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Buildings on a tree lined street in Hinton, W. Va.
Cars parked along the street in front of downtown buildings in Hinton, West Virginia.
Unidentified group of men and boys lined up, facing the camera, on Ballengee Street.
Looking at the building located on Temple St. Three unidentified children are pictured loitering by the entrance.
The building, located on the corner of Temple Street and 3rd Avenue, is decorated in American flags.
Four unidentified men pose by the entrance. The bank is located on the corner of 3rd Ave. and Temple St.
Street view of the government building.
A crowd surrounds the building located on 3rd Avenue. The sign at the entrance reads, "Building and All Stock and Fixtures To Be Sold at Absolute Auction, Saturday at 10:00 a.m." Subjects unidentified.
The building, pictured while housing Hinton Hardware, was built in 1920.
The building was located where Perry Memorial Gym is located today--adjacent to Summers County Middle School, formerly Hinton High School, on Temple Street..
"Big Four Brotherhood" building pictured.
Hospital located in the Big Four Building. View of the entrance.
The building is located in what is today the Alderson Shumate Building. Woman is Elizabeth Heatwell, who worked in this bakery. Subjects unidentified.
The building, located on Temple Street, is home to many stores including Dr. Abott's Dentisttry (pictured on the right) and a drug store (pictured on the left). Alderson-Shumate Bootery pictured in the center.
The building, home to the Alderson-Shumate Bootery, is located on Temple Street. Dr. Abbott dentistry pictured on right.
Construction materials are piled on a cart pulled by a horse. Unidentified construction workers pose by the site located on 2nd Avenue.
Street view of the building. A clothing shop is housed at the ground floor.
Photo lifted from the "Official C&O Industy Guide & Shipper's Directory, 1906".
Old Montgomery Ward, a mail order company, pictured.
Street view of the construction site.
Cars are parked along the sidewalk in front of the building.
A class of graduates pose in front of the building. Subjects unidentified.
View of the building from across the street. A stray dog is pictured next to one of the parked cars.
Women are pictured crossing the parking lot from the building, which is pictured on the far left. Subjects unidentified. A sign depicts the direction and distance of Alderson, Lewsiburg, Shady Springs, and Beckley.
An unidentified man is pictured balancing on a narrow perch toward the roof of the building.
A band assembles in front of the stage where adults sit and observe. Subjects unidentified.
The group poses on the steps of the building. In the back row on the far left, Charles Lago is pictured. Other subjects unidentified.
Boy Scout Troop 115 poses on the steps of the building. Subjects unidentified.
Charles Lago is pictured on the far left playing the saxophone. The other musicians are unidentified.
The class of '53 dressed for their play, "Head for the Hill".Pictured sitting, from left to right, is Thelma Sluss, Doris Brue, Edith Lilly Peggy Keaton, Dorothy Sluss, Vera Harvey, Jim Ted Weilly, Dude Talbert, and Fred Webb.Pictured standing, from left to right, is Hale Farley, Joyce Meador, Wilma Shirey, Shirley Nichols, Dan Eubank, Patty Ellison, Shirley Harvey, Patricia Helmintoler, Forest Adkins, and Bob Wheeler.Pictured sitting on the stage, from left to right, is Charlie Epperly, Helen Humphreys, M axine Iddings, Loretta Meadows, Mary Ellen Davis, Barbara Burton, Scott Briers, Jean Reed, Marie Vass, David Retchana, Billy Peyton, and Edward Zickafoose.
A band of young musicians plays outside Summers Memorial Building. Subjects unidentified.
View from the audience, looking at a band comprised of young musicians outside Summers Memorial Building. Subjects unidentified.
A band comprised of young musicians play outside Summers Memorial Building.
Two men shake hands while standing behind a microphone. To the left a band comprised of young musicians is pictured. Subjects unidentified.
Colored drawing of the government building. Published by Beckley News Co. of Beckley, W. Va.
Building located in the Southside/Gold Strip.
Two unidentified men stand beside the small brick building.
View looking from Rose's Drug Store. An unidentified woman passes the entrance.
A group of men stand in front of the building where a table is set up. Subjects unidentified.
Ball (left) and Daly (right) sit behind a desk in what appears to be Ball's office.
Hinton High School band gathers along the steps of the building entrance way.
The iron building, pictured on the left, is home to Community Christian Church in the photo.
Trail at the building entrance located on Summers Street.
People are crowded along the balconies and staircase of the building. The atmosphere of the photo suggests an excitement in the air, perhaps in anticipation of a parade.
William Plumley pictured with female associates outside of the store entrance. The building later housed Hinton Furniture, owned by Ray Walker.
The Big 4 Building towers over the street scattered with automobiles.