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Cutting machine in operation at the Pocahontas Exhibition mine, Pocahontas Va. on the Norfolk and Western Railway. 'Permission is granted to reproduce this photograph only on condition that all reproduction shall bear the following credit line: Photograph by Norfolk and Western Railway.'
'The Gaston Gas Coal Company, Gaston Mine Plant. Located one half mile South of Hunsaker Bridge on West Fork River. Owned by James Otis Watson and successor to American Coal Company's mining plant, built in 1852 at the Baltimore  and Ohio Railroad Depot. This mine founded in 1875, closed in 1925. Picture shows 15 drop-bottom railroad cars called 'Hoppers.' These cars average 55 ton coal carrying capacity.'
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad cars pass under the preparation plant buildings.
People line the streets in front of the Matewan Hardware and Furniture Co. Inc. on Union Relief Day. 'Pix used on page 58 of book.'
Colo. Fuel and Iron Co. horse drawn cart with a coffin in the back. The cart is parked in front of the Majestic and Fisk Tires buildings.
Norfolk and Western coal car being loaded at a tipple.
View of Glen Jean Athletic Club building and nearby dentist's office. 'Near Treveys Studio. Trevey's negatives were stored in the attic of this building after he closed his studio. McKell Ballfield on left, famous for a type of softball called Letemhitit.  Insurance agency on right operated by James Long.  Railroad is the K. G. J. [and] E. (Kanawha, Glen Jean, and Eastern). Athletic building contained a pool room, bowling alley, etc.'
Men, women, and children standing in front of the H. Fisher and Co. Store.  Horse drawn carriages are also in front.
Family sitting in front of the Moravics and Co. building which also houses a general merchandise store.
Large building with the Ellis Drygoods Store, the Smart Clothing and Shoe Store, Dr. D.G. Smallridge Dentist office, the Sub-District Office No. 1 of Dist. 17 U. M. W. A., and the Mecca, J.P Payne Proprieter.
'Interior of Chesapeake [and] Ohio Railroad Freight Depot at Alderson W. Va. At extreme left, behind counter is the station agent T.L. Dameron and standing on extreme right is freight agent W.A. Hancock (who worked in the Alderson station for fifty years. He was a deaf-mute.)'
'Identification given in scrabook - Arthurdale Cabin. [Archives and Manuscripts] 1646 Neg. [and] print. Restored log house on Arthur Farm.'
View of Webb and Neal Funeral Home in Beckley, West Virginia. R. H. Neal, manager.
Interior of Ashworth Home and Auto Supply, a Firestone Store, 211 Price Street, Beckley, West Virginia.
"W. Va. Indus. [and] Pub. Comm."
Portrait of C.E. Silling, whose C.E. Silling and Associates designed the West Virginia Science and Culture Center.
Model of a country store in the State Museum of the Science and Culture Center in W.V.  "Want to find some Dr. LeGear's Hog Prescription?  Or simply reminisce?  The I.P. Russell [and] Sons Country Store in the State Museum of the Science and Culture Center will offer that oppurtunity.  It's a replica of the old-time West Virginia country store, well-researched and assembled by the students of Robert B. Connor, Associate Professor of Marketing at West Virginia University."
Elkins National Bank and the local 5 and 10 Store, in Elkins, West Virginia.
"Grafton: Junction of Baltimore [and] Ohio with Northwestern Virginia Railroad. 279 miles from Baltimore. The Road to Wheeling is seen in the foreground, while the Road to Parker-burg crosses the Tygart's Valley River by the new Iron Bridge. The Road Workshops and the new Hotel are seen in the forks."
View of trolley car 103 of the Fairmont and Mannington R.R. Co. in Fairmont, West Virginia.
View of trolley car 103 of the Fairmont and Mannington R.R. Co., in Fairmont, West Virginia.
View of trolley car 236 of F. and C.T. Co., Fairmont, West Virginia.
Outside view of The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. Grocery Store in Grafton, W. Va.  Two men standing in front of the entrances.
