
A portrait of young man by the hillside.
A portrait of two young women taken outdoors.
A portrait of infant in a draped chair taken outside.
A portrait of a girl and a boy.
A view of wooden house and surrounding fence by a fruit tree.
A portrait of girl in striped dress.
A portrait of young woman sitting by a tree stump; she is wearing a corsage at her shoulder and holding a posy.
A portrait of man and two horses at the work site.
A portrait of man and woman on horseback taken in orchard.
A view of work horse strapped to a loaded car on rails; a logger stands on the load.