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'This view is taken somehwhat to the right of the preceding one. Upon the advice of our landscape artist, the small tree in the center has been moved. Snow ball bushes are seen at the left. A sugar maple at extremem left. Notice the attractive shrubbery close to the house.'
'The port-cochere is completely hidden by two graceful, little sugar maples which are in line in this picture. On the right is a large sugar maple. In the group on the left are white birch, Spruce, red-bud and poplar. This picture shows the charming view one has from the breakfast room, indicated by white bay-windows.'
'This picture is taken to the left and closer to the house than that on the page opposite. Owing to defects in the negative, the tops of the trees do not show. Thier graceful contour is shown in the picture opposite. At the left is the rear porch, leading to the kitchen.'
'This is the view one gets of the house as one walks up from the lily pond. The large elm on the left is one of a group of four trees of this species. Scarcely distinguishable and seemingly under it is a European liden. In the foreground on the right is a spruce. The shubbery hides the gravel walk from the road to the house. As one enters the main hall from the verandah, on the right is the library, on the left the drawingroom. Facing this way, on the floor above, are two large bedrooms with a bath between. The house is roomy and comfortable, in every sense a home. It has been well kept up.'
'This is the Point Breeze Gate. Down to the right (this side the hedge) runs the road to Wheeling,  through the farm and past the barns. The tracks of the street car line from Wellsburg to Bethany are seen in the foreground. This side the tracks is the virtified brick road, a state highway between the two places.'
View of the Point Breeze pond, where the water lilies grow, in Bethany.
'This is a tennant house with barns on the left used for housing machinery and hogs. The trees faintly seen in the background are in large part Point Breeze woods across Buffalo creek. The road is the one to Wheeling. The picture is taken from the cow barn.'
'Three of the buildings near the house. Discernable through the trees at the right is the gable of what is called a lodge. It is built of brick, two stories and basement of one upper room each. The upper floor is used as a servants' quarters. The main floor is now used as a storeroom. In the basement is located the Delco electric light plant. The brick building in the center is the smoke house. To the left is a frame structure which has been used as a dwelling by the care-taker. It has running water in it. The ribbon of road leads to the garage off the left.'
'The Point Breeze tractor at work with a binder in a bottomland wheat field -- and the wheat sold for $2.12 a bushel!'
'This is the Point Breeze horse barn. The ground slopes away, and there are additional stalls above ground in the rear, not used now becasue so much farm works is done by the tractor. The water trough at the corner is supplied by the farm's water system from never-failing springs.'
'As in the case of the horse barn, the cow barn opposite is deceptive as to its size. The ground falls away, and the cows enter thier concrete-floored, modern stable at either side. Forty cows are now comfortably housed there. The part of the barn seen in the picture is devoted to the storing of hay and machinery. On the left is the big concrete silo. A small structure in line with the left corner of the barn is a shed in which milk cans are set out to air. The fence in the foreground separates the field from the road to wheeling. This picture was taken a few yards from the horse barn. The tenant house, already pictured, is about fifty yards to the left. The magnificent hills which form such a picturesque background do not show up in this picture.'
'Here is a July Scene. The ice house is filled with nine-inch ice from this pond.'
'The picture shows the lily pond and the well-wooded lawn, looking toward the house.'
'A smiling wheat field with Point Breeze woods beyond.'