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Two miners operate a cutting machine. 'Credit must be given to Willaim Vandivert, 21 East Tenth St., New York 3, N.Y., Not to be reproduced without written liscense.'
Two miners at work drilling into a wall of coal. John Williams, Coal Life Project.
Three miners hard at work as coal comes down a conveyor.  Copyright Photo by William Vandivert, 21 East Tenth Street, New York 3, N. Y.
'Interior mine scene shows men using the lard oil miner's lamp and the use of horses as well as mules. New England Mine.'
Group portrait of miners and horses inside a mine. 'Dr. Parkinson said a copy of this picture appeared in Natural Geographic's Pictorical Study of Appalachia.'
A miner operating an electric shuttle car filled with coal.
'A very small cutting machine or a v.m. drilling machine. Probably a cutting machine'
A miner is operating a cutting machine at the Price Hill Colliery Co. mine
Two miners working to support the roof in the Itmann Coal Co. mine. <br /><br />
Miner drilling holes for explosives at Jamison No. 9.
Two miners work with a cutting machine at Pursglove No. 15.
'This very coarse lumpy mine run coal is the result of proper shooting. The miner is paid on a tonnage basis for loading this coal into mine cars. He is required to watch his coal carefully as he loads it and see that no impurities become mixed with the coal.'
Miners drill two or more holes into coal to place the explosive charges.
Miner drilling a hole for explosives at the Bishop Mine, Pocahontas Fuel Co.
Two dogs harnessed to coal carts. About 1890, Ohio Coal Mine. This photograph is the property of Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co.
'Machine, helper and crew. 350 tons a day, per 8 hour shift.'
'Shuttle Cars: Here are pictured loaded and empty shuttle cars sometimes called buggies. Note the noveyor on the bottom of the empty car for unloading the coal at a central loading station, into the mine cars. This equipment is propelled by huge batteries or electric cable and of course requires no track. Track-mounted mechanical loaders load directly into the mine car.'
Miner with drilling machine at Jamison No. 9.
An 11BU loading machine and a Joy Shuttle car at Jamison No. 9.  Stonega Coke and Coal.
Miner running a continuous mining machine.
'All White Oak mines are electrically equipped and of course this mining machine is operated by electricity. The machine is mounted and transported on a specially designed truck and moves under its own power from one working place to another. It is taken from the truck by the machine operator and his helper and moved to the place of the coal and placed in cutting position as you see in this picture. The machine consists of an endless chain with bits inserted, which act as cutters. The machine cuts a kerf or hole along the bottom of the coal about 4 feet and extending back six feet under the coal. The fine coal made by this machine is what is commonly known as bug dust. Cutting machines are operated at night and each machine is capable of cutting twenty places on each shift. These machines are operated on tonnage basis and these operators earn high wages.'