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Two friends are working in a garden.
Man leaning against a porch railing holding a broom.
Woman smiling for picture. There is a house in the background.
Two boys, possibly American Friends Service Committee Workers at Work Camp.
Possibly American Friends Service Committee member.
Two men stand in a open field.
Ben Kunz sitting on a rock.  Mountains in the background.
'Movie star Olivia de Havilland visiting senators on occasion of the premiere of Gone With the Wind in Washington D.C.'
Buildings and grounds including a rose garden at Ritter Park.
Wayside Helpers Class, Spruce Street Methodist Church in Morgantown, W. Va.
The 5th grade class was taught by Mrs. Emmett 'Lessie' Hamrick.
'Left to right First Row:  Manager Dave Johnson, John Carliss, Charley Seabright, Bill Jennings, Jess Richardson, Harry Clark, Dick Dolly, Joe Butta, Charley Hockenberry, Sam Pinion, Bob Mellace, Mike Gussie, Albert Baisi and Line Coach Jules Carlson.  Middle row:  Backfield Assistant Sam Audia, Frank DeFranco, Danny Shearer, Joe Czajka, Pete Antolini, John Shonk, George Sharp, Bob White, Don McCann, Glennis Ellis, Dick Welch, Scout Ira Rodgers, Trainer Art Smith, and Coach Dr. Marshall Glenn.  Back row:  Henry Sterle, Tom Davies, John Rockis, Tom Gillooly, Bud Smith, Doug Phillips, Ed Ossoski, Sam Mandich, Tony Rapaswick, Walter Pike, Henry Goodman, Bob Keckert, Charley Stansbury, and Joe Cestaric.'
WVU Bureau of Information, John A . Gibson, Jr.; Dept. Chem. WVU, Morgantown, W. Va.
Howard W. Palmer (Center).
'Davis, Hayes, Stabb, White, Cather, Koehler, Brown, Hall, Lawson, Keister, Boomsliter, Jones, Forman, McElroy, Simons, Speiden, Grumbein, White, Downs, Grow, Cantelo, Seibert, Thompson, Nelson, Hassett.'
Dean of Law,
WVU R.O.T.C. cadets in formation at Summer Camp.  A row of military tracks and vehicles are shown in the background.
WVU R.O.T.C. cadets at Summer Camp, a row of tents and items of clothing hanging off from the supporting lines are shown.
R.O.T.C. cadets in summer training camp; two officers stand between rows of cadet and a row of pitched tent, one cadet is stepped forward.
Shirtless R.O.T.C. cadets dressed in civilian clothes queue in line to enter a TC-47, Unit A structure.
A view of R.O.T.C. Summer Training Camp; an entrance to the camp ground is shown, a few tents, a mail box, a flag on pole and bulletin boards stand by the entrance to the very first tent.
A view of ROTC Summer Training Camp; an entrance to the camp ground is shown, a few tents, a mail box, a flag on pole and bulletin boards stand by the entrance to the very first tent.  The sign reads 'Orderly Tent, CO D ENGRS ROTC'
Cadets in a field appeared to be preparing target for shooting training; piece of papers are taped on the boards; some cadets place disc over the paper.
Four cadets appear to be inspecting targets they have prepared.
Cadets with backpack, gun and stand spread in a field to practice shooting targets in a distance.
Cadets practice aiming and shooting.
Cadets circle around on a grass appeared to be taking a break while a few cadets in the center working on stakes driven in the ground.
A few cadets crawl under a wired fence set up in a field.
Cadets line up with utensils in hand to be served a meal.
A view of training in a field; one man stands on a platform with his hand on a hip.
Cadets in a canoe on a river.
Cadets crossing a floating bridge; one cadet is in the water by a support.
A cadet and an officer stand by a car on a bridge.
Cadets pushing up a truss.
A truck full of construction materials going up a dirt road.
Four cadets in a open boat navigate with paddles.
Cadets push a section of a bridge.
The R.O.T.C. band performs in front of Armory while onlookers listen.
Cadets in costume mingle with others while onlookers on the embankment behind watch the event.