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People are walking down an unidentified street in Wheeling, West Virginia, after a flood, possibly of 1913.
Probably construction of the Cheat Lake Hydro-Electric dam in Monongalia County.
Probably the construction site of the Cheat Lake Dam in Monongalia County.
Flood waters seen in this neighborhood of Wheeling, W. Va. Water runs above the porches of some of the houses.
'Poultry house of Mr. C. D. Rice, R.F.D. 1, Ravenwood. A two-storied poultry house, 12' x 24' that is worthy of being used as a model by others in Jackson County desiring this type of house. One hundred fifty fowls are kept in this house.Total income, 1913, $259.25.' From photo album labeled 'Stewart A. Cody, County Agent, Jackson County, 1912.'
Located on Hans Creek, photo was taken after house was remodeled.
General view of Lobelia, Pocahontas County, W. Va.  Pre- date's logging railroad which ran through 1913.  Only church, barn, one house, and store standing in 1975.
Margaret Donaldson was the Teacher.  Jack Blaney is the boy next to the teacher in the back row.
View of Law School Classroom in Woodburn Hall, West Virginia University.
Office in Woodburn Hall featuring telephone and electric or gas lighting, along with standard furnishings.
'Classroom in Woodburn Hall featuring gas lighting, blackboards, and standard furnishings.'
'Man in what appears to be a [breathing apparatus] crawling in what appears to be the basement of a building.'
Appears to be in Woodburn Hall.  Looks like early histology lab and equipment according to Bruce Plamer, WVU Department of Anatomy, March 31, 2006.
Appears to be in Woodburn Hall.
'Unidentified faculty member at his desk surrounded by maps and books. He is probably a member of the faculty of the Geography department, and his office is probably in Woodburn Hall.'
'Bread Score Card' on display on the chalkboard on the right side of the photograph.
Postcard of the Newburg School Building postmarked July 22, 1913.
A full size portrait of Lucille Cox.
Picture shows Randolph and Wife with the 'Racket clerks.' Postcard sent to Mr. Geo. W. Albers, New Milton, W. Va. R. F. D. on June 19, 1913. Message: 'Your card to hand, Let the potatoes com first chance.'
A group of men working on a home. 'Jesse Ellison house in background.'
Although this image was published in "Tumult on the Mountain" by Roy Clarkson as Fig. 11 as being located in Lead Mine, West Virginia, recent investigation has revealed that this image was originally taken in California.  The original glass plate negative is located in the Palmquist and Ericson Collections at HSU Library, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California.The caption on the original and in Clarkson's book included, "White oak ... the log on the left is marked '13 ft. diameter, 16 ft from the base, John Vance ...', the log [to the right] is marked '10 ft diameter, 31 ft from the base.'See the article West Virginia’s Big Trees: Setting the Record Straight by Van Gundy and Whetsell in the Journal of Forestry 114(5):582–583
Left to right: Hulda Dubach, Verena Metzener, Della Vogel, Bertha Engler, Mary Metzener, Julia, Burky, Ruth Fahrner.
Teacher E. Chase Bare is standing with female Allegheny Collegiate Institute students. Dorothy Gish is second from left from Mr. Bare.
Post card print, addressed to Mrs. Calvin Smith, Morgantown, West Virginia.
Eugene Mathers was a printer in the Morgantown Post newspaper office and the father of Max Mathers.
Max Mathers was a prominent businessman in the Morgantown community in the early 20th century.
Wife of West Virginia Governor Henry Drury Hatfield (1913-1917).
Most likely the couple is W. Benton and Edna Campbell, owners of the shoe store, posing in front of their business located at 318 Main Street in Fairmont.
Post office and English Lutheran Church shown.
See original for correspondence. Published by Starkly and Myers Company. (From postcard collection legacy system.)
See original for correspondence. (From postcard collection legacy system.)
See original for correspondence. Published by Souvenir Post Card Company. (From postcard collection legacy system.)
Piano store in background. See original for correspondence. Published by H.G. Hoffman. (From postcard collection legacy system.)
Men stand in warehouse filled with tobacco. See original for correspondence. (From postcard collection legacy system.)
See original for correspondence. Published by The Peerless Art Company. (From postcard collection legacy system.)
A handful of trees shade the entrance of Hotel Alderson. See original for correspondence. Published by Alderson Book Store. (From postcard collection legacy system.)