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A postcard of the Hatfield Family Cemetery located in Sarah Ann, West Virginia. Also includes photo of "Devil Anse" Hatfield on his horse Fred.
A postcard of the "Devil Anse" Hatfield cemetery monument.
A postcard of the "Devil Anse" Hatfield Monument between Logan and Williamson West Virginia.
Many of the pictured Hatfields are armed with various guns.
A picture of Rose McCoy, daughter of Randolph McCoy and lover of Johnse Hatfield.
A picture of Devil Anse Hatfield (left far back) Betty Caldwell, Madie, and unidentified individuals sitting in a swing set on a rock cliff.
Marion and Rosa Browning with their son Anse.
Elizabeth "Betty" Hatfield Caldwell (L) with her sister Rosa (R).
Tennyson "Tennis" Hatfield's first son by his wife Charlotte "Lottie" Hunter.
Tennyson "Tennis" Hatfield, Willis Hatfield, and Joe Hatfield.
Joe Hatfield (left) and an unidentified little girl.
Willis Hatfield with one of his son's acquaintances.
Cara Hatfield, the wife of Troy Hatfield.
Elias Hatfield and his mother, Levias "Levicy" Chafin-Hatfield.
Unidentified Hatfield family members.
Willis Hatfield and an unidentified individual.
"Devil Anse" Hatfield and his wife Levisa "Levicy" Chafin.
Individuals identified as Cara, Patty, Lake "Lakie" Maynor, and Alice, alongside some of their children.
A postcard picture of John Caldwell in Elias Hatfield's Saloon. A dog sits on the counter.
A group of men containing J.R. Caldwell, Bob Hunter,  Johnson ("Johnse") & Willis Hatfield.
Albert Sidney Hatfield was the Matewan Police Chief at the time of the "Matewan Massacre" in which he became a folk hero to the Tug Valley coal miners.
A postcard of Roseanna McCoy, the daughter of Randolph McCoy and lover of Johnse Hatfield.
A postcard of Willie "Devil Anse" Hatfield, leader of the Hatfield Clan during the Hatfield/ McCoy feud of the late 1800s.
Postcard of Weston State Hospital.