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Rebecca Wade, left and Margaret Mathers, right, riding horseback.
Barefoot little girl, Margaret Mathers standing in a wooded area.
Margaret Mathers and her dolls enjoy tea.
Little Margaret Mathers, daughter of Max and Anna Mathers, posing on the boardwalk at her home.
The little girl, Margaret Mathers is the daughter of Max and Anna Mathers.
Little girl, Margaret Mathers strolls her doll down the broad walk at her home.
The two little girls sitting on the steps are Margaret Ross and Margaret Mathers.
Anna Mathers, wife of Max Mathers, their daughter, Margaret and Stella C. DeGant, Anna's sister enjoying a boat ride on the Cheat River.
Little girl, Margaret Mathers in the bath tub.
Daughter of Max and Anna Mathers and mother of George and Mathers Barrick.
Anna and Max Mathers, parents of Margaret Mathers are from Morgantown, West Virginia.
Mary and Joseph are Margaret's cousins.
Left to right: Margaret Mathers, Morton Gregg, Lucile Gregg, Max Mathers and Anna Mathers
Daughter of Max and Anna Mathers.
The Mathers family lived in Morgantown, West Virginia.
This is a photograph of Lt. George M. Barrick. He is standing with his mother Margaret M. Barrick in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Inscribed on the photograph is "Always yours, Margaret May".
Back Row: Minetta Barrick, Mathers Barrick, Margaret Barrick. Front Row: Anna Mathers, Max Mathers, Michele Barrick
Caption reads: "Members of the board of directors of the local Youth Center are pictured . . . at a meeting to discuss plans for the remodeling of the center. Left to right: Walter L. Hart, Center Director Mrs. Margaret M. Barrick, Mrs. L. M. Strawn and Mrs. Chester Edwards."
Margaret Mathers Barrick was the Director of the Youth Center in Morgantown.
Daughter of Max and Anna Mathers, mother of George and Mike and a student at West Virginia University while raising her sons in the early 1930's.
Margaret Mathers Barrick and her two sons, Infant, Mather (Mike) Barrick and George Barrick.
Portrait of Margaret Barrick, the daughter of Max and Anna Mathers, attached to the inside of a Christmas card. Margaret Barrick raised her two sons with the help of her parents, while a student at West Virginia University in the early 1930's. During one semester, she was the only student enrolled in an experimental pathology course at the School of Medicine (listed as the smallest class at WVU).
Colonel Morgan Morgan made the first settlement in West Virginia, in 1726. In the photo from left to right there is Mathers "Mike" Barrick, George M. Barrick III, Max Mathers and Margaret Barrick. The Mathers/Barrick family were descendents of Col. Morgan Morgan.
The description under the photo says "Tony and Teresa".