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Colonel Hardesty and wife in engine cab.
Meadow River Lumber Company.
Rainelle, W. Va.
Mower Lumber Company.
Loggers with horse teams.
Posing on the 'R. Chaffey' locomotive.  Tucker County.
"Where our houses Start from."  Logging crew at Tucker County, W. Va.
Exterior of Murtland Automobile Company; people and automobiles are in front; also includes storefront of "H.J. Domhoff, Wagon Builder."
Exterior of Marple Chevrolet Dealership; trucks and automobiles are parked in front; located on corner of University Avenue and Walnut Street.<br />
Exterior of Lough-Simpson Grocery Company; employees with company automobiles are in front.<br />
Wagon and salesman are likely standing in front of 253 Park Street in Morgantown, W. Va.
Exterior of Monongahela Supply Company, University Avenue, Morgantown.
Exterior of Star Bus Company featuring employees posing for portrait with two buses; routes to Cassville and Maidsville are advertised; company office and the "Reed Hotel Annex" are in same building.<br />
Interior of drug store (probably Ream's Drug Store) with soda fountain on 304 High Street, Morgantown; the counterman is Harry Selby.
Horses, wagons, and pedestrians on High Streeet.<br />
Family of four sitting on a porch swing, Morgantown.<br />
Young couple standing on top of a hill; the woman is wearing a large hat.
Portrait of family on a porch; adults are standing and children are sitting on a porch swing.
Armistice Day Parade on University Avenue, Morgantown; Purinton House is visible in the background.<br />
Celebration of completion of a highway project.  The picture features a crowd and numerous parked automobiles in the vicinity of a highway through a rural area in north central West Virginia.
Chadwick's laundry wagon on Chestnut Street, Morgantown; the wagon is parked in front of the building for Chadwick's Laundry.
Exterior of Victor Elevator and Mills Company, Morgantown.
Four young women posing with hair dryers in Joe Ponka's Beauty Shop, Morgantown.  Roberta Armstrong is second from left; Connie Linton is fourth from left.
Suspension bridge across the Monongahela River; the viewpoint is from Westover looking toward Morgantown.<br />
Unidentified baseball player in a rural setting posing alternately as a batter and a pitcher in two separate photographs.
Two players wearing uniforms with the letters "A" and "B", possibly from Preston County.
Portrait of J.E. Casteel, "The Horse Jockey," Valley Pt., West Virginia.
Group portrait of McKean Family with their horse and carriage prior to participating in a parade in Beckley.  From left to right:  Gertie (Beasley) McKean, son Clay, daughter Mae, and Sam McKean.
Class portrait of students attending "summer class," Beckley School, Beckley, West Virginia.  Top, left to right:  Hal Scott, Jean Kay, Ophia Edison, Zeta Williams, John Williams, Lucy Maxwell, Add Williams.  Bottom, left to right:  Bessie Lemon, Bessie Willis, Stella Lemon, Zora Ball, George Willis.
Steam packet "Joe Fowler" on the shore of the Ohio River with passengers posing for their portrait.
Steam packet "City of Wheeling" conveying church goers on a Sunday school excursion.  This picture shows the boat "docked" on the shore of the Ohio River at Narrow's Run.
Nicholas County, W. Va.
Logging crew posing on locomotive.
Twin Bridges, Cheat River; Third from left Carl Bradley - Engineer; P.E. Percy/Lima Locomotive Works; Lima "Shay" Shop No. 754 (1903; W.Va. Spruce Lumber Co. and/ or Greenbrier and Elk River #3; TKA 65 ton
Information on the back of the photograph includes, "Austin J. Sharp, Huntersville".
Photograp taken above the shops, Dynamite house in the background.
The Glady and Alpena R.R. between Gladwin in Tucker Co. and Alpena in Randolph Co., ca. 1910.  Ths was a lumber road built for the purpose of removing logs, lumber, tanning bark, and pulpwood. O. Homer Floyd Fansler, Hendricks, W.V.
Men with logs on horse-drawn log tram. O. Homer Floyd Fansler, Hendricks, WV
Crane loading logs on flatbed train car.  Workers securing logs.
Cass, W. Va.; Logs floating in water and loaded on train; D.D. Brown Collection
Cass, W. Va.; D.D. Brown Collection
O. Homer Floyd Fansler; Hendricks, W.V.
O. Homer Floyd Fansler; Hendricks, W.V.<br />
O. Homer Floyd Fansler, Hendricks, W.V.
Group Portrait of Large Lumbering Crew in Woods.
L. to R.: Leonard Long, Charles Queen, Kenneth Caplinger, Walter "Pop" Good, Robert Cassell, Percy F. "Bus" Long (Wheeling), Ivan Clarkson, Clyde Galford, Kyle "Catty" Neighbors; Cass, W. Va.
Collapsed building on top of train. Premar Coal Co. Property, Austin, W. Va.; Lima CN/#1907 of 1907; Scrapped Summer of 1969; EX-GL and E#6.
Train at Cass Yard, Cass, WV; Ivan Clarkson Collection.
