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Bluestone River view from the Bluestone Bridge in Summers County.
Distant view of the Bluestone dam in Summers County.
Sideview of the Bluestone Dam in Summers County.
Bluestone Dam during the construction period in Summers County.
The Charlton Memorial Bridge towers 246 feet over the Bluestone Gorge.  This photo was copyrighted in 1955 by Harlow Warren of Beckley.
'Bluestone Bridge spanning Bluestone River. It is said to be the highest bridge in the world of its type of construction.'
'This photo shows what would happen if the Bluestone River went dry.'
'Long view at mile 69.9 looking downstream north northwest across Allegheny plateau.  Bluestone River enters from left near center of picture.'
A group of unidentified workers from the Civilian Conservation Corps pose on the ferry which was built to cross New River to save workers the hassle of having to drive to Hinton and cross the river at the old toll bridge. The ferry then took the men up the Bluestone River where "the clearing of right of way was started", according tot he photo caption.
Two unidentified men take each handle of a saw and cut through wood. The farm is located by the mouth of Bluestone River.
Meador as a toddler stands by a large plant.
Foy and Luther Meador, left and center, are pictured with friend Johnny Cooper, right. The boys are photographed near True, W. Va.
Young holds a child to one side. The two are pictured in a field.
Looking at the construction site on the Bluestone River from the hillside.
Looking at the snow-covered site from across the river.
Cranes lift equipment as the construction is under way over the Bluestone River.
Aerial view of the town. Bluetone River and dam pictured to the right.
Digging and preparing for the construction site of the dam over the Bluestone River.
Photographed during the West Virginia Water Festival. A surge of water shoots up from the water.
Large supporting structures tower over a smaller bridge connecting a dirt road.
Unidentified people fish beside the dam which looks west.
Building the dam over the Bluestone River.
The waters flow through the Bluestone Dam.
Rocks scatter across the shallow water way in front of the dam.
Cranes are positioned at the bottom of the construction site. Houses can be seen in the background.
Houses and buildings are positioned along the shallow river drained by the dam.
An unidentified couple sits on a bench observing the rushing waters and rapids surging through the dam.
Water from the Bluestone River comes surging through the dam structure.
Lights scattered across the construction site illuminate the equipment and Bluestone River water below.
View overlooking the town and Bluestone River.
The river and dam construction seen in the distance.
An unidentified man sits along the beam supporting the pump.
The bridge was formerly known as "Bluestone High Bridge" before its name was changed to what it is today. The structure stands tall over the river.
The bridge's name was later changed to "Lilly Bridge".
Parts of the bridge are pictured in the Bluestone River waters below.
The tall support structure is covered by construction beams.
The unidentified man poses beside a car on top of the newly completed bridge over the mouth of the Bluestone River.
A group of unidentified men stand beside the construction equipment at the site of the bridge to go over the mouth of the Bluestone River.
A crane and other construction equipment surrounds the construction site. The bridge looks at Larkin Meador farm, pictured to the left, and up Pipestem Creek.
The unidentified men stand at the site located above the mouth of the Bluestone River.