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An aerial view of Summers County.
An aerial view of Summers County. Farms with houses, barns, and fields with cattle and horses.
An aerial view of Summers County.
An aerial view of Summers County.
Aerial view of the camp grounds.
Greenbrier River pictured in the background. The photo was taken between Alderson and the camp.
Greenbrier River pictured in the background. The photo was taken between Alderson and the camp.
A row of logs are placed in front of what looks like a stage in the woods.
Logs are positioned in a circle for campfire gatherings.
Overlooking the camp grounds near Hinton, W. Va.
The unidentified men of the Civilians Conservation Corps pose by the swimming hole off the banks of New River.
View from the side of the mountain overlooks the town and river.
Scene from the mountain.
Looking down the dirt road that cuts between the forest.
Overlooking the grounds located in Forest Hill District. Cows pictured within a fenced plot.
After a long dry summer, drizzling rains dominated the Potomac Highland region for days. By November 4, a severe storm wreaked havoc as the already dampened soils could no longer receive the excessive rains. The waters extended through Avis to Pence Springs near the Hinton, W. Va.Summers, Greenbrier, Mineral, Hampshire, Grant, Hardy, Pendleton, and Tucker counties were all affected by high water and flooding, as well.
A United States National Guard truck attempts to make its way across the flooded Greenbrier Drive as a young boy and man watch from their home above. Subjects unidentified.
Flood waters surge toward the truck as it attempts to make its way across the road.
Hechler campaigning for governor on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Temple Street. A crowd surrounds him as he speaks.
The hog pictured weight 550 lbs. The butchers were L. A. Meadows, John Shumate, Henry Miller, and Alfred Ballard. The young boy is Hobart Shumate.
Then senator Kennedy campaigning in the presidential election in 1960 against Richard Nixon. Kennedy's speeches reflected a strong awareness of a significant decline in coal-mining jobs. The coal miner to his left is unidentified.
Davis, from Clarksburg, W. Va., is pictured front and center standing on a train car and addressing the large crowd gathered before him. On the far left, also on the train with Davis, is James Rushford. Remaining subjects are unidentified.
Rozelda with father, Oral Meador, holding instruments.
The crew on board is Phil Grove (engineer), Ralph "Gabe" Bostic (brakeman) and Clarence Mason (fireman). The train passed the bridge at approximately 12:25 p.m. that day.
Marching band members make their way down the street from Second Avenue to First Avenue.
Joyce Bragg Jarrell's family and friends carry the casket to the grave site.
Seventy-five year-old Burdette, the 1912 Olympic Rifle Champion of Sandstone, W. Va. is honored by the governor with the Distinguished Service Medal of West Virginia, the stat'es highest military honor, after compiling an "outstanding military record."
A group of unidentified soldiers march down the brick road.
Right to left is speaker Cleve Haynes; Governor Clarence Meadows (speaking); Admiral Nimitz; Earl Helems; Carl Hinton; Elizabeth Key; unidentified; and Miller Murrell, who is 4 years-old in this photograph.
Two men, a woman and a child stand outside the large tent set up for movie watching. Subjects unidentified.
The foreman stratling the rail is C. E. Long. Track workers Jim Adams is at the far left. "M. J." is inscribed on the photograph above the cluster of workers. The rest of the men pictured are unidentified.
Agents from the U. S. Treasury Department, also known as "revenooers", pose around an illegal distillery.
Revenuers, also known as "revenooers", inspect the illegal distillery located in the middle of the woods.
A crowd of men in uniform gather around the passenger train and load their luggage.
A group of men crowd the passenger train at Hinton Station while loading their luggage.
A group of men gather outside a tent where a man supposedly eats live snakes. View looking down from Temple Street toward Summers Street.
Four boys in their Boy Scout uniforms lead their troop down the street. Subjects unidentified.
A man, who is likely a member of the Shumate family, poses on top of a log that is ready to be hauled off by two horses.
The Murrells are pictured somewhere in Summers County on a hammock resting between trees. In the background, multiple horse-drawn carriages are pictured.
Bob Murrell, his wife and dogs are pictured beside a waterfall in an unknown location within Summers County.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murrell, accompanied with an unidentified associate, pose beside the waterfall on a bed of rocks.
Bob Murrell busies himself by placing sticks into the water while his wife, seated on the right, watches.
The church was organized in 1798.  The church is the oldest organization in the county.
The church was organized in 1852.
A young, unidentified boy floats in a tube in what is also known as Greenbrier Springs. The springs are located along the Greenbrier River.
A young woman holds her son up in the water. Barger Springs, also known as Greenbrier Springs, is located along the Greenbrier River.
A boy and girl share an inner tube while floating in the waters, also known as Greenbrier Springs, which is located off of the Greenbrier River. Subjects unidentified.
From left to right: Shirley Jeanne Farley, Margie Lois Farley, and Annette Sue Farley. Farm located on Bal Noble Road, Summers County, W. Va.