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Gen. no. 134, neg. by W, No. 56. Saturday 5:30 P.M.
Gen. no. 127, neg. by D, No. 75. Saturday 2:10 P.M.
Gen. no. 129, neg. by D, No. 76. Plate maker I.C. Saturday 2:30 P.M.
Gen. no. 125, neg. by W, No. 51. Saturday about noon.
Gen. no. 126, neg. by W, No. 52. Saturday 1:30 P.M.
Gen. no. 133, neg. by D, No. 78. Saturday 5 P.M.
'128.53W.B; Town of Bolivar, and buildings of colored school; August 2, 1884, Saturday 2:20 pm.'
'D(86.) I.C. 148; August 5, 1884, Tuesday 10:40 am'
'149.W.(63); August 5, 1884, Tuesday 11:20 am'
'146.W.(61); August 4, 1884, Monday 5:50 pm'
'145.W.(60); August 4, 1884, Monday 5:45 pm'
Gen. no. 79, neg. by D, No. 136. Date 1884, August 2. Saturday 6 P.M.
Gen. no. 147, neg. by W, No. 62. Date 1884, August 4. Monday 6 P.M.
Gen. no. 144, neg. by D, No. 85. Plate maker I.C., Date 1884, August 4. Monday 5:30 P.M. Cloudy.
'142(83)D; August 4, 1884, 4 pm, Monday (sun)'
'122(73)D. I.C.; Aug. 2, 1884, Saturday 10 a.m. cloudy; Halltown a few miles S.W. from Harpers Ferry. Looking N.E. toward Harpers Ferry. The town of Loudon Heights can be just made out. Halltown is only a cluster of a few houses, a RR station, factory and a store. In the village we passed a pretty pond which would have made a good picture, but we hurried through on account of the proximity of the R.R. The building with the cupola is a school house.'
'121 D.(72) I.C. 121; Aug. 1, 1884, Friday 6-20 p.m.; Half mile out of Charles Town. Looking N.E. towards Harpers Ferry. Maryland Heights are on the left of the gap and Loudoun Heights on the right. Through the gap on the N. side can be seen the South Mt. The nearer ridge under Maryland Heights is Bolivar Heights and the still nearer ridge extending across the whole picture is Halltown Heights and was the fortified line chosen by Sheridan when he took command in '64. On the extreme right lie the farms through which we wandered in lanes and field in search of hay, finally camping 1/2 mile or more away from the pike.'
'143; 84D; August 4, 1884, Monday 4:20 pm.'