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O. Homer Floyd Fansler; Hendricks, W.V.
O. Homer Floyd Fansler; Hendricks, W.V.<br />
O. Homer Floyd Fansler, Hendricks, W.V.
Tucker County, West Virginia.  Original source Homer Floyd Fansler, Hendricks, West Virginia
Original source:  Homer Floyd Fansler, Hendricks, West Virginia
Flock of dorset sheep grazing on a hillside in Greenbrier County.
Merino Sheep grazing on a hillside
Aberdeen Angus standing next to a fence in Putnam County.
Apple trees in a rocky orchard.
Man standing next to apple tree in the oldest commercial orchard in the Northern Panhandle.
Bird's-eye view of Greenbrier River, Main Line C. and O. R.R. and junction of Greenbrier division, Allegheny Mountains in the Distance.
Scenic view of the Cheat River.
Rows of tobacco plants.
A picturesque view of rolling hills and and fields.
Horse and buggy traveling through a field with bundled rye plants.
Many haystacks in an open field.
Flock of sheep and lambs in a field with a man tending to them.
A group of men congregated around barrels holding their apple picking ladders.
A scenic view of a rural area with buildings in the background.
Rows of peach trees extending far into the distance, with a mountain in the background.
An old farm house surrounded by by fields and trees.  Caption reads, 'Later. Time Has Wrought Many Changes.'
Rows upon rows of onions in a field, with hills and trees in the background.
A group of pigs searching for food in the pigpen.
A vineyard surrounded by a fence.
A winding mountain road towered over by rocky ridges. Copyrighted by Wallace.
Mr. Ogdin standing beside his horse.
Cows eating grass and meandering about.
Clusters of grapes on the vine.
Very rocky field that has a hat thrown to the side and a tree in the center.
A flock of sheep and lambs fenced in a pen.
A field with rows of cabbage and rolling hills in the background.
A white turkey with its chicks in a wooded area.
Wyandotte chickens standing by a building on the farm.
The majestic state capitol building in Charleston.
A fenced in field with a barn and farm houses in the background.
Figure 1 shows the counties that produce the principle corn and wheat crops. Figure 2 shows the counties that produce the principle oat and buckwheat crops. Figure 3 shows the counties that produce the principle rye and tobacco crops. Figure 4 shows the counties that produce the principle blue grass.
This map shows the various types of apple orchards in the state of W. Va.  The types range from commercially developed apple regions to homegrown apple orchards.
Separate portraits of each member of the State Board of Agriculture. Left to right. Top: M.V. Brown, R.E. Thrasher, Abram McCollock. Middle: J.B. Garvin, Secretary, E.J. Humphrey, President, H.A. Hartley. Bottom: W.D. Zinn, Chas P. Light.
Five barges full of coal lined up on the river.
A river mirrors the distant bank full of leafy trees and a grassy hill.
Apple tree growing on a hillside.  Caption reads, 'The famous West Virginia seedling, originated on the farm of Thomas Grimes, Brooke County.'
A coal processing plant, which shows the various buildings and railroad tracks.
An assembly line that is sorting the peaches into various baskets.  One man stands at the very end on a ladder picking his own tree.
A man stands on a rock that juts out into the side of a stream.
A small pond where ducks have gathered on the edge by the bank.