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Portrait of J.E. Casteel, "The Horse Jockey," Valley Pt., West Virginia.
Steam packet "Joe Fowler" on the shore of the Ohio River with passengers posing for their portrait.
Lumber piles beside a train track.  Man sitting on top of one lumber pile.  Original from Homer Floyd Fansler, Hendricks, W.Va.
Group portrait of the Marilla Window Glass Cutters of Morgantown, W. Va. On Engine from left to right: Arthur Lewis, Hugh Fairfield, Dan McLamell, Jim Kifer, Deney Lelabey, Fred Salzman, Orcan DuBoise, Frank Dallons. Standing on Engine: Harry Davenport. Standing on platform: Arthur Swan, Bill Lewis.
'J.M. Alderson(fourth from the left) and others in front of his store. (Credit; J.M. Alderson)'
Old Greenbrieer Baptist Church with side cemetery.
'Looking east from north side, Alderson, W. Va.'
A birds eye view of Alderson, West Virginia. Taken from Indian View.
Group portrait of students dressed in costume.
Henrietta and Ernest Hofer and others working in the field.  A horse is standing beside the pile.  Helvetia, W. Va.
Elevated view of the lumber company town of Jenningston.
'Moore and Parriott's soda fountain; an oasis of marble and fizzy drinks in a view taken circa 1905. The counterman on the left is Harry Selby. Originial source Jr. Metheny, 11-9-1984.'
'Wagon traffic on High Street near Walnut Street'.
People going to stores on High Street, just above Walnut Street, Morgantown, W. Va.
Traffic on High Street near the Court House (which is out of sight on left) in Morgantown, West Virginia. A horse-drawn carriage is followed by a trolley heading to a department store and the Court House.
Harry Selby and an unidentified woman are riding in car in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Church and people on University Avenue and Willey Street intersection, The cupola of Martin Hall is in the background.
Elevated view taken from the east of Morgantown,the WVU campus, the Monongahela River and Westover.
A church can be seen at the intersection of Willey Street at University Avenue in Morgantown, West Virginia. Stewart Hall is visible on the right.
Glass factory worker blows a ball of glass as others watch.
Interior view of the S. George Paper Factory showing eight female employees standing with one male.  An African-American woman is seated near the printing press.
View a group of three tourists standing beside a horsedrawn buggy at Blue Sulfur Springs in Greenbrier County, W. Va.
People gathered for a party under a Confederate flag bearing the inscription "Camp Greenbrier" with two African-Americans dressed as servers standing in the background.
Lima Locomotive and Machine Company #2.
Group portrait of Teacher's Institute participants.  Taken in front of Bowman's Store in Franklin.
Group portrait of Teacher's Institute participants.  Taken in front of Bowman's Store in Franklin.
Family portrait in front of John M. Ruddle Home, built in 1871 in Buffalo Hills near Ruddle, W. Va.  Pictured left to right: John Preston, Lelia, Aud, John M., Ernest, Virginia F. Ruddle, Zola Simmons, Almeda Ruddle Simmons and Floyd Ruddle.  Portrait in frame is deceased son Tyree Bruce Ruddle.
From left: Harvey Cook, Walter Boride, Jesadore Meadows, J. C. Prince, Emberry Miller, A. A. Rilly, Charles Miller, _ .
Mountain City Band, Davis, Tucker County, W. Va.  Organized under the laws of W. Va. April 20th, 1906.  Director: Herbert L. Blaker.  In photograph: Clarence Q. Arbogast, Adam Stein, J. W. Kogleshatz, R. C. Weidmire, F. N. Morin, L. H. Mott, John Johnson, Ray Dawson, Frank E. Heishell, John Rausehenberger, Sherman Iden, Harry Weaver, Dr. N. McK Wislon, Theo Stumphf, Charles G. Stater, Illario Lacconno, Harry Buckley, Robert C. McKelvey, Neil C. Heiskell, Charles Amlaw, Benson Unger and Edwin Morin.