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Rainelle, W. Va.
Logging crew posing on locomotive.
Photograp taken above the shops, Dynamite house in the background.
Group Portrait of Large Lumbering Crew in Woods.
L. to R.: Leonard Long, Charles Queen, Kenneth Caplinger, Walter "Pop" Good, Robert Cassell, Percy F. "Bus" Long (Wheeling), Ivan Clarkson, Clyde Galford, Kyle "Catty" Neighbors; Cass, W. Va.
Train at Cass Yard, Cass, WV; Ivan Clarkson Collection.
Locomotive engine on tracks. Cass Scenic R.R. Cass, W.V.
Locomotive engine with conductors. Cass Scenic R.R. Cass, WV; Artie Bailey in the door; "Doc" Carlson at the throttle.
Lima 2563/1912 at Shaw, WV for Deep Run Coal Company. (To be flooded over by waters of the Bloominton Dam on the Potomac River now being built by the Army Corps of Engineers.  10/21/71)<br /><br />
Shay Locomotive No. 8 at Water Tank in Spruce, W.V.
Photograph of painting by R. Sparks.
Birch Valley Lumber Co. Train. P.E. Percy, Lima Locomotive Works; CO 359 = Shop #3189 (12 22)
Shay No.1 in the Shop at Cass, WV; Phillip V. Bagdon, 7918 New Orleans Dr., Alexandria, VA 22308.
Ivan Clarkson standing next to train engine. Sunday afternoon; Ivan Clarkson Collection.
Cass, WV; Philip V. Bagdon, 7918 New Orleans Drive, Alexandria, VA 22308.
Fireman boarding train. Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, WV; Richard Carter, N. Whitehall Road, Norristown, R.D. 3, P.A.
Shay trains on tracks. Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, WV; John P. Killoran, Promotion Office, WV State Parks, Charleston, WV 25305.
Shay No. 5 on tracks in the forest. Cheat Mountain; Cass, W.V.
Shay No. 4 pushing passenger cart up a hill. Cass Scenic R.R.; Cass, W.V.
"Doc" Hannah on first speeder; Blackhurst; Long before cycling grew to widespread popularity, company officials and doctors used 'speeders' in conducting business.  They were also handy means of seeing the wonderful mountain scenery on Cheat Mountain. Hannah, Va.
GC and E Leatherwood Creek branch; front:  Adam J. Hamrick; rear: Judd Wolfram, Webster Co. Extension Agent; note wall built to support railroad; note, also, sway in tracks just to rear of speeders.
Cass, W.V.; Harry Sturm (Upshur County Extension Agent) and Judd Wolfram (Webster County Extension Agent); boys not identified; Gordon Hamrick.
Train moving along tracks.
Derelict locomotives at Cass Yard, Cass, W.V.
Engine hauling cars on the Cass Scenic Railroad.
Possibly Herb Shafer in cabin doorway; from collection of Phillip Bagdon 7918 New Orleans Drive Alexandria VA  22308
From Austin J. Sharpe, Huntersville, W.V., Cheat Mt., Spruce, W.Va., Pocahontas, County, W.Va.; Camp operated by the Spruce Lumber Co., Cass, W.Va.
From Marshall Blizzard, Bayard, WV
From Marshall Blizzard, Bayard, W. Va.
From Austin J. Sharpe, Huntersville, W.Va. Hambleton, Randolph County, W.Va.
From Austin J. Sharp, Huntersville, W.Va. "Made on Little River, which is near Bartow, and is commonly known as the east prong of Greenbrier River all of which lays in Pocahontas County, W.Va."
Portrait of Lumber Workers on and beside a train. On Train-L-R 1.- 2.- On Ground-L-R 1. Ernest C. Sine 2.- 3.-; O. Homer Floyd Fansler, Hendricks, W.Va.
Portrait of two men in the forest with a horse pulling their cart along tracks.
From Austin J. Sharp, Huntersville, W.Va. May, Pocahontas County, W.Va.
Cut trees in a forest.
The 'Lucy Belle' named after the engineer's girl.  On Hill's Creek near Lobelia, Pocahontas Co., WV.
The wood of blight killed chestnut if used within five years is suitable for ties or lumber.  Narrow and standard guage railroads constitute the farmers market for his tie timber.
Collapsed bridge and wreck of train box cars.
Heavily logged area near train tracks.
Men working on wrecked train.
Group portrait of men sitting on a wooden bench.<br />
Group of men pose at their camp site. None are identified.
Greenbrier River, Near Ronceverte, St. Lawrence Boom and Manufacturing Company, Greenbrier County.

47. Log Boom

Plant also planes, bores, squares ends of big timbers.
The light machinery used in milling allows the mobile portable mill to penetrate the heart of the stand.
The portable mill cuts lumber and ties and does custom sawing for farmers.
Picture of three men standing on a log.
Randolph County
Small, wooden structures flank a hillside.
Dobbin, West Virignia, Logging Mill.
Buildings with Silos' (Upper Right) are treatment facilities.  Silos hold treatment material.
Wooden buildings next to train tracks.
Group of people standing on the porch of the Meadow River Lumber Company Boarding House, Rainelle, W.V.
Mabie, Randolph County.
Part of Babcock Lumber and Boom Company,Davis, West Virginia.
Former Site of Logging Town of Three Forks of Williams River, Webster County.
John Raine walking beside logs.
Buildings of the Davis Pulp and Paper Company.
Spice Run Lumber Company.  Men and horses pull logs.
Men standing in front and on top of train wreckage.
Group portrait of men standing in front of a train.
Cass - Greenbrier Excursion. Cass, W.Va.
Twelve cars at end of switch back, 6% grade on Greenbrier and Elk Railroad, pulled by 95 ton Shay Locomotive.
Men walking past a wrecked train.
Picture of a Shay engine on its side and workers around it.  Duplicate KN 256
Train engine 2102 on a bridge.
Picture of Logs being loaded onto a train cargo cart.
Shay No. 6 engine on tracks.  Published by C.E. Armstrong.
Cass Mill in Backround (6 Stacks).
Machinery and tools inside railroad repair shop.
Early stage of mill construction.
Four men and a boy pose beside and on a train engine.
Large group of men and horses standing on logs.
Two train engines and two men in front of them.
Men standing in front of an unfinished building.
Cass Scenic Railroad.  Two trains connected on a railroad track.
Cut trees clear a path in the woods.
Clearing in the Spruce Woods.  Original 8 x 10 in.
Mill Machinery.