Bald Knob Trains: 2nd Car Brakeman, Robert Long; Conductor,  Gearold Cassoll;<br />Standing on rear platform: Ken Caplinger; Cab of No. 7, Artie Barkley; On ground, right foreground,  "Doc" Carlson; photograph from John P. Killorah, Promotion Officer, WV State Parks, Chas, WV 25305.
Locomotive engine on tracks. Cass Scenic R.R. Cass, W.V.
Locomotive engine with conductors. Cass Scenic R.R. Cass, WV; Artie Bailey in the door; "Doc" Carlson at the throttle.
Lima 2563/1912 at Shaw, WV for Deep Run Coal Company. (To be flooded over by waters of the Bloominton Dam on the Potomac River now being built by the Army Corps of Engineers.  10/21/71)<br /><br />
Shay Locomotive No. 8 at Water Tank in Spruce, W.V.
Portrait of man in hardhat pounding the last spike in the Bald Knob extension of Cass Scenic R.R.; photograph from John P. Killoran, Promotion Officer, WV State Parks, Charleston, WV 25305.
Locomotive and passenger cars; Walter Good, conductor, on left side with hand on walkway chain; P.F. "Bus" Long, C&amp;O station agent, to Walter's right, also with hand on chain; photograph from Richard Carter, N. White Hall Rd., Norristown P.O. 3 P.A.
Kermit McKeever, WV Parks Director, Whitaker,Cass, WV; photograph from John P. Killoran, Promotion Officer, WV State Parks, Charleston, WV 25305.
Photograph of painting by R. Sparks.
Birch Valley Lumber Co. Train. P.E. Percy, Lima Locomotive Works; CO 359 = Shop #3189 (12 22)
Shay No. 4 crossing a railroad bridge. Cass Scenic R.R. Cass, WV; Richard Carter, N. Whitehall Rd, Norristown, R.D. 3, P.A.
Shay No.1 in the Shop at Cass, WV; Phillip V. Bagdon, 7918 New Orleans Dr., Alexandria, VA 22308.
Shay Locomotives No. 1 and 4 pushing people in a cart up a hill. Cass, W.V.
Near Tioga, WV; Killed:  George Harrison (last living owner of old Tioga Lumber Co.) Omar Fitzwater, engineer, Vaon (?) Cox, fireman, Moody McCoy, brakeman; Injured:  Floyd Hinkle; Cass No. 4 Shay.
Train engine crashed into a block structure. Premar Coal Co. property, Austin, WV; Lima CN# 1907 of 1907.
Ivan Clarkson standing next to train engine. Sunday afternoon; Ivan Clarkson Collection.
Train on railroad tracks.
Cheat Mountain (library note says at Spruce); Cass, WV; Austin Sharp, Huntersville.
Shay No. 4 Engine on tracks; R. Sparks.
Shay No. 7 train engine on the tracks of a hillside; Richard Carter, N. WHitehall Rd., Norristown, R.D. 3 P.A.
Shay No. 1 train engine on tracks. Cass Yard coal dock.
Cass, WV; Philip V. Bagdon, 7918 New Orleans Drive, Alexandria, VA 22308.
Deer Creek Extract Plant, looking N.E. towards plant across C&amp;O; W.E. Blackhurst Collection.
Fireman boarding train. Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, WV; Richard Carter, N. Whitehall Road, Norristown, R.D. 3, P.A.
Train engine on tracks with two men looking out of the engine room. Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, W.V.
Train engine on tracks in the forest; Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, WV; Bagdon.
Mower Lumber Company log loader loading logs onto train; Cass, W.V.<br />
Shay. No 3 on tracks; Cass Scenice R.R., Cass, W.V.
Shay trains on tracks. Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, WV; John P. Killoran, Promotion Office, WV State Parks, Charleston, WV 25305.
Cass, WV; Second switchback, Cass Hill; Foreground 1-r; 1. Merle Ervin, brakeman 2. Ward Hudson, Conductor 3. Joe Woodell, brakeman; Cab: doorway- Cardock, fireman; throttle- Piney Williams; K.J. Neighbors Collection<br />
L.O.6; Cheat Mountain; Cass, WV; D.D. Brown Collection
Shay No. 5 on tracks in the forest. Cheat Mountain; Cass, W.V.
Shay No. 4 pushing passenger cart up a hill. Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, W.V.
Shay No. 5 being loaded by a tractor. Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, WV; John P. Killoran, Promotion Officer,WV State Parks,<br />Chas, WV 25305
Five men sit on a fallen tree.  John Swisher is seated in the middle.  The man seated on the far right, on the lower end of the fallen tree, is possibly William Vernon Riley.  The man seated second from the far right, and second from the end of the lower part of the fallen tree, is possibly William Vernon Riley's brother, Harry Vincent Riley.
Lumber crew poses with horses.  Near Diana, W. Va.
Portrait of dignitaries sitting in chairs on a hillside. Cass, WV; John P. Killoran, Promotion Officer, WV State Parks, Chas, WV 25305
Shay  No. 7 and 4 at Whittaker Station. Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, W.V.