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In the front row, from left to right, is Terrence Moorefield, Fred Brown, and Boyd Brown.In the second row, from left to right, is Christian Hetzel, George Griffith, Clemmer Peck, Mrs. Carrie B. Mahon (teacher), Reese Capeller, and Stanely Butler.In the back row, from left to right, is William Moorefield, Cecil Hinton, Julian Fredeking, Roy Mann, Oswald Blackwilder, Leo Ross, and Fred Flanagan.
Hinton's first brick school.
Pictured is Earl Meador, Ray Meador, Clarence Knight, U. G. Ryall, O. J. Bowlry, Ollie Hoover, Mann, Ray, Henry Ryalls, Emmett Pack, and Charlie Bishop.
From left to right: Harrison Gwinn (President), J. H. Jordan (Cashier), C. B. Mahon (Vice President), N. Read, Harvey Ewart, Judge Miller, Mr. Drumheller, and Mr. Brightwell.
Located on the corner of 3rd Avenue and Ballengee Street, a group of church members pose in front of the building and on the steps. The reverend at the time the picture was taken was Rev. Gates. Subjects unidentified.
The boat traveled on New River from Hinton to Bull Falls.Pictured from left to right, an unidentified boy, , Ernest Bond, Harriett Campbell Hall, Mrs. W. H. Gwinn, W. H. Gwinn, Mrs. S. W. Poore, S. W. Poore, Oliver Graham, Mattie Graham Humphrey, Charlie Poore, Jim Gwinn, and F. H. Jennings.
Football players sit along the bleachers for their team portrait. Subjects unidentified.
Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Gwinn sit in front of their standing sons and daughters.Mr. Gwinn was a native of Summers county who died suddenly at his home on August 17, 1934. Mrs. Gwinn died after long complications and ailments on June 30, 1937. The Gwinns were devout Catholics and survived by their children: Mrs. Frances Kincaid, of Hinton; Mrs. A. F. Campbell, of Raleigh; Mrs. J. L. Hurley, of Sandstone; J. A. Gwinn, of Sandstone; H. S. Gwinn, of Thurmond; E. W. Gwinn and George Gwinn.
The hog pictured weight 550 lbs. The butchers were L. A. Meadows, John Shumate, Henry Miller, and Alfred Ballard. The young boy is Hobart Shumate.
A group of unidentified persons pose in front of the awning that hovers over the running spring.
A group of unidentified persons gather around the originator spring home.
In the front is Bill Boyd; Don Maddy; Charlie Bill Bailey; Glen Richardson; and Elmer Schaffer. In the back is Reggie Harris; Jim Nelson; Alvin Garten; and Tommy Thompson.
The foreman stratling the rail is C. E. Long. Track workers Jim Adams is at the far left. "M. J." is inscribed on the photograph above the cluster of workers. The rest of the men pictured are unidentified.
Pictured is Silas and M. J. Hinton withe their children Arthur, Blanch, Howard, Grace, Ethel, Carl, Gladys, and Lucile. Grace was the first baby born in Hinton. Arthuer was the first burial at Hilltop Cemetery.
The unidentified family members gather for a family portrait.
Robert Neely is likely the young man to the far left holding the whiskey bottle. R. P. Neely is the baby sitting in the center of the photograph.
Professor Keadle, the middle age, older gentleman standing in the center of the photo, poses with family members and attendees of an exercise on the New River. Keadle was a locally noted school teacher int he New River Valley during the turn of the century.On the right hand side of the photo is the corner of the school building.
Professor Keadle poses with his students. Keadle was a locally noted school teacher in the Forest Hill District during the turn of the century.Sitting to the left of Keadle is Frank Bradberry. In the back row on the far left is Reverend Wesley McKinney. Sitting on the farthest right is Ernest Allen.
Pictured is Henrietta Sheller Ellison, Winnie Roles, Ora Ferrell Allen, Miss Selfomridge, Goldie Light, Celia Ferrell Cavandish, Blanche Meadows Bartgis, Fannie Lowery, Frank Crawford, Em Ryan, Nian Garten, Oakley Hutchison, Miss Early, Maura Hutchison, Mr. Clark, Cardie Ferrell, Hester Michael Akers, Blanhce M. Shumate, Ernest Allen, Fay Long Mann, Emmett Hutchison, Miss Clark, Professor J. E. Keadle and the Carden boy.
