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Man driving a electric locomotive at the Mathies Mine, W. Va. Copy Print by 'Judge' of good pictures, 954 Liberty Ave. PGH. 22, PA. GR. 1-4288 AT. 1-3834. Reorder Number 29958-17.
A mine locomotive of the Price Hill Colliery Co.
Two men riding on a electric locomotive.
Julius Blaney driving a coal cart with people in a coal mine.
Miners in Safety Cars for transportation into the mine, Winding Gulf Collieries.
Coal filled mine cars and miners at the Winding Gulf Collieries. Possibly Winding Gulf No. 4.
Miners ready to go to work in mine cars.
Two men stand beside rail cars.  A cart a motor sits in  front of them.
Filled coal cars being driven out of mine during a Consolidation Coal Co. Inspection trip.
Miner operates a train of loaded cars from the Mathies Mine.
Miner drives a train of loaded coal cars from the entrance of Mathies Mine to the preparation plant.
Miner operates a train of coal cars loaded with raw coal departing from Consol Mine No. 32.
Coal carts leaving a mine entrance.
A miner operates a cart full of coal exiting the mine.
A miner operates a full coal cart out of the mine.
A coal cart from mine no. 32 of Consolidation Coal Co. is leaving with a full load.
A miner operates a full coal cart down the track coming from Mathies Mine.
Coal carts on tracks and corridor openings in an underground mine in Monongalia County.
Coal car tracks inside of the mine.
Overcast, where two air currents cross in a mine, at the Jamison Mine No. 9 shaft bottom.
1-Mining machine, electrically operated, 2. Electric locomotive and coal car train leaving mine, 3. Shaker screen for sorting coal according to size, 4. Coal powerhouse and tipple.
Permission is granted to reproduce this photograph only on condition that each reproduction shall bear the following credit line:  Photograph by Norfolk and Western Railway.
Miners riding tram engines with company houses in the background; United Poca Coal Co., Crumpler, W. Va.
Two miners next to an electric locomotive.
Man in tram car in mine in the Winifrede Coal Seam, Kanawha County, W. Va. 'Geological Survey.'
Miners on an electric locomotive used in hauling mine cars.
Miners stand next to a large locomotive at Jamison No. 9.
'An Electric Locomotive: Good dependable motive power is just as necessary in a coal mine as on a railroad. This picture shows on of White Oak's ten ton electric locomotives used to haul loads and distrubute empties in our mines. A crew consists of a motorman and brakeman, or trip rider, who pull loads from the working places to convenient sidings where they are picked up by main line locomotives, who haul to the tipple or shaft bottom. A large producing mine uses fifteen and twenty locomotives and five hundred mine cars in maintaining production.'
Miner operating the Railroad car loading control panel.
Miners and filled coal cars at the Scale House, Crane Creek Mine.
Twelve ton electric motor was used for hauling coal from the mines to the tipple. Merchants' Coal and Coke Co.'s at Tunnelton, Preston Co., W. Va.
Miner riding on tram with one car spraying something onto the land around the tram. Kanawha County Geological Survey.
Miners ride out of the mine in Boswell safety cars.
Miners ride in a locomotive at Jamison No. 9.
Electric mine locomotive at Mathies Coal mine, Finleyville, PA.
One man drives an electric locomotive that transports the miners out of the mine.
Men loading logs in coal carts.
A man drives a locomotive hauling miners out of the Algoma mine.