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The 31st Virginia Regiment, Confederate Army, included mostly soldiers from North-central Western Virginia (West Virginia).
Wagons and cannons parked at an encampment. Note the laundry hanging on a caisson in the foreground.
An illustrated portrait of Elmer Ellsworth, Colonel of a New York Zouave Unit in the Union Army. A favorite friend of the Lincoln family, Ellsworth was killed by a Southern sympathizer, May, 1861 in Alexandria, Virginia.
Portrait of George R. Boush of  Old Point Comfort, Va., a member of the Restored Government of Virginia's State Constitutional Convention held in Alexandria in 1864.
Bliss was head of one of the largest army hospitals for wounded Union soldiers during the Civil War.
Signed 'My dear Brooke. Very truly your friend, Virginius Newton. (Friends at University of Virginia Law School 1867-1869).'
Inscribed on back, 'This baby was named for my father---but no kin to him. A. B. Harold. He was St. George Brooke Tucker.'
Inscribed on back, 'Friend of St. George Tucker Brooke at University of Virginia Law School and Confederate Army.'
Inscribed on back, 'Friends of St. George Tucker Brooke. Taken while all were attending the University of Virginia Law School---and after all had been Confederate soldiers.'
Portrait of Mary Jackson from the George W. Jackson family photo album.
Portrait of Elizabeth Jackson from the George W. Jackson family photo album.
A portrait of French Ensor Chadwick about the time he graduated from the United States Naval Academy. Chadwick was subsequently promoted to Rear Admiral in 1904.
A portrait of Baby Evelyn Stanley, seven months and eight days old, from the Ellison-Dunlap families collection, Monroe County.
'Mrs. John L. Johnston; Died Feb. 1962'
'Pictures of "Aunt Beck" and her daughters Susan and "Little Hat." Until 1861 these were slaves of my Great Uncle Hiram Haymond, Esq.; Signed: Margaret Morrow; Aug. 24th/59'Contains a revenue stamp on the back of the image.Union Gallery, H.B. Hull, Photographer, Fairmont, W. Va.Research has shown that Rebecca 'Aunt Beck' and her daughters, Susan and Harriet, who was also known as Hattie and "Little Hat," had the last name of Wilson.  When Harriet married, her name became Harriet Wilson Whitley.  As a child she was called Hattie and as an adult she became known as "Aunt Hat."
The dress and hair style were the fashion of the day during the 1860's. the young woman is not identified.
The style of the dress and hair indicates this photograph was taken in the 1860's. The young woman is not identified.
B. D. Gibson, "Port", at age 21, weight 180 lbs.
John T. Gibson, born in 1851, a soldier of the Confederacy with Mosby. The latter said of him, "a brave - gallant child, whom I love."
"For W. Va. Div. U. C. V.'s, ... Genl. Robt White, Comdg. . . use return to General Geo. Moor-... Adjt. Genl. & Chief of Staff U. C. V.'s Common Street, New Orleans, La."
Portrait of the sister of Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson. The siblings became estranged after the Civil War broke out. Laura's large sleeve dress and pulled back hair were the fashion during the war.
Stark Arnold was the son of Jonathan and Laura Arnold and the nephew of Lt. General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, CSA. The back of the photograph has a tax stamp. This tax, passed by the United States Congress, was implemented in 1864 to 1866 to help finance the war.
William Payne served under JEB Stuart in Black Horse Cavalry Regiment during the Civil War. He attained the rank of Brigadier General in the Confederate Army, fighting in several major engagements such as the 1862 Peninsula Campaign, Gettysburg and the 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign. After the war Payne resume his law practice in Warrenton.
A carte de visite photograph of a woman holding a small child. There is a federal revenue stamp on the back of the photograph, indicating a tax had been paid on the image. This stamp tax was passed by Congress to pay for raising costs of the Civil War from 1864 to 1866.
Carte de visite of a well dressed George Deer.
The two men in this carte de visite, were also known as "Uncle Norman " and Uncle Din".
A carte de visite of a well dressed J. M. Young.
A carte de visite of a young woman wearing Civil War period fashion and hair style. There is also a revenue stamp on the back of the photograph with the date "July 24, 1866".
A carte de visite portrait of of a woman, probably a member of the Young or Perkins family of Charleston, West Virginia.

47. Aunt Ri

A carte de visite of three unidentified women dressed in Civil War era fashion and hair style.