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Picture was taken in the Board of Governors Room in Stewart Hall.  'Left to right: 1. Mr. A.C. Spurr, 2. Dr. Thomas L. Harris, 3. Mr. James M. Guiher, 4. Dr. Irvin Stewart, 5. Mr. Douglas K. Bowers, 6. Mr. Charles Hodges, 7. Governor Okey L. Patteson.'
'Left to right:  Spurr, President Monongahela Power, Thompson, Doug Bowers, Dr. T. C. Harris, Parkersburg Surgeon, Dr. Stewart, Neff, unknown, unknown, Charlie Hodges, Jane Seabright Hill, Salvati, President of Island Creek Coal Company, Huntington.'
'Irvin Stewart on podium'.
Left to right: President Irvin Stewart, C. E. Hodges (Board of Governors), E. J. Van Liere (medicine), P. I. Reed (dean of journalism), Professor Koehler (chemical engineering). Photo taken by Jack Hodge, first black graduate of West Virginia University.
'P. G. Helicopter Takes College Head Aloft. The Post-Gazette`s helicopter on an experimental trip to Morgantown, W. Va., gave Dr. Irvin Stewart, president of the University of West Virginia, a trip over campus Wednesday. Here Dr. Stewart (left) is being congratulated by Dr. P. I. Reed, head of the college`s Journalism department, after the flight. The helicopter made an easy landing in the college stadium to the delight of 250 students.  The helicopter will be used by the Post-Gazette news staff to cover stories in the Tri-State area.'
'Left to right: Irvin Stewart, unknown, President Paul Miller, Raymond Salvati(President Board of Governors), Dr. Ernest J. Nesius.'
On Stage: Dr. Irvin Stewart, Speaking; Joseph Gluck, Seated at right; American Arts Trio - Portnoy, Drucker, Engberg.
Left to Right: Mrs. Stewart, Irvin Stewart, Professor Emeritus of Political Science; Harry Heflin, Vice President of Administration and Finance, Former Acting President.
Left, Dr. Ruel Foster, Chairman of English Department; On the Right:  Irvin Stewart, Professor of Political Science and wife; Harry Heflin, Acting president and wife.
Dean Van Liere is standing on the right and President Stewart is standing on the left, with two unidentified men standing between.
West Virginia University President and Mrs. I. Stewart greeting Sharon Andrews, Monticola editor and Roger Tompkins, Student Body President at a formal event.
'Major General Ralph W. Zwicker presents Dept. of Army Civilian Award of Appreciation to Dr. Irvin Stewart, former University President at brigade ceremony on drill field.  President Stahr in civilian clothes on reviewing stand.'
President Irvin Stewart (right), President Harry Heflin (left.)
James Harlow, president of W.V.U. from 1968 to 1978, speaks to Dr. Irvin Stewart at the dedication of Stewart Hall. Dr. Stewart is seated on the right.
Left to Right: Harry Heflin, Irvin Stewart, James G. Harlow on right side of photograph.
Left to Right:  James G. Harlow, Harry Heflin, Irvin Stewart.
President Stahr is on the right. Irvin Stewart at left.
At a president's Stewart reception, from left to right: Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hoblitzell; Gov. and Mrs. Cecil B. Underwood; Dr. and Mrs. Irvin Stewart.
President Irvin Stewart in an office in front of bookshelves with a book in his hand.
Robert Munn, former Dean of Libraries speaks at the dedication of Stewart Hall; President Stewart on right in the audience.
President Stewart holds a certificate of appreciation awarded to him by the Department of Army.
A photo clip from West Virginia Newspaper Pub. Co. "Let's Get Acquainted" section shows president Irvin Stewart at desk discussing blueprint in front of him with others.
President Irvin Stewart stands by a window with a book in his hands.
President Irvin Stewart on right exchanges a bill and an envelope with other person.
Harry Heflin speaks to a crowd. President Irvin Stewart sits behind podium second to left from a speaker.
President Irvin Stewart speaks at the dedication of Stewart Hall.
President Irvin Stewart goes over some materials with Mrs. Louise Keener, controller.
President Irvin Stewart is given a Red Cross item.
Dr. Conant speaks at the inauguration of President Irvin Stewart at the Field House.
President Stewart greets students at the door; receiving line from left to right, Dr. Irvin Stewart, Mrs. Joseph Gluck and Mr. Joseph Gluck.
'At the table: Jack Canfield, Assistant to Governor Smith; Former WVU President Irvin Stewart; Former Governor W.W. Barron; Former Governor Okey Patterson; Mrs. Irvin Stewart on the extreme right.'
'Part of head table at Feb. 13, WVU Birthday Dinner.  From left to right: those identifiable include: Elvis Stahr, president of Indiana University and former WVU President; Dave Jacobs, executive secretary of WVU Alumni Association; Congressman Arch Moore; Mrs. Thomas White, Governor Hulett Smith; Thomas White, president of the Alumni Association; Dr. Harry B. Heflin, Acting WVU president; Jack Canfield, aide to Governor Smith; and Irvin Stewart, past president of WVU.'
'A scene from the Mar. 7, 1967 Faculty Honors Convocation shows, from left to right; Robert Munn, WVU Prof. and Chairman of Library Science and Acting Provost; Ruel Foster, WVU Prof. and Chairman of English; Irvin Stewart, WVU Prof. of Political Science; Edmund Flink, WVU Prof. and Chairman of Medicine; George McLaren, WVU Prof. of Agricultural Biochemistry and Nutrition; and Clark Sleeth, Dean of the WVU School of Medicine.'
'Dr. and Mrs. Stewart just after Dr. Stewart made the main address as spokesman for the twelve professors honored at the Faculty Honors Convocation, Mar. 7, 1967.'
'Acting WVU President Harry B. Heflin (left), Mrs. Heflin (second from left), Dr. Irvin Stewart (right), and Mrs. Stewart are pictured just after Dr. Stewart made the main address as spokesman for the twelve professors honored at the Faculty Honors Convocation Mar. 7, 1967.'
'From left ro tight: unidentified, former WVU governor Okey Patterson, And former WVU President Irvin Stewart.'
2nd from left: Dr. Irvin Stewart, 3rd from left: Gov. Underwood.
From left to right 1) Unknown 2) Harold Stassen 3) Unknown 4) President Irvin Stewart.
From left to right, Cecil Underwood, John L. Lewis and President Irvin Stewart.
President Stewart in his office.
President Stewart in his office.