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Chamber of Commerce meeting in Morgantown, West Virginia. Some of those attending are as follows: 'Bill Lgyne, Robert Smyth, Chief John Lewis, Howard Smyth, and Dyke Raese.
From Left to Right: 'Mayor Arthur Buehler', Unknown, Unknown, 'Robert T. Donley', 'Harold Fetty', 'J. W. Ruby', and 'Dyke Raese'.
Third from left is Judge Don Eddy, at far right is Dyke Raese.
'From left to right: unknown, unknown, Dyke Raese, Jennings Randolph, Hulett Smith, Gov.'
From left to right: Martin Piribek, Dyke Raese, unknown, Samuel K. Haden, unknown, unknown, Mayor Arthur Buehler, J. W. Ruby.  All others unknown.  Barrels labeled Weston.
On the far left is Paul Selby. On the far right is Dyke Raese.
On the far right is David Soloman.  Second from the left is Dyke Raese.
On the far left is Dyke Raese then Harry Helfin.  On the far right is Robert Nestor.
From left to right: Chief John Lewis, unknown, Sam Chico, Dyke Raese and Bill Leyhe.
Dyke Raese (fourth from left, holding drink.)
Left to Right:  Charles A. Stevenson, Scott Davis, Lloyd C. Neilson, Dyke Raese.
left to right: Dyke Raese, Mrs. Raese, unknown.
Seated, left to right: Dyke Raese, Robert Nestor, Berkeley Lilley, Harry Heflin.  Standing, at far left, Howard Smyth; second from left, John Lewis; fourth from left, Dean Chester Arents; far right Bill Leyhe.
Present in the picuture are Harry Heflin, Dyke Raese, John F. Quigley, Senator Moreland, and Mr. Courtney.
Two women, two men.  WVU pennant on the wall. Dyke Raese is the second from the right.
Present in the picture are David Wilson, Harold Fetty, Dyke Raese, Mr. Courtney and Senator Moreland.
Front row, left to right:  Dyke Raese, William Dyer, unknown, Mr. Courtney and unknown.  Back row, left to right:  Chas. Haden, unknown, unknown, Howard Smyth, unknown, unknown, unknown, Burkey Lilley and James R. McCartney.
Standing, fourth from right, Chas. Haden; standing, fifth from right, Robert Bennett; standing, fourth from left, Dave Jacobs; standing, left, John Clarkson; seated, fourth from right, Dyke Raese; and seated, second from right, Harold Suter.
Top L-R: A.J. Villani, Richard 'Dyke' Raese, Fred Toothman, Leslie Gates, Robert Mentzer, Bottom L-R: Harold J. Shamberger, Charles Wise, Jr., James G. Harlow, Paul 'Buck' Martin.
A photograph of a gathering of West Virginia politicians. Herman Walker (far table, right), Governor Hulett C. Smith (far table, third from right), Dyke Raese (far table, third from left), Jennings Randolph (far table, second from left), Paul Miller (far table, left), Howard Smyth (foreground, second from left), Elmer Prince (foreground, third from left).