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Company E was also known as the Greenbrier or Lewisburg Rifles.
Identified: James Ewing, Lousie Underwell, Governor Fleming (back row, far right), Gypsy Fleming, Fay Hartley, Brad Clarkson.
John Brown's Fort was used to store fertilizer in 1909.
Image from 'Industrial and Picturesque Clarksburg, W. Va.' published by the Press of the Clarksburg Telegram Company, Printers and Publishers, Clarksburg, W. Va., 1911.
Image from 'Industrial and Picturesque Clarksburg, W. Va.' published by the Press of the Clarksburg Telegram Company, Printers and Publishers, Clarksburg, W. Va., 1911.
Portrait of Confederate Veterans in Beckley, Raleigh County, West Virginia. All persons are identified only as Confederate Veterans. The photograph was donated to Stephen Trail by the Hinton Daily News, 6/17/1996. The photograph was donated to the newspaper by Blanche Callaham, American History teacher at Hinton High School.
The Holt family gathered in front of their Christmas tree.
Cars are parked on Adams and Madison Streets in Fairmont, West Virginia during the big snow storm of 1950.
Group portrait of West Virginia University College of Pharmacy students visiting  Calco Chemical Plant in Willow Island, W. Va. See A&M 977 for correspondence regarding this trip. Kneeling:  Robert Lewis, Donald Douglas, Samuel Argentine, Benton Smith, William Hammett; Standing: William Shumate, Rudy Harman, Robert Robinson, Jack Riggs, Herbert Rothlisberger, Calco Rep.
Members of the family pictures on the porch and steps of the house.
President Harlow with a man at a top of steps located between Mountainlair and Stewart Hall.
Photo taken by Gravely & Moore.
Not to be used for commercial purposes before 1985/04/01.
Ancella Bickley speaking at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People - Harpers Ferry National Historical Park convention.
Ancella Bickley speaking at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People - Harpers Ferry National Historical Park convention.
Ancella Bickley alongside another speaker at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People - Harpers Ferry National Historical Park convention.
'Sam Church, president of the United Mine Workers, right, sits across the bargaining table from B.R. 'Bobby' Brown, president, Consol. Coal Co. and chief negotiator for the soft coal industry as contract talks resume Monday in Washington. The negotiators are battling a midnight deadline in the search for a tentative contract settlement in hopes of averting a nationwide strike. (AP Laserphoto_ (see AP AAA wire story0 9tim21205stf/daugherty) 1981 slug : Coal Talks.'
Positions of Batteries on Cemetery Ridge. Gettysburg Military Park, PA.Dedicated on September 28, 1898.Front of monument reads: "Sons of the Mountains7th W Va VeteranRomney to Appomattox1st Brigade Carroll 3rd Division 2nd Corps.At dusk July 2nd Carroll’s Brigade was ordered by General Hancock to this point. On arriving there we found the Battery about to be taken charge of by the enemy who were in large force. Whereupon we immediately charged on the enemy and succeeded in completely routing their entire force and driving them beyond our lines."Image from 1965 thesis, "The Seventh West Virginia Volunteer Infantry 1861-1865"
Young people stand on the edge of the Little Kanawha River.
"Miss Pearl Buck dances with Theodore F. Harris, executive director of the Pearl S. Buck Foundation."
Left to right, men in hats: Hubert Carlin Simms, C.F. Miliar, C.I. Sharpenburg, C.D. Billingsley (All of Standard Oil Co.), Guy Lombardo, Mayor Gordon P. Fought, City Manager R. T. Kemper. Taken shortly after the Mayor welcomed Guy Lombardo to Wheeling. Lombardo's Royal Canadians played a one day engagement at the Capital Theater. The tour of the Esso Marketers was sponsored by the Standard Oil Co.
Nobel Prize winner Pearl Buck, her husband Richard Walsh and Buck's Danish publisher Halfdan Jespersen in Copenhagen, Denmark.
'This reproduction of Stanley Arthur's painting depicts the stirring scene of Woodstock on January 28, 1776, when Rev. Peter Muhlenburg, at the close of a patriotic sermon, threw aside his clerical robe and revealed the uniform of a Continental colonel. His text was from Eccl. 3: 1-8, "There is a time to every purpose under heaven..time of war, and a time of peace." While holding forth his commission in the army he declared the time to fight had come. He then raised the English Virginia Regiment, famous as the German Regiment, and served conspicuously throughout the Revolutionary War.'
An engraving of Fort Henry in Wheeling, West Virginia.
Caroline Margaret Watson (d. 6/19/1931) is a daughter of James Otis and Matilda Lamb Watson.
Print of a painting by Gilbert Stuart of John Randolph, a Virginia Congressman and Senator, 1799-1833. A strong states rights advocate, he renounced "creeping nationalism". Randolph also served as Minister to Russia under President Andrew Jackson.
Gideon Draper Camden born in Montgomery County, Md., August 31, 1805 was son of Rev. Henry Camden who moved to Harrison County W. Va. early in the 19th century.  Camden was an uncle of U. S. Senator Johnson N. Camden. He was Pros. Attorney of Randolph County in 1837 and Judge of Circuit Court of Randolph County in 1851.
Sketch of Lorenzo Dow at age 39 in 1816. Dow was an eccentric itinerant American Preacher, said to have preached to more people than any other preacher of his era. He was also a fierce abolitionist whose sermons were often unpopular in the southern United States, and he was frequently threatened with violence. He was also an important figure in the Second Great Awakening, as well as a successful writer.
