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View of Alderson looking Northwest.  Bright's Mill, lower center.
Woman standing on bridge spanning Falling Run. Pathway apparent on other side of bridge. Field leading to edge of trees.
'This man is possibly W. J. Brunner, WVU Engineering Student, class of 1898.'
'This is printed from the wrong side of the negative. To right it look at in a mirror. F. A. M.'
Likely the First West Virginia Volunteer Infantry
'Mr. Veach filing saw where he was clearing land about 1898 across River near Saw Mill of Blackwater Lumber Company, Davis, W. Va.'
Student Leonard Hall awake in bed next to his sleeping roommate in Episcopal Hall Dormitory.
Dorm room walls decorated with photograph, posters and a tennis racket.
Room walls decorated with photographs and "WVU" . Two steamer trunks covered with a blanket and pillows.
A guitar and mandolin rest against a window seat, next to a bed.
Window seat area with possibly a poster in the lower window pane.
Window seat area with pillows, one embossed with "WVU".
Leonard Hall and roommate asleep in their dorm room. Note the punching bag hanging from the ceiling.
Students asleep in their dorm room. Note the punching bag hanging from the ceiling and several photos and memorabilia on the walls.
Room furnished with a dresser/wash stand, a trunk and a cadet's rifle in the corner. The walls decorated with posters, calendars, and memorabilia.
Wall of dorm room covered with photographs.
Furnishings include white metal framed beds, a rocker and walls decorated with students' memorabilia and photographs.
Sitting area in a dorm room with "WVU" on the wall.
One of the furnishings in a dorm room was a dress/wash stand. Notice the reflection of an unidentified student in the mirror.
WVU student Leonard Hall enjoying a meal in bed, in his dorm room.
An unidentified WVU student reading on the front steps of the dormitory. Episcopal Hall was established by the West Virginia Diocese ca.1895, primarily to house and feed WVU men who planned to become candidates for the Episcopalian ministry.
Unidentified students, one wearing a cadet uniform casually pose on the porch of Episcopal Hall.
Unidentified WVU students, some in a comical pose and one wearing a baseball uniform.
Unidentified WVU students pose for portrait during meal time in Episcopal Hall.
Several wide-eyed subjects in this photograph are holding pistols.
Unidentified WVU students wearing their night shirts, pose in a group pyramid.
Unidentified student dressed in athletic attire of jersey, shorts and tights, poses a dorm room in Episcopal Hall. Note a bike on one side of the dresser and a gun on the other side.
Unidentified student wearing cadet uniform stands holding his weapon.
Unidentified WUV cadet stands at "order arms'.
A student relaxes in Episcopal Hall Dormitory.
A West Virginia University student, member of the Class of 1900 and a resident of Episcopal Hall.
Possibly "Chadwick Day", celebrating the return of "distinguished native son", Rear Admiral French Ensor Chadwick.
Unidentified African-American man wearing white, stands in a pantry area of the dormitory.
Unidentified African-American man standing in food preparation area.
Unidentified WVU students playing football. Very few are wearing helmets and padding.
WVU student players gang tackle the ball carrier. All persons are unidentified.
Unidentified student wearing a uniform with "EH" for Episcopal Hall.
Unidentified WVU student holds his leather helmet for a post-game photograph in the dormitory.
Two unidentified WVU students wearing football gear including leather helmets.
Two unidentified WVU students wearing football gear, take a set position against each other.
Unidentified student wearing football gear.