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Men outside of the entrance to the mine at Fire Creek.
First overhead bridge. Z.W. Lafon, 711 N. Kana St. Z.W. Lafon last man on right, section foreman and assistant road master.
Vance, a 15 years old trapper boy, whose job it was to open and closed the door, allowing mine trains to enter and exit. Vance earned $1.60 a week.
Miner riding on tram with one car spraying something onto the land around the tram. Kanawha County Geological Survey.
Group portrait of miners with families at the anniversary picnic at Clark Coal and Coke Eagle Mine.
Three men construct wooden forms for a driveway in the Miner's Cemetery in Mt. Olive, Ill.
Three men build wooden forms for a driveway through the Miner's Cemetery in Mt. Olive, Illinois.
Men work on the fence at the Miner's Cemetery, Mt. Olive, Illinois.
Men work on a fence at the Union Miner's Cemetery.
Group portratit of 'Five miners who lived to tell the story'
Two miners drill holes prior to placing charges. 'Holes are bored at proper intervals for shooting.'
Two miners standing next to drilling machine.
Two men placing charges in an already drilled hole. Notice the preparatory cut on upper right hand side.
Two miners operate a cutting machine. 'Credit must be given to Willaim Vandivert, 21 East Tenth St., New York 3, N.Y., Not to be reproduced without written liscense.'
A very large cutting machine being operated by a miner. 'Credit must be given to William Vandivert, Not to be reproduced without written liscense.
Three miners hard at work as coal comes down a conveyor.  Copyright Photo by William Vandivert, 21 East Tenth Street, New York 3, N. Y.
Two men operating a loading machine.
Coal filled mine cars and miners at the Winding Gulf Collieries. Possibly Winding Gulf No. 4.
Miners locker room during a Consolidation Coal Co. Inspection trip.
Three miners watch a line of coal officials entering a room during a Consolidation Coal Co. Inspection trip.
Miners entering a room with other miners sitting on benches lining the walls during a Consolidation Coal Co. Inspection trip.
Miner talking with two coal officials during a Consolidation Coal Co. Inspection trip.
Coal official shaking hands with miners
Group of miners and coal officials outside of mine building during a Consolidation Coal Co. Inspection trip.
Miners leaving roofed man trip car at shifts end.
Caption on back reads, 'Making a cut in the coal face is this Mastodon of the machine age - an underground cutter.  Rubber tired for mobility, and mounting a 9-foot cutting blade armed with whirring steel bits, it can cut a full 360 degree arc.  This and similar machines give America's bituminous coal mines almost unlimited capacity for production.'
Men riding in coal cars along snow covered tracks to the Skelton mine during winter time.  Miner's homes and wood piles visible.
Two miners working to support the roof in the Itmann Coal Co. mine. <br /><br />
Two miners work with a cutting machine at Pursglove No. 15.
Miner in the process of placing charges into the coal seam at Bishop Mine.
Miner works with cutting machine at Jamison No. 9 mine.
Two men working on the loading machine.
Two men running a roof bolter in Jamison No. 9 mine.
Miners of the Zephyr Mine are gathered around a Christmas tree. The man standing on the right side of the tree with a hat and suit is Rush Meadows, a mining engineer and operator from Charleston, W. Va.
Miners of the Zephyr mine and their wives and children are gathered in front of a Christmas tree. Circled in the photograph is Rush Meadows, a mining engineer and operator from Charleston, W. Va.
Miners of the Zephyr mine hold on to their wrapped hams in front of a Christmas tree. Subjects unidentified.
Two men with equipment putting up bolts to support the mine roof.
Two men stand beside rail cars.  A cart a motor sits in  front of them.
Miners at work. 'Mountaineer Coal Co., Division of Consolidation Coal Co.'
Front Row 'Left to Right'; N.T. Berry, North Western-Hanna, R.C. Larsen,North Western-Hanna, J.J. Larsen, North Western-Hanna. Back Row 'Left to Right'; Robert O'Conner, North Western-Hanna, J.E. Fier, North Western-Hanna, G.M. Allis, North Western-Hanna, M.L. Zhan, North Western-Hanna, Alfred Christopherson, North Western-Hanna, Harry Turner, Superintendent, Loveridge Mine.
Men in suits with coveralls over top of them wearing hardhats and head lamps.
Group of miners in a safety class.
Two dogs harnessed to coal carts. About 1890, Ohio Coal Mine. This photograph is the property of Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co.
Miners sit and stand outside of the New River Coal Company Prudence No. 1 Mine located 4 miles from Thurmond, Fayette County, W. Va. '1906 or after.'
Line of cars filled with miners. Picture copied Feb. 1979 from Coal Age, Vol 9, 1916 Jan-June. From article "Raleigh Mining Institute, Department of Human Interest," June 3, 1916, issue, pix page 977, top.
'This very coarse lumpy mine run coal is the result of proper shooting. The miner is paid on a tonnage basis for loading this coal into mine cars. He is required to watch his coal carefully as he loads it and see that no impurities become mixed with the coal.'
Miner operating a loading machine outside of a mine.
Crowds gather to watch miners participate in Safety Day exercises.
Group portrait of the New River Coal Company band in uniform standing on steps.
Group of people with instruments. 'Many NRC towns had own orchestras.'
Miners in cars about to go down to the pit.  Photograph courtesy of the Farm Security Administration.
Miners drill two or more holes into coal to place the explosive charges.
Group Portrait of miners. Left: Dean Holland, Ernest Nesius (VP), Harry Hoflin (VP), Roman  Verhoalen (Dean of Extension), John Golay (Provost)
Plaque says 'The Resting Place of Real Union People.'
Men at work with loading machine and shuttle car. Probably Joy Machinery.
Miners on the K. G. J. & E. tunnel construction crew stand at the tunnel entrance between Mt. Hope and Pax, W. Va.
Miner running a continuous mining machine.
Two miners work with a machine to undercut coal.
Miner sitting in between posts that hold the roof of the mine up. 'Safety First is stressed in every possible way at White Oak mines.  Note the posts to protect this man at his labor.  He is waiting for another mine car so he can clean up his working place and make it ready for the mining machine crew who will cut it during the night, ready for him to work tomorrow.'
Photo from WVU College of Mineral and Energy Resources Scrapbook.
A photograph of two miners in a mine with a piece of equipment.
Possibly WVU faculty.
A photograph of coal miners working in a mine. 'Island Creek Coal Sales Co., Cincinnati, Ohio; The following cars of Pocahontas coal were shipped today for account of; 4-Point Pocahontas Coal'
A group of coal miners are gathered outside of the mining facilities likely somewhere in West Virginia or Pennsylvania. Subjects unidentified.
Miners light up cigarettes and sit on rail cars. Subjects unidentified.
Four unidentified men shovel coal.
Two unidentified men stand on the railway that leads into the mine entrance.
An unidentified coal miner leads the coal cart across the rails.
A group of coal miners sort through samples of coal. Subjects unidentified.
A coal miner at the Cedar Grove Collieries Inc. & Supply Co. mine observes as a loading boom drops coal between the rails into a hopper, which is carried by a conveyor to the river tipple and barges.
Two men stand outside of the building beside parked cars.
Cutting machine in operation at the Pocahontas Exhibition mine, Pocahontas Va. on the Norfolk and Western Railway. 'Permission is granted to reproduce this photograph only on condition that all reproduction shall bear the following credit line: Photograph by Norfolk and Western Railway.'