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Nicholas County, W. Va.
West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company Engine No. 2
Cass, W.Va.  Pulp and Paper Co. Engine No. 2; Engineer Lewis Collins sitting on stump.  Note the size of timber that was cut from pulpwood.; A.F. Burrell, Box 207, Cowen, WV
Train engine.  At bottom of pix says:  Note:  Also applicable to shop No. 2248, C&O Rd. No. 11 (1910), built to same plan No. 1586.
Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad No. 2 for West Virginia Pulp and Paper Co. at Cass, W. Va; Shay No. 2 on Cheat Mtn. 1908.  Bob Hivick, Engineer.
Two crew members pose on top of log pile in water; Pardee and Curtin Lumber Company.
The late Fred Smith sitting at a desk.
Civil war weapons - side arms.
Side Arms and Saddle used by Colonel Wm. B. Curtis.  Items resting on an American Flag.  Copyright 1908 by W.T. Nicoll.
View of the town of Scarbro shows part of White Oak Valley.
Filled railroad cars at the Collins Colliery Tipple. There is a water reservoir in the background.
'Mr. Hogsett, proprieter, on right.'  Children and others in front of store.
'My Dear: On the other side you see a group of our Ladies' Aid. That good looking one is I. To-day Mrs. Wm. Burdette Mathews and Mrs. Sarah F. Blundon entertained us at their home, 1501 Quarrier St. We have subscribed $5000.00 on the new church and may have to call you to help before long. Yours with love.'--Postcard
Postcard showing the B&O depot and railroad cars.
A man and a woman sit on the porch.
An scenic view of Brandywine in Pendleton County, W. Va.
Taken at head of Big Spring.  Pictured left to right: Fred Hammer, Jessie Hammer, Bessie Hammer, Ashby Bowers, Lester Hammer, Walter Hammer, Curtis Hammer, Luther Hedrick and Olin Hammer.
'First row, left to right: Walter Painter, Ray Bodkin, Lon Bodkin, Tommy Painter. Second row, left to right: Parion Cowger, Jessie Painter, Lynn Conrad, Lola Cowger, Myrtle Hevener, Oscar Painter. Third row, left to right: Ola Homan, Jessie Hammer (Teacher), Fanny Conrad.
Not to be used for commercial purposes before 1985/04/01.
John T. Morgan, manager; Point, forward; Estill, forward; Gould, guard; Eckman, guard; Vandale, center; and Billingslea, substitute.
Director Chez poses with the West Virginia University Gymnasium Leaders.
'Wm. Garnett Bayliss, Corwin S. Burns, Davis H. Estill, T. W. Fitzgerald, James R. Haworth, S. Vinton Haworth, Lowry B. Huey, Newell Stanley Lloyd, Pierce B. Lantz, Audry I. Marple, John Nuttall, Boyd M. Smith.
The members of the club are listed as follows:  William Bayliss, C. S. Burns, D. H. Estill, T. W. Fitzgerald, J. R. Haworth, S. V. Haworth, L. B. Huey, N. S. Lloyd, P. B. Lantz, A. I. Marple, J. Nuttal, and B. M. Smith.
Group portrait of the Engineering Society.
Beginning with the bottom left, going clockwise, the members are listed as B. M. Whaley, H. C. Humphreys, W. H. Hodges, G. G. Somerville, and O. M. Wilkerson.  The member in the center is A. S. Dayton.
Group portrait of Storer College Cornet Band members with instruments on lawn. Pictured: 'B. Debbis, C. Dennis, John W. McKinney, T. Herrod, Trulia Jones, Eugene Jones, C. McKinney, Prof. Saunders, W. Harris.'
Students working around table with phones and typewriter.
Officers: President- Ellis A. Yost, Vice President- H.W. Sanders, Rec. Secretary- Paul Naylor, Cor. Secretary- George W. Whiting, Treasurer- William W. Trent, Organist- Thomas W. Fitzgerald, Chorister- O.F. Gibbs. Advisory Board: Factulty- J.H. Cox, Robert A. Armstrong, Thomas E. Hodges; Alumni- T. Sutton Boyd, William E. Albig, Frank Weaver; Student- Geo. W. Grow, F.H. Patterson, J.F. Throckmorton.  Roll: Guy Allender, H.C. Batten, T.H. Becker, A.D. Bell, A.K. Brake, J.S. Broyles, H.K. Burrell, J.T. Carter, G.R. Clark, H.E. Cooper, G.G. Crewson, Thomas Fitzgerald, George B. Folk, O.S. Gibbs, T.D. Gorby, J.A. Hanna, Warren Hanna, W.H. Hodges, H.H. Holmes, H.C. Humphreys, O.C. Lewis, J.F. Marsh, J.P. McJilton, Charles Moon, Clifford Myers, Paul Naylor, Clifford Parker, T.S. Patterson, Clarence Post, Boyd Randall, J.T. Reaburn, H.W. Saunders, M.L. Sayre, H.M. Scott, C.C. Sheppard, F.H. Sisler, W.C. Senter, W.W. Trent, J.F. Throckmorton, F.T. Vandale, B.M. Whaley, G.W. Whiting, J.A. Yonker, Ellis A. Yost.
Group portrait of members of Kappa Kappa Gamma. None of the subjects are identified.