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From left to right Bowman, Taylor, Brown, Keener, Yager, Richards, Loeb, Miller. 'O deliver us from the wrath of our fellow students!'
Members of the 1967 Monticola Centennial edition yearbook are waiting to have their official staff pictures taken. From left: David A. Christopher,'18, honorary associate editor because he and his daughter Bettijane Christopher (Burger) were editors-in-chief 50 years apart; Maxine Klokek, Donna Huggins, Christopher and Peggy Bailey. In David's day, the juniors put out the yearbook.
Students working around table with phones and typewriter.
The yearbook for 1966-1967 was the large Centennial edition and it was dedicated to Dr. Oliver P. Chitwood who attended the dinner with his wife. From left to right: Dr. Oliver P. Chitwood; Bettijane Christopher Burger; John Gray, yearbook advertising manager; Paige Bouldin, Gray's assistant.
From left to Right: Dr. Patrick Gainer, English Professor, Mrs. Chitwood; Dr. Oliver P. Chitwood, retired History Professor and Bettijane Christopher Burger. At this staff appreciation dinner the yearbook was dedicated to Dr. Chitwood, and Dr. Gainer received an award for his many years of sponsorship to Monticola. Plaque reads:  'Monticola - To Dr. Patrick W. Gainer in appreciation for continuous dedication and service, from the 1967 staff'.
Top three pictures from left to right: Brown, Yager, Bowman. Middle two: Keener (Editor-in-Chief), Richards (Business Manager). Bottom three left to right: Miller, Taylor, Loeb.
Kathy Davis and Cindy Goldsworthy.
Left to right: David Smith, Jim Vanevera, John Foster, Pat Teti, Dave Hark, Richard Rogers.
Left to Right: David Smith, John Foster, Richard Rogers.
Christie Froehlich, Ellen Staggers.
Louanne Virgin, Classes Editor and Bob Scherer, Administration.
Sally Summers, Photography; Patricia Mummey, Events; Eleanor Watson, Organizations.
John Goodlett, Administrators; Tim Stinson, Greeks; Skip Conner, Sports.
Judy Bucklew, Fran Willard.
Gail Kesir, Patty Schulz, Arabel Hatfield.
Mary Ketter and Carolyne Vick.
Top three: Frankenberger, Assistant Advisory Editor; Neely, Business Manager; Miller, Associate Editor. In middle: Poe, Editor-in-Chief; Bottom three: Ireland, Associate Editor; Shaffer, Associate Editor; Six, Illustrative Editor.
Standing in Back, left to right: Edgar Stewart, H.L. Swisher, G.M. Ford, J.M. Kunkle, Paul McCoy. Seated, from left to right: Mabel Reynolds, John Knutti, L.C. Anderson (Editor-in-Chief), W.B. Cutright (Business Manager), L.L. Friend, Winnie South.
Karen Edwards, Publicity; Mary Kay Hill, Honoraries; Gary Weiner, Advertising; Jenny Sue Henry, Greeks.
The caption reads--"Good-bye: the Monticola Board is going home."