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Both women were West Virginians and renown authors and poets.
'Pearl Buck, first American woman to win the Nobel Prize for literature. Former missionary in China and author of the novel, The Good Earth, in addition to other novels and articles, hold the cablegram she received today telling her that she had received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938.  The announcement of the award, which did not mention specifically any of her works, is worth about $40,000.
'Nobel Prize Winners at Anniversary Dinner: Sigrid Undset(Left), Nobel Prize winner in Literature for 1928; and Pearl Buck, winner of 1938, meet for a chat before the Nobel Anniversary Dinner held Dec. 10 in New York City, held by the common council for American Unity.  The Anniversary Dinner in the U.S. this year was given in lieu of the annual awards made in Oslo and Stockholm, but which were interrupted by the war.  Pearl Buck said that unless a "Miracle" occurs another war might develop after the present struggle to save freedom for the world.  There were 26 other Nobel Prize winners at the dinner.'
'Author Pearl Buck (Mrs. Walsh) accompanies one of her adopted children, Chieko Usaki Walsh, formerly of Japan to naturalization fete.'
'Pearl Buck, famous Bucks county writer, shown second from right, as she received a membership card in the women's committee of the Delaware Valley Philharmonic Orchestra Association at her home in Dublin.  Mrs. Herbert Alger, chairman of the committee, makes the presentation.  With them (left to right) are Mrs. Donald Seip, Mrs. Oscar Norbeck, and at right, Gloria Gram.'
'Pearl Buck returns to Asia with the Patriot.'
'The new novel by the Nobel Prize Winner is Dragon Seed, which will be published by the John Day Company on January 22.  Dragon Seed is the February choice of the Book of the Month Club.'
'Mutual Interests: famous author Pearl Buck (right) who appeared as guest today (April 26) on The Television Womens Club discusses help for retarded children with Mrs. Robert W. Corneilson, Somerville, N.J. President of the New Jersey Federation of Womens Clubs, and Mrs. Stanton H. Davis, Plainfield N.J. Chairman of the Federation's Department of Education.  The latter two also took part in the program which is sponsored by the Penna. Fed. of Womens clubs in Cooperation with New Jersey and Delaware.'
'Crusader Margaret Sanger Celebrated the 21st anniversary of her birth control movement at a dinner in Washington, D.C. Feb. 12.  Left to right: Leaders in the movement as they appeared at the dinner; Mrs. Pearl Buck, missionary author; Mrs. Sanger and Mrs. Thomas N. Hepburn, mother of Katherine Hepburn stage and screen star.'
'(Advance) Hollywood, Dec. 27--Movie Producer Now--Pearl Buck, above, Nobel prize-winning novelist, has tried her hand at the age of 68 at producing a movie.  It's "The Big Wave," based on one of her shorter works about a Japanese village caught between a typhoon and and erupting volcano.  The picture was shot in Japan'
'Council Honors Pearl Buck: New York, N.Y.--Honoring Pearl Buck, famous novelist, for her work on behalf of minorities throughout the world, the Council Against Intolerance in America presented the authoress with the original of their "United WE Conquer" seal, yesterday.  The presentation was made by Henry Koerner, a young Viennese refugee who created the seal in appreciation of the advantages of democracy which he enjoys in America.  George Gordon Battle, co-chairman of the council, presided at the ceremony.  Left to right, at the presentation, are: George Gordon Battle; Pearl Buck; James Waterman Wise, research director of the council; and Henry Koerner.'
'A photography by Arnold Garthe of Pearl S. Buck, whose tremendously successful novel "The Good Earth" is followed by another story of Chinese life called "Sons" (John Day Co.)'
'Nation Wide Drive to Raise One Million Dollars by July 1st 1941, for the relief of the war stricken people of China.  Photo shows, Col. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., member of the Board, with Miss Pearl S. Buck, noted author and chairman of the newly formed China Emergency Relief committee, meet at the apartment of Mrs. Hughes, at 471 Park Ave., during the tea hour...'
'A new photograph of Pearl S. Buck, whose Chinese trilogy is completed with "A House Divided.'
'Pearl S. Buck--Author, who recently purchased a farm in Bucks Co., Pa. for her residence.'
'Pearl S. Buck, the author of "The Good Earth" goes back to China.  The recent winner of the Pulitzer Prize is shown as she sailed from Montreal to England to meet her husband and daughter ...'
'An anniversary dinner for former winners of the Nobel Peace Prizes was held tonight under the auspices of the Common Council for American Unity.  Because of the war, no new prizes were awarded since the outbreak of Hostilities.  Here, at the dinner, are, (left to right): Sir Norman Angell, Peace Prize Winner in 1933; Pearl Buck, Literature Prize, 1938; and Arthur Holly Compton, Physics Prize, 1936.'
'Pearl Buck and Eslanda Goode Robeson look over the manuscript of their AMERICAN ARGUMENT, the fourth of Miss Buck's "talk books" each a record of a conversation with a citizen of one country or another.  In this new book to be published on January 24 by the John Day Co. these two American women, both mature, successful, and holding no grudges against life, discuss their own country from differing an sometimes opposing, but always basic, points of view.  Here is the way the Unite States looks to them as women, as mothers, as Americans, as world citizens and above all as human beings.  Their range of topics is wide--marriage, the education of children, the organization of home and career, women's place in the community, local and national, women and politics, our government, the hopes of the world.  Often they agree, sometimes they disagree sharply; throughout it is a firm but friendly argument.  Mrs Robeson is well known for her African Journey and other writings.'
