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Rev. Walter Case leading choir in song at the Shack, Pursglove, W. Va., Monongalia County. 'For information on the Mountaineer Mining Mission, See A&M 2491 (S.C.).'
'Boys in front: x, x, Steve Stevenson, x, x, Charles Schusfer, x, x, x.  Men in last row, left to right: x, Constantine, x, Gary Mullins, x, Glen Ellis, Charles Whiston, Rev. Roy Hashinger.'
A girl fills out a piece of paper on the car while the men look on. Car to be given at the Labor Day Dance at the Elks Ballroom, Morgantown.
Betty Wilson is identified with Local 13200 District 50 and Glorie with Local 578 AFL.
On Right- 'Mrs. Wilson'
'Center, Susan Brown. On left, Stanley Farr Jr.'
Left to right: R.E. Davis, Bill Miller, Unknown, J. W. Ruby, Unknown.
'Mr. Ruby seated center'.
Third from the left is Miss Nell Jenkins.  Fifth from the left is Mrs. Ross Tissue.  On the far left is Post Master Don Jamison.  The stamps being given out are the Gardening Horticulture stamps.  Issued to honor the garden clubs of America and in connection with the centenary of the birth of Liberty Hyde Bailey, horticulturist.
Road crew members are repaving Grand Street in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Three gentlemen are walking past Western Union while a lady is walking down from the Police Department on the other side of Fayette Street in Morgantown, West Virginia.
A car is driving down South Walnut Street in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Possibly Protzmann Street.
'Built in memory of a brother killed in W. W. II.  Ca. 8 miles south of Morgantown on Grafton Road.'
Built in honor of a brother killed in W. W. II.  Ca. 8 miles south of Morgantown of Rt. 119, Grafton Road.
'April 14, Banquet Speaker P.M.'
'Joseph Moss, Teacher in Art, was the artist(or builder) who painted 'W. Va. Moon' Which won the W. Va. Centennial Prize for best painting by a W. Va. artist.'
Left to right, Beatrice Hurst, Associate Professor Physical Education; Pete Yost, and Wincie Carruth.
Left, Joseph Gluck; Center, Unknown; Right, Dean, C. A. Arents, College of Engineering.
A float in homecoming parade by TKE with a reference for an upcoming football game with Penn State.
A scene from registration day at the Field House on Beechurst Avenue.
'Fish Catch in West Fork River Test -- A total of 88 fish were taken from West Fork River, at Jackson's Mill, in one test netting April 2 by the Conservation Commission. This picture of the haul includes 14 crappies, 5 large mouth bass, 13 bluegills and other sunfish. The other species are rough fish.'
Underwood and group with capital in the background.
Class of '21.
A photograph of Louis Rothschild (left) and Senator Hoblitzell, Jr. (right).
A photograph of Senator Hoblitzell (left) and Secretary Benson (right) seated at a desk studying a publication.
A photograph of Senator John D. Hoblitzell, Jr. (center) and Kaiser Aluminum officials presenting a flag made with aluminum manufactured at Kaiser's Ravenswood, W. Va. plant. At the time of event Senator Hoblitzell lived in Ravenswood.
'Left to right - Julie, Johnnie, Patricia, Charlotte Reed'
A photograph of Senator John D. Hoblitzell, Jr. (left) speaking with Senator Theodore Green (R.I.; seated right) and another man as they sit in an open cable car.
A photograph of two unidentified men standing in front of a mantle.
A photograph of an unidentified group of men and women seated in a living room.
A photograph of two men and two women standing in front of a house.
A photograph of a group of young men on stage acting out a scene of a play.
A photograph of an unidentified group seated at a table.
A group seated at a table at what appears to be a formal banquet.
A photograph of Clark Sleeth and others seated at a table at the Medical School Auditorium.
Those who identified are: Senator William Knowland, Vice President Richard M. Nixon and Senator John D. Hoblitzell, Jr.  (back row, second from left).
Left to right, Senator John D. Hoblitzell, Jr., Senator Chapman Revercomb and Vice President Richard M. Nixon.
See original for correspondence. (From postcard collection legacy system.)
Aerial view of the reservoir shows cars lined along the river that continues on through the mountains in the distance.
From below what is seen, gates are shut.
View of the dam's construction site.
A crowd gathers on 2nd Avenue in the Hinton National Historic District. The winner of the drawing is given an automobile as a prize from Pucket's Drug Store. Nu-Way Cleaners and McCreery Hotel pictured in the background.
A crowd gathers on 2nd Avenue between Temple and Ballengee Streets in the Hinton National Historic District to witness the results of the Pucket Drug Store raffle that will give an automobile to the winner. An unidentified woman and young boy hold up their tickets.
Young musicians perform behind the building. Subjects unidentified.
Two men stand by a microphone in the yard. Musicians are pictured with instruments seated behind music stands on the left. A small crowd can be seen in the background watching the event. Subjects unidentified.
Four musicians in "hillbilly" attire play a variety of instruments, including a washboard (fat left) and a banjo (far right). Subjects unidentified.
Greenbrier River pictured in the background. The photo was taken between Alderson and the camp.
Greenbrier River pictured in the background. The photo was taken between Alderson and the camp.
Three unidentified men observe the old building.
View from across the field. The farmhouse can be seen in the distance.
In the background, the Greenbrier River makes its way toward the town. Alderson prison is pictured among the buildings.
Aerial photograph of the prison grounds and building.
View shows the rolling hills in the valley.
Pictured on the far left is Scott Owens (foreman). The rest of the workers are unidentified. The group is pictured on the railroad tracks with a smaller cart.
An unidentified woman poses beside the plane.