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Blanche Lazzell is sitting on the right.
Artist Neta Blanche Lazzell from Maidsville, Monongalia County, West Virginia is seated front row, second from the left. Others identified, left to right, front row: Abner J. Asbill, Johnston,S. C.; Blanche Lazzell; unidentified student; Lillian Anderson, Hendersonville, S. C. Back Row: unidentified; J. L. Smith; unidentified; Simeon Smith.
First two back rows: 1.Minnie Goff, 2. Carolyn Bender, 3. Margaret Townsend, 4. ___ Weese, 5. Blanche Barnes, 6. Lilian Smith, 7. Clara Ellison, 8. Mary Cocker, 9. Ella Turner, 10. Ella Comley, 11. unidentified, 12. Eva Hall, 13. Nan Cox, 14. Rachel Whitham, 15. Trace Yoke; Row 3: 16. Unidentified, 17. Jessie Jenkins, 18. Jessie Boyd, 19. Unidentified, 20. __ Hall, 21. Rose Stephens, 22. Laura Strickler, 23. ___ McMillan, 24. Nettie Maxwell, 25. Ethel Jones, Row 4: 26. Marg Mestragat, 27. Etta Willis, 28. Anna Long, 29. Crystal Courtney, 30. Ethel Corle, 31. Laura Lewis, 32. Jessie Madera, 33. Louise Stone; Front Row,Row 5: 34. Gertrude Winter, 35. Blanche Lazzell, 36. Bertha Smith, 37. Besse Sadler, 38. Alberta Baumgardner, 39. Carolyn Schmidt
Left to Right: Besse Belle Lazzell Ridgeway; Blanche Lazzell; Myrtle Matilda Lazzell Reed
Blanche Lazzell is seated in the front row, fourth from the left. Note the lady seated, front row far right has a camera in her lap.
Blanche Lazzell of Maidsville, West Virginia poses with her family on the lawn.
Blanche Lazzell poses outside her studio on the Massachusetts shore, wearing the bathing suit fashion of the day.
Post card photograph of artist Blanche Lazzell watering her flowers in front of her studio which is on a pier in Provincetown, Massachusetts located on Cape Cod.
Blanche Lazzell from Maidsville, W. Va. poses outside The Church Around the Corner, also known as The Church of the Transfiguration and is known for its beauty and architecture.
Blanche Lazzell from Maidsville, Monongalia County, West Virginia, was a world renowned painter. Her studio was built on a pier at the edge of the bay.
Blanche Lazzell from Maidsville, Monongalia County, West Virginia, standing outside her studio door located on a pier above the beach.
Blanche Lazzell from Maidsville, Monongalia County, West Virginia, painting at an easel outside her studio on Cape Cod.
Artist Blanche Lazzell was from Maidsville, West Virginia.
Blanche Lazzell from Maidsville, West Virginia, strings netting on the outside wall of her studio on Cape Cod.
Motto inscribed on back, "Speak no evil, but scatter Sunshine". Members back Row, L to R: Ivie Shriver, Cowen, WV; Gertrude Wheeler, Rowlesburg, WV; Nellie McBride, Weston, WV; Osie Lawson, West Milford, WV; Gertrude Roberts, Oakland, MD; Josie Engle, West Union, WV; Sicely Wilson, Wilson, WV; Ivie Hardman, Jane Lew, WV; Blanche Lazzell, Maidsville, WV; Fannie Jones, Knottsville, WV; Mary Schroth, Hevetia, WV.
"Students Out Walking, Monday PM". Students numbered: 1.Percy Metheny; 2.Frank Williamson; 3.Etta Harrison; 4.Lillie King; 5.Sicily Wilson; 6.Claud King; 7.Ed Carter; 8.Flora Sanders; 9.Ida Flesher; 10.Thomas Sharpriack; 11.Roy Hardest; 12.Mayne Charlton; 13. Jessie Stewart; 14.Josie Engle; 15.James Bird; 16.Cecil Crickard; 17.Elmer Trotter; 18.Emory Ireland; 19.Blanche Lazzell; 20.Mattie Esilmore; 21.Kittie Martin; 22.Mary Eichelberger; 23.Fred Sharp; 24.Mabel Wiant; 25.Emma Peters; 26.William Blair; 27.James Mc Hord; 28.Ed Stallings; middle front-Dog,
Members L to R: 1.Nellie Ogan; 2.Fannie Jones; 3.Osa Lawson, Pres.; 4.Gertrude Roberts; 5.Etta Harrison; 6.Sicely Wilson; 7.Nellie McBride; 8.Blanche Lazzell; 9.Nora Fetty; 10.Josie Engle; 11. Ivy Hardman; 12. Olive Wildman; 13. Gertrude Wheeler
Photograph was taken on the steps of the Seminary. Members of the cast and their roles, back to front: Ed Cater, "Comelious"; Dilla Haymond, "Ma Diller"; Will Craig, "Clem"; May Griffin, "Katrina"; Harry Byer, "Eily"; Virginia Rider, "Sweet Sarah Mand"; Stella Elliott, "Ma Steller"; Emory Ireland, "Uncle Emory"; William Blair, "Uncle Billy"; Flora Sanders, "Awful Peoria"; Lotta Kump, "Little Baby Larry"; Blanche Lazzelle, "Gentle Susan".
Neta Blanche Lazzelle from Maidsville, Monongalia County, West Virginia, dropped her first name, "Neta" and the "e" on her last name at the beginning of her career as an artist.
Artist Blanche Lazzell was from Maidsville, West Virginia
Blanche Lazzell was recognized in the art world for her wood block prints.
Inscribed on the back of the photograph, "King's Daughters, "Fear no evil, but scatter sunshine" - Motto. Members listed in photo: Mollie Throckmorton, Irene Coffield, Ivie Hardman, Clarice Ripley, Nellie Howard, Bo peep Smith, Minnie Core, President, Maud Sheats, Bessie Martin, Blanche Lazzell, Flo Friend, Gertrude Wheeler, Dot Stuart, Lidia Shroth
Blanche Lazzell from Maidsville, West Virginia, poses in her graduation dress, holding a diploma.
Blanche Lazzell sits in her family's living room with a few of her paintings. The painting on the floor, far left is E. Moore Hall and Woodburn Circle on the West Virginia University campus.
Left group: Stella Elliott ("Ma Steller Ruggles"); Lotta Kump, ("Little Larry Ruggles"); Blanche Lazzelle ("Susan Ruggles"). Right group: Della Haymond ("Aunt Deller Ruggles"); May Ruffin ("Kat Ruggles"); Virginia Rider ("Sarah Mand Ruggles"); Flora Sanders ("Peora Ruggles")
After graduating from West Virginia University in 1905, Blanche Lazzell was employed for three years by L. E. Friend, the creator of this photograph.
Included in photograph: Clara Burrel; Anna Long; Laura Lewis; Pere Miller; Ethel Reynolds; Isa Neal; Minnie Goff; Cattie Cutts; Mabel Reynolds; Emma Ward; Amanda Phillips; Ada Halstead; Blanche Lazzelle;
Inscribed on the back of the photograph, "The lads took the new lasses and the old lasses were left to mourn." Listed in the photograph: Sicely Wilson; Osa Lawson; Gertrude Wheeler; Blanche Lazzelle; Eirlah Davis' Mabel Wiant; Sadie Donley.
Portrait of Mollie Courtney, sister of Blanche Lazzell.  Mollie was born in 1869, and married  Ulysses James Courtney in 1891.