Several Baltimore and Ohio Coal Cars on driving on railroad tracks at an unidentified coal mining community near Grafton, West Virginia.
Postcard of a house "Uncle Frank [and] Aunt Jenni Wolfe's Home" in Reedsville, W. Va. with a 1909 Buick belonging to W. R. Loar parked in front.
Three Baltimore and Ohio workers standing in front of a B and O train engine, Grafton, W. Va.
Men are standing in front of the News Depot Confectionery and Stationery Store in Grafton, West Virginia.
Engraving of Harpers Ferry by moonlight.  Entered according to Act of Congress A.D. 1874 by D. Appleton and Coin the Office of the Librarian of Congress, Washington.
B. and O. Tunnel going under Maryland Heights in Harpers Ferry, W. Va.
"Pub. by Louis Kaufmann [and] Sons, Baltimore, MD"
'Amusements--Dancing in a large dance hall, overhanging the cliffs below.  Tennis, bass fishing, horseback riding, hiking and motoring over good roads to nearby places of interest.  Among these are Antitam battlefield, 15 miles; Charles Town, 8 miles, where John Brown was tried and hung; South Mountain 'the Geo. Alfred Townsend Arch', 10 miles; Frederick, the home of Francis Scott Key and Barbara Frietchie, 19 miles; Braddock Heights, 24 miles; Winchester, 30 miles; Endless Caverns, Luray Caverns and Gettysburg, from 50 to 70 miles. Railroad--On the main line of the B. and O.  There are numerous through trains a day for Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York; also for Chicago, Cincinnati and St. Louis.  Fifty-six miles from Washington, our nearest large city. T. S. Lovett, Proprietor.'
Interior of the C. and O. Machine Shops in Huntington, West Virginia.
Several automobiles are parked in front of the C and O Railroad Depot in Huntington, West Virginia.
'Burning of old Hotel Adelphi, S. E. corner of 6th Ave. and 9th St. Water Supply failed and no water to fight the fire.'
Men stand outside storefront. 'West side of 10th St. between 6th and 7th Avenues.'
'Showing Fourth Avenue from Eleventh to Twelfth Street.' 'From the Offices of F. S. and C. A. Loar, First National Bank Building, Huntington, W. Va.'
Built by Jackson  and Sharp in 1901. Car seated 28 passengers. Later became part of the Ohio Valley Electric R.R.
'Fire Department on parade, in front of old city hall, 9th St. between 4th and 5th Ave., where Deardorf Sisler store was located.'
'Greenbrier County's Second Courthouse erected in 1820. Was D. J. Ford and Son's Store from 1837 until the great fire.'
'Erected in 1820. Was D. J. Ford and Son's Store from 1837 until the great fire.'
J.A. Flanagan, C. H. Kidwiler, and S.E. Giffin are honored for their safety record during the 50th Anniversary, Friday, July 7, 1950, Standard Lime and Stone Co., in Bakerton, West Virginia.
Seven Baltimore and Ohio Train Workers stand in front of a railroad car.
Bountiful Ridge and Nurseries Princess Anne, Maryland display at the Apple Blossom Festival in Martinsburg, West Virginia.
'For latest styles in men's shoes, hats, caps and furnishings go to Steinbeck and Goe, Second Street, near bridge, Weston, W. Va.  Ladies', Misses' and children's shoes and hosiery a specialty.  Sole agents for the Dolly Madison shoe for women and the Crossett shoe for men.  'The better the grade the bigger the trade.''
'Dr. Fielding Yost and wife Malanda Ann Yost lived in this house in Morgantown, W. Va.  This is on Main St.  They put three sons through college to be Dr.'s.  Copied from back of picture owned by Lewis Stemple, loaned to Dr. Core for Copying - written Mar. 1978; Is this on the west side of High Street or corner of Wall Street?  Marion Tapp thinks it is the Franks Home, S. W. corner of Fayette St. and University Ave.  She lived near there as a child.  A double home is on the site of the Morgantown plat of 1921.'
On S. E. Corner of Spruce and Pleasant Street.