Keadle, standing in the far back, poses with his classmates. Keadle was a locally known instructor during the turn of the century in the Forest Hill District.
Keadle poses with his students. In the first row, third from the left, is Bessie Bolton. Third row, first on the left is Ryan Keadle. Sitting to the direct right of Professor Keadle is Frank Clark. In the third row, second from the left, is Daisy Dillon. In the third row, sixth from the left, is L. McIntire. In the back row, third from the left, is P. Bradberry. On the farthest right in the back row is Isaac McKinney.
Professor Keadle poses with his students beneath a tree.
Portraits of the family that was displaced by the Bluestone Reservoir Dam Project.From left to right is Virginia "Jenny" Harvey, Lennie Harvey Keatley, Mat Harvey, Jim Harvey, and Sallie Harvey.Harvey Falls lies within the Forest Hill District.
Professor Keadle is the older gentleman on the far left.In the first row, third from the left, is Laura Pauley.Emma Ryan is pictured standing, fourth from left in the second row.In the third row, fourth from left, is Wesley McKinney.Other subjects unidentified.
Group portrait of the faculty for the 1905-1906 school year.Pictured is Kate Whitman, Lila Loring, Fred Lilly, Johnnie riffe, Miss Elana Carler, Alic Corker, Miss Alice Burke, superintendent Jeb Bush, Mame Noel, Jenie Miller, Anne Gose, Ann Humphron (?), Ethel Curry, Mattie McCartney, Mrs. May Walker, Mr. Curri, Mr. Ball, Mr. Mattics, Jeannie Lind Hobbes, and Florence Smith.
Pictured is: 1. G. D. Elmore; 2. F. M. Gallagher; 3. S. B. Hamer; 4. W. F. Echols; 5. O. D. Bobbett; 6. T. Jackson; 7. L. M. Woolwine; 8. E. L. Nichell; 9. R. H. Smith; T. T. Huddleston; G. Cowhard; 12. J. F. Smith; 13. D. H. Meredith; 14. D. H. Hardy; 15. J. G. Bond; 16. E. R. Earley; 17. W. F. McFadden; 18. B. S. Smith; 19. J. W. Goodwin; 20. W. B. Strickler; 21. T. H. Boley; 22. J. R. Hardy; 23. J. M. Carter; 24. R. B. Huddleston; 25. Wm. Humphries; 26. James Hess; 27. A. A. Riddleberger; 28. C. L. Bugg; 29. J. L. Craven; 30. H. J. Reece; 31. S. R. Faulconer; 32. C. C. Brown; 33. F. A. Perkins; 34. W. S. Blankenship; 35. L. W. Hill; 36. F. L. Cox; 37. C. V. Pollock; 38. P. C. Courtney; 39. C. Farley; 40. G. Wood; 41. L. J. Payne; 42. E. J. Barger; 43. S. T. Hamilton; 44. J. J. Clifford; 45. J. C. Chambers.
Students and faculty pose outside of the schoolhouse for a class photo. The arrow drawn on the card is pointing to Mary Gwinn. Other subjects unidentified.
A photo from a photograph album of late nineteenth century images featuring residents from Keyser, W. Va. One of the women is identified as "Katherine," though it is unclear which one.
The photo of Lauck is from a photograph album of late nineteenth century images featuring residents from Keyser, W. Va.
The photo of Mrs. Johnson taken in Cumberland, Md. is from a photograph album of late nineteenth century images featuring residents from Keyser, W. Va.
Samuel F. Harsh is pictured sitting down beside his wife, Louisa, who is holding baby Goldie Claire. Standing in the background is William and Alice Kidwell.Harsh was a home guard at Phillippi, W. Va. during the Civil War and owned a Blacksmith shop. He and his wife moved to Davis around 1890.J. William Kidwell worked for Babcock Lumber Co. and Blackwater Coal Co.