Portrait of Eliza Peters Byrnside (1816-1868) created circa 1850 by Sidney A. Sherrard of Peterstown, W. Va.
Map showing businesses and industries in Lewisburg.
Chapter 20, page 224.
'Alexander Campbell in the Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1829-1830: Photograph of George Catlin's painting of the Virginia Constitutional Convention.  Campbell is the seventh person from the right in the back row.  Though Campbell had strong reservations about entering politics, he was prevailed upon to do so to speak out regarding slavery, democratizing the government, and public school education for all children.'
Color engraving of people standing and looking out over the Shenandoah River from Jefferson's Rock at Harpers Ferry, W. Va.
Color engraving of Harpers Ferry from the Blue Ridge.
'Copied from: Facing p. 50. Rucker, Maude A. 'West Virginia: Her Land, Her People, Her Traditions, Her Resources.' Walter Neale, pub. New York. 1930."'
Painting of a steamboat docking at the Ohio River at Wheeling. Photographed by G.W.'Jerry' Sutphin. Permanent Collection, Huntington Galleries.
Sketch of a stagecoach in front of a house.
This picture is from a drawing produced by J. H. Dis DeBar, 1846, Western Virginia [West Virginia]  For more information, see Roy B. Cook note book on Andrew Jackson.
'Photo copy from original daguerreotype - owned by Thomas J. Arnold, Elkins, - 1920. Original made in Mexico City, 1847. Prints reversed.'
Earliest portrait of Thomas J. Jackson. The photograph was made in Mexico City, during the Mexican War.
Ambrotype owned by his niece Alice E. Underwood.
'Hildreth, Dr. S. P..: One of the first members of the Ohio Geological Survey, published in 1936, with Dr. S. G. Morton, the first important paper on the geology and paleobotany of what is now W. Va. Most of the fossil collecting and studying of these two Marietta men took place around Charleston.' (WV Encyclopedia)
Upper left one of a series of C.S.A. cards sold in the North.  Showing a fraudulent  'collar'.  Center is a sample of the Brady print showing same fraudulent uniform.  Brady probably never saw Jackson, but sold thousands of these pictures, which is an 1851 portrait.
Jackson resigned his U.S. Army commission in 1851 and accepted a teaching position at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia until the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861. He would earn the rank of lieutenant general in the Confederate Army and the sobriquet, "Stonewall".
Portrait of General T.J. Jackson.  In confederate odes and ballads in Rare book room N.Y. Public Library.
Portrait of Thomas J. Jackson
'1852 photo of old St. Joseph Cathedral (an earlier name of the church here was St. James, it became St. Joseph when diocese formed in 1850.) This is where the first Visitandines in Wheeling worshipped. It was being built in 1848. They lived next door and walked over. A little enclosure gull was built in santctuary for them to see Mass.'
Owner of Woodbridge and Company in Marietta, ca. 1799.
Drawing of Ohio river waterscape with workers and boats titled 'Horse Ferry Ohio River Thick Mist, November 27, 1853, 4 P.M.'
'Ohio River, Nov. 28th, 1853, 1P.M.'.
Shows boats and 'Limestone Rocks Ohio River, Nov. 30. 1853, 4 P.M.'
View of Charleston, West Virginia in 1854.
"From Gleanson's Pictorial, 1854 Volume 6, page 216. Library of Congress, Negative Number: LC.-USZ62-18035.'
Engraving of a group of people standing on a hill overlooking Harpers Ferry, W. Va.
The church was organized in 1853.  The current building was completed in 1856.
The Grafton Hotel next to the Baltimore and Ohio Depot in Grafton, W. Va.
'An illustration depicting a scenery on Cheat River copied from William Prescott Smith's The Book of the Great Railway Celebrations of 1857 (n.x. 1858), facing p. 162. View on 'Cheat River Grade At the Tray Run Iron and Stone Viaduct, 25.7 Miles from Baltimore.'
'Bottom-Major Jackson, at V.M.I. in 1857. Photo furnished by Mrs. Jackson to Hearsts Magazine, in September 1913.'
An ink etching of the Greenbrier (Old White Sulphur Springs) in Lewisburg, West Virginia as it appeared in 1858. Men and women are shown mingling in the front lawn of the Greenbrier while a horse drawn carriage driver is dropping off several people.
Minister to France under James Buchanan in 1860 and arrested by Federal authorities for treason in August 1861 while negotiating arm sales with France for the Confederacy. He was exchanged six months later and subsequently serve on Stonewall Jackson's staff during the Civil War. After the war Faulkner was elected to the United States Congress, representating the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, 1875-1877 and served on West Virginia University's Board of Regents.
View of houses in Grafton, W. Va.
Houses at base of hillside.
View of houses at the base of a hillside in Grafton, W. Va.
Probably a photograph of a sketch from an elevated view which includes part of Grafton and a bridge crossing the river.
A portrait of unidentified man: he is possibly connected to C&O Shop Employees Car E13 and/or Westward Ho used in Virginia Central in images 025724 and 025725.
From Harper's Weekly, October 29, 1859, page 692.
Wooden Oil Derrick

93. Dry Hole

Wood frame houses line the Main Street in Grafton W. Va. during the 1860s.