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The woman in the white shirt is Playboy Magazine Playmate of the Month, Michelle Hamilton, Miss March 1968 in the ballroom of the new Mountainlair.  She was there in connection with a contest selecting a campus playmate.
Left is David C. Karlson, Director of Student Organtization Relations; Center, John Esposito, Right, Tom Tinder.
Russ Williams at a podium presenting to a roomful of attentive audience members. Some individuals' names are listed as follows: Jeri Degan, Sandy Buckley, Virginia Jackson and Rick Brown.
Female nursing students and educator.
'These are the doors nearest street by terrace.' Clark Hall is the chemistry building.
Students grouped around a table with texts in classroom with English teacher,since 1936, Mildred Woofter.
First Row (left to right): Dr. Paul Errington, unknown, unknown, Gerald Huffman, unknown, Dr. William Coleman, unknown, unknown, unknown.  Second Row (left to right): unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Harold Hartley, Dr. Charles Thomas, Hulrey Hudgins, Gerry Eddy, Bill Leach, unknown, Dr. Arnold Levine, unknown, Gerry Barnett  Third Row (left to right): Dr. Harvey Rexrode, Dr. Wade Temple, unknown, unknown,  Douglass Williamson, James Marsh, Dr. Frank Hoge, Dr. Pavlovic, Nick Nickson, Roy Stout, unknown remainder of row.
Joan Flowers third from right seated at the table.
A group portrait of a physics class (?) at WVU. The names correspond to the numbers on the photograph. 1. D.B. Williamson, 2. ? Arnett, 3. David Clase, 4. Doug Dickens, 5. Don Harmon, 6. Harry McKinney, 7. A.P. Arya, 8. Paul Marley, 9. Wilbur Kimbraugh, 10. unknown, 11. James Kelter, 12. Jim Smith, 13. Bill Wallace, 14. Nick Blaskavich, 15. C.D. Thomas, 16. Jackson Auvil, 17. Tom Pauls, 18. Gary Benninger, 19. Mike Palmer, 20. Lynn Walls, 21. Bill Vehse, 22. Roger Buzzard, 23. Carl A. Ratler, 24. Larry Stenger, 25. Larry Headley, 26. Dave Walker, 27. Jim Barb, 28. David Selone, 29. Jim Champion, 30. Lional Craddock, 31. ? Spiker
A group portrait of graduate students and instructors from the WVU Physics Department.
A group portrait of graduate students and instructors from the WVU Physics Department.
A group portrait of students and instructors of the WVU Physics Department.
Some are watching television.
Signs on the tree designate the Circular Trail and the Strausbaugh Trail.
A Group portrait of graduates and faculty of the physics department at West Virginia University taken at what appeared to be one of University classroom; Danny McDonald, Nick Nicholson, Bill Coleman, Paul Errington, Aubry Hudgins, Frank Hoge, Bill, Roger Mersing Boelschevy, Yu Hak Hann, Gerry Huffman, Phil Pennington, Wade Temple Gefferson Marsh, Danny Sullivan, Dr. Charles Thomas, Pro. Douglas Williamson, Pro. Rexroad, Dr. Rex Ford.  (Not all the individuals in the photo are named, nor it is clear that which individual in the photo is named).
Two men looking at a copy of the Daily Athenaeum.
Special training was offered in several fields at WVU to military and non-military personel during World War II, contributing to the war effort.
Dr. Brown, Dr. Muriel Brown, Winifred Jones, Elizabeth Roberts, Gladys McConkey, Frances Howard, Lorana Riley, June Rose Simmons, Helen Wolfe Bowman, Louise Roberts, Frances McIvor, Susan Hammer, Virginia Thomas, Elizabeth Morgan, Frances Lynch, unknown, Rosemary Willians, Virginia Bond, unknown, Ruth Withers, Madeline Shorter, Maria Kittle, Dorothy Moore, Ada Goff, Una Jarvis.
Two students working with a printing press.
West Virginia University School of Journalism students working with typewriters and teletype machine.
Three male students setting a printing press for the school paper, the Daily Athenaeum.
'Dr. Dodds in background. Per G. S. Dodds, 2-6-58.'
Stewart Hall was the library when this picture was taken.
From left to right, First Row at bottom: 1)May Ellison, 2)Laura Craig, 3) Hazel Kelly, 4)Unknown, 5)Annabelle Charleton, 6)Aloise Hensell, 7)Sponsor: Mrs. Collins, 8)Jessie Davis, 9)Pearl Michael, 10)Leola Wotring, 11)Lela Grace Conaway, 12) Jeanette Brown; Second Row: 13)Florenda Manendia, 14)Marion Ott, 15)Loretta Federer, 16)Vernita Anderson, 17)Marie Suitor, 18)Elizabeth Repert, 19)Elizabeth Lawrence, 20)Jessie Schnopp, 21)Agnes MacGrerroan, 22)Miriam Shultz; Third Row: 23)Jeanette MacGreffey, 24)Unknown, 25)Edith Jordan, 26)Medora Mason, 27) Jaunita Hensell, 28)Unknown, 29)Agnes Neidemeyer, 30)Martha Washington, 31)MacGorren, 32)Virginia Thacker, 33)Kate Montgomery; Fourth Row: M. Simpson, 35)Elizabeth Reacy, 36)Mary Eddy, 37)Lucie Trickett, 38)Alice MacGreffey, 39)Wertie Ruale, 40)Erma Belle.
'A class of 1919 before Annual brush with Sophs [Sept. 1915]; Sophs defeated on High Street in Front of Sigma Nu House so Frosh wore no freshman caps.'
'Students from West Virginia University who dropped their books for 2 days to work on a mile stretch of bad road in Monongalia County in connection with the Good Roads Movement. 1)Seated on ground- Roscoe Posten, C. P. 'Mike' Leatherwood, Mos Darst, Unknown, Williams, Unknown, Teter, 'Rabbit' Rahl, Fred Chenoweth. 2)Seated - Bob Hogg, Four Unknowns, Billekim Smith, Jack Hagan, Unknown, Stu Race (unsure), Unknown.3)Standing- next to last Lefty Barron, Rest Unknown.'
Print number 434.
Two students are named.  Linnie Vance is seated in the first row, third from the left, and Nell Steele (Ferris) of Philadelphia is seated in the first row, the first on the extreme right.
Seated on a chair, far left is Professor William P. Willey and his beloved pet, Bob.  Bob was also the Law College mascot and a favorite of the students. He attended Professor Willey's lectures and was described as "one of the boys".  See the 1911 Monticola, p. 83-86 for a memorial and Professor Wiley's eulogy he delivered in class after Bob's untimely death.
Postcard photograph of the West Virginia University Cadet Band in Morgantown, West Virginia.