'Dr. Wei Tao-Ming, Chinese Ambassador to the U.S., Madame Tao-Ming, and novelist Pearl S. Buck (Center) are shown as they attended a special performance of the motion picture, "Dragon Seed", at Radio City Music Hall tonight (August 1st).  Adapted from Miss Buck's best-selling novel of the same name, the film depicts the heroic struggle of the Chinese against Japanese Aggression.  The performance was held for the benefit of the East and West Association, of which Miss Buck is president.
'Mrs. Hunter starts now to collect autographs, and Pearl Buck is the first to sign her own book.  Harry Scherman, president of the Book-of-the-Month Club also signed the presentation copy, as did the Club's five distinguished judges--Henry Seidel Canby, Christopher Morley, Dorothy Canfield, Clifton Fadiman and John Marquand.  That made quit a special volume for Mrs. Hunter to treasure and she said it was going on the top shelf of ther book case, away from the hands of her three active children.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Hunter consider reading their most important recreation and find enough time to keep up with the new books despite their main family and business duties.'
'Known to millions all over the world as the author of "The Good Earth", "Sons" and "The Mothers" among other stories.  Pearl Buck, American author was named today as winner of the Nobel Prize for literature.  A native of Hillsboro, W. Va. , has spent many years of her life in China, where she taught at the University of Nanking and other seats of learning.'
'Pearl S. Buck, Nobel Prize winning author, has named Henry Wallace, former vice-president, and Trygve Lie, secretary-general of UN, as the only two men who can save the world from "the crisis toward which we are rushing."
'Malvina Hoffman (Left), internationally famous sculptress and creator of the life-size reproductions of Racial Types for the "Hall of Man" of the field House in Chicago, receives from Pearl Buck, novelist, the American Woman's Association Award for Eminent Achievement Nov. 15 at the eleventh Annual Friendship Dinner at the American Woman's club.
'Novelist Pearl Buck pleads with Los Angeles hearing of California state legislative investigating committee to avoid action "That millions of Asiatics will take as a portent of future discrimination because of race or color."'
'Pearl Buck American novelist who was awarded the Nobel prize for literature this year, is pictured as she arrived home on the S.S. Aquitania today.  She is telling ship news reporters how much she enjoyed her stay in Stockholm, Sweden, where King Gustave presented her with her prize.'
'Pearl Buck Nobel Prize Winner--When Pearl Buck was told today that she had won the 1938 Nobel prize for literature she said she "just couldn't believe it."  She is shown in the office of her publisher-husband, Richard J. Walsh, who said his wife probably won the prize for her famous book "The Good Earth", and other works including "This Proud Heart."'
'Pearl Buck, whose home is near Dublin, Bucks County.'
'Mrs. Pearl Buck, author of "The Good Earth," who lives near Doylestown, Pa., was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.  She is the first American Woman so honored.'
'State Rep. Bessie A. Buchanan, of New York (left), and Mayor-elect Richardson Dilworth present the Philadelphia cotillion Society's Amethyst Cross of Malta to Pearl S. buck, noted author, for her "unceasing activity in the cause of human rights" at seventh Christmas cotillion at Convention Hall.'
'Author Pearl Buck receives 1958 Benjamin N. Cardozo Award from Ralph M. Schwartzberg, honorary supreme chancellor of the Tau Epsilion Rho law fraternity, at dinner in Warwick Hotel.  Fraternity is holding its annual convention here.'
'Among notables present at the Ball were these three left to right Pearl S. Buck, Novelist; Dr. I.S. Ravdin, U. of Penna Medical Faculty; and Judge William Hastie.'
'Pearl Buck (right) receives Award of Distinction plaque from Mrs. Milton Halin at luncheon of Ruth Marks Magilner Chapter, B'nai B'rith Women's Council.'
'Dr. Burgess L. Gordon, president of Woman's Medical college of Pennsylvania, presents honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters to Pearl Buck at commencement.'
'Pearl Buck, left, noted author, and Luise Rainer, famous actress, make plans for the million-dollar drive launched by the China Emergency Relief Committee. The drive is for the benefit of the war-stricken people of China.  Miss Buck is chairman of the drive and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt is honorary chairman.'
'Miss Pearl S. Buck, author of "The Good Earth" and member of the national executive committee of United China Relief, will speak Monday afternoon at a tea in her Honor in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fraser Harris, "Harston" Chestnut Hill.  United China Relief, under the chairmanship of Ludwig C. Lewis, soon launches an appeal in the Philadelphia area for $250,000 to aid 53,000,000 refugees, made homeless by Japanese bombings.'
Pearl S. Buck, Chairman of the governor's committee on handicapped children speaking. Philadelphia Inquirer.
'Pearl S. Buck, former missionary and author of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, "The Good Earth" and other works, who will divorce her husband and marry Richard J. Walsh, New York Publisher, according to a copyright story by the United Press May 27.  Neither Mrs. Buck nor Walsh would discuss the report.  Mrs. Buck and her husband, J. Lossing Buck, are the parents of two young daughters, Carolina and Janice.'
'Novelist Pearl S. Buck receives Temple University's annual Human Service Award from Miss Laura Villani, co-chairman of Brotherhood Week committee, at dinner last night in Mitten Hall.'