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Photo features snow covered Morgantown, with the Westover Bridge in background.  The intersection of University Avenue and Willey Street is at the foreground.
A view looking up a busy University Avenue in the Sunnyside neighborhood.
A view of the old Anderson home, located on University Avenue in Star City.
A group of boys pose outside of Shorty Anderson's Auto Laundry. Text on back reads, "University Ave. Zackquill Morgan home on the right."
A view of the Beverly Avenue Viaduct, also known as the Falling Run Bridge, looking toward the WVU campus. Beverly Avenue is now known as University Avenue.
Photograph of four Cadet Band members on the steps of Purinton House, which was then home to the university president.  Pictured are, left to right, Herbert Lynn McLaughlin, Edgar Frank Heiskell, O. D. Gill, and M. H. Thorn.
Fordice-Pierce House, University Avenue, Morgantown, W. Va., built in 1885.From the thesis of "The Influences of Nineteenth Century Architectural Styles on Morgantown Homes," call number NA7125.P481965.
Coleman-Jeffries house on the corner of University Avenue and First Street, Morgantown, W. Va.  Built in the American Gothic style, ca. 1885.From the thesis of "The Influences of Nineteenth Century Architectural Styles on Morgantown Homes," call number NA7125.P481965.
Clark Hall was the Chemistry Building located on the corner of University Ave. and Prospect St. To the right of the building and out of view is now the location of the Downtown Campus Library.
A group of unidentified men stand in a field that will become the Hall of Chemistry. In the background is the Purinton House.
View looking at University Avenue. In the background, Colson Hall (left) and Elizabeth Moore Hall (right) are pictured.
Cars drive past the construction.
This is a photograph of University Avenue near Dorsey's Knob overlooking Morgantown West Virginia.
Gulf Refining Company Station located on the corner of University Avenue and Fayette Street. The homestead of Morgantown founder, Zackquill Morgan was located on this site.
Front Street is now University Avenue. Stewart Hall on the West Virginia University campus is in the background.
Note the brick paved road and the tracks for the street cars. Front Street is now University Avenue.
The corner business displays multiple advertisements. Front Street is now University Ave.
This shop was located on the corner of Front and Walnut Streets.
Now University Avenue, In front of library (Stewart Hall.)
Looking N.W. on University Avenue to corner of same and Moore Street - Showing frontage of Lepera property
Looking N.W. on University Avenue - Showing frontage of Hennen property and B.&O. lot to Lepera property.
Looking N.W. - University Avenue and Garrett Street - Showing B.&O. and Hennen properties.
Looking S.W. Garrett Street to University Avenue & Foundry Street - Showing frontage of Hennen and B.&O. Properties on Garrett Street.
' "Wood's house" of two horse drawn wagons, each pulling a man, a boy and furniture on Pleasant Street and University Ave in Morgantown, W. Va.
Home of Walter A. Mestrezat, first WVU band director, his home was located on University Ave in Morgantown, W. Va.
Located on Grumbein Island near Commencement Hall in 1951.
'Familiar scene at end of ASTP and Air Corps training cycles. This group of ASTP trainees was part of 500 men who departed 30 March 1944.'  The Army Specialized Training Program was implemented at several universities throughout the country during World War II.
A campus scene of West Virginia University.
Promotional piece and photograph.
Looking towards WVU campus.
Commencement Hall, Stewart Hall on the left, Purinton House on the right.
Located on the corner of University and Grant Avenue.
Students exit from chapel in Reynolds Hall; it is taken from the porch of Agricultural Experiment Station.
From left, Martin Hall, Science Hall (Chitwood Hall) and Agricultural Experiment Station; this picture is taken from the present site of Grumbein's Island. Note the trolley tracks in the foreground.
A corner of Commencement Hall, Administration Building, Chemistry and Law School, possibly taken from Martin Hall.
Note the trolley tracks leading onto University Avenue.
Information on the back of the photograph: 'Reynolds Hall before completion from Commencement Hall.' After remodeling Commencement Hall, the building was rededicated as Reynolds Hall for Powell Benton Reynolds, professor, chaplain, vice president and twice acting president of the University.
Anti-draft march from Mountainlair to the Courthouse square.
Boxing champion Mohammed Ali walks down University Avenue with students.
A view of Memorial Plaza looking down south on University Avenue.  Mast belongs to battleship West Virginia which was sunk at Pearl Harbor.
A view of Stewart Hall when it was used as library.  Over the central archway 'LIBRARY' is engraved.  A hooded car is parked in front of the building on University Avenue.  The photo is taken across from the street on a fall day.
Members of Scabbard and Blade stand in a median across from Stewart Hall.
'Coeds seem to make the journey short"
The ROTC band and sponsors dressed in costume.
Students cross street in between classes. The Grumbein Island is the name for the median strip the students are walking across.
Winter scene on campus in front E. Moore Hall.
Now Stewart Hall.
'Campus of West Virginia University looking down University Avenue, then called Front Street, past the present location of Elizabeth Moore Hall. Note the sycamore tree to the right of center, which is only tree still standing. Beyond it he building is the old Millspaugh home, now site of the President's Home. Taken about 1890.'
The old Mountainlair is on the left and the "Writing Lab" or Olgebay Annex is on the right.
Oglebay Hall on right, Woodburn Circle in background.
'View of University grounds looking north from the Old Library. To the right is the Old Experiment Station, Science Hall in the middle, Martin Hall on the left.'
Buildings pictured are the Law Building, President's Home, and the library.
Buildings pictured are the experiment station, Administration, Martin Hall, and the corner of Science Hall.
President's house on left and E. Moore Hall on right.
View of Grumbein Island, and left to right: Cafeteria, Health Center, Reynolds Hall, Tower of Administration building, Law School, President's home, Experiment Station.
Left to right- Reynolds Hall, Administration, Law School, President's home
View of the end of Stadium Bridge, corner old Forestry Building on left, Mountainlair in middle.
Now location of Stewart Hall. Through the trees are buildings 'left to right': Martin Hall, Science Hall, and Experiment Station.
'Left to right: Cafeteria, Health Center, Reynolds Hall, Administration (old library).'
Caption: 'Footbridge where the Stadium Bridge (University Avenue) is now located.' This bridge, over Falling Run, connected the campus to Sunnyside.
After 1957. WVU campus buildings from left to right, Agricultural Experiment Station, North Wing of Terrace (Dadisman) Hall under construction, Women's (Stalnaker)Hall, Cafeteria, Student Health Center.
Experiment Station is the building at the "Y" intersection of University and College Ave.