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Two unidentified women riding sidesaddle along a dirt road.
Two unidentified women sit with their pet dog on a lawn.
C. C. Graham and family are pictured on the home's porch. C. C. Graham is likely Cyrus C. Graham, born about 1862 in West Virginia.
Street view of a Victorian style home.
Members of the church and clergy pose outside of the church building which is located in Preston County, W. Va.
A man and a woman sit in the carriage while a horse pulls it across a field.
Four men stand and seven men sit outside of a building. A spigot with a communal drinking cup is pictured on the left.
A man sits on the porch of the home in the forefront. The second house is under construction.
Portrait of an unidentified woman. She is wearing a necklace with a large pendant.
An unidentified boy pushes a young girl in a wheelchair across a lawn.
A man and his wife sit in what it possibly the cellar of their newly built home.
An unidentified man holds onto what appears to be a liquor bottle as he sits in a horse-drawn carriage.
An unidentified infant is pictured sitting inside of a rocking horse. Beside the child is a doll.
Two unidentified children pose together as they hold up small American flags, perhaps in celebration of Independence Day.  The flags appear to have 45 stars, indicating that this photo was taken between 1896 and 1907.
Two girl twins in identical outfits pose with their pet dog.
A man, his wife, their three children and family pet relax on the lawn outside of their home.
A multi-generational family poses in front of a picket fence. Subjects unidentified.
Two young girls sit on a porch swing accompanied with their dolls.
An unidentified man belonging to Independent Order of Odd Fellow (IOOF) organization poses in a forest.
A table is set with fine china and and prepared dishes for a large meal.
A child holds on to a glass baby bottle while posing for a picture.
The organization, one of the oldest fraternal societies in America, was established in 1847 as the Junior Sons of America. In 1868, the organization was renamed the Patriotic Order Sons of America. Members are all native-born or naturalized American male citizens, 16 years and older, wishing to create brotherhood.
Four small children lead three horses out of the large, wooden stable.
A young girl poses with her dolls outside in the snow.
The woman on the right is holding a Pentecostal Hymnal Book. Subjects unidentified.
A young, unidentified girl leans against a piano as she reads a book.
Building to the right identified as the Dawson House.
The woman dressed in black appears to be spying on the man and woman sitting beneath a bush.
View of the building, on the corner of Railroad Street and Main Street, from across the railroad tracks.
Two men and two women pose for a portrait.
An African-American man sits with his legs crossed on a chair in a home garden. Subject unidentified.
View overlooking the town of Dawson, Pennsylvania.
Horse-drawn vehicles are parked outside of the race track. In the background, a crowd fills the stands overlooking the track.
Ruea May Gribble (b. 02/09/1884; d. 04/25/1911) lays in an open casket.
A decorated Christmas tree stands in the corner of the house with presents sorted beneath it.  The home likely belongs to Orvis Zacheus "Oz" Gibson, a brother of the photographer, Scott Gibson.
On the left is a Geiser Manufacturing Company steam tractor engine, also known as road locomotives, which likely pulled these farmers ploughs behind them. In the center is likely a threshing machine for the separation of grain from stalks and husks. On the right, a group of men sit with tightly bound bags, likely holding the grain seed.
A man looks affectionately at the woman standing as he holds her hand and appears to ask for her hand in marriage.
Turner, center, is pictured with two unidentified associates outside of a WVU building the day of his inauguration.
John Roscoe Turner, center, stands with unidentified associates outside of the old music building on this day of his inauguration.
Crowds fill the streets of Morgantown, W. Va. anticipating the parade. In the background is a Union Bank, right, and the building that is now Hotel Morgan, center.
A crowd watches from the street as parade floats make their way down High Street. On the right, in front of the courthouse, is likely the grandstand.
Team portrait of the St. Francis Trojans. St. Francis is a private Catholic school in Morgantown. Players unidentified.
A crowd observes as the M. W. of A. float makes its way down the street.
The man standing in the middle of the stage directs the musical group which consists of brass, string, woodwind, and percussion musicians inside the Women's Christian Temperance Union Community Building.
Portrait of an unidentified male in a military uniform in what appears to be a photo studio.
Portrait of an unidentified man in a military uniform.