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Group portrait; 1. John B. Hood  2. Richard Stodard Ewell  3. Braxton Bragg  4. Albert Sidney Johnston  5. Wade Hampton  6. E. Kirby Smith  7. Jubal A. Early  8. A.P. Hill  9. S.D. Lee  10. Richard H. Anderson  11. John B. Gordon  12. Theophalus S. Holmes    13. William G. Hardee  14. Joseph E. Johnston  15. Simon B. Buckner  16. James Longstreet  17. Leonidas Polk  18. R.E. Lee  19. N.B. Forrest  20. G.T. Beauregard  21. Thomas J. Jackson  22. Samuel Cooper  23. J.E.B. Stewart  24. Richard Taylor  25. J.C. Pemberton  26. D.H. Hill
Postcard with a side view of the first U.S.S. West Virginia at sea.
Picture of a intersection of streets in Monongah, W. Va. 1907.  Trolley car in the foreground.
Men stand on the porch of the Hotel Currey in Monongah, W. Va. 1907.
Drawing of the West Virginia Coal Column at the Jamestown Exposition, 1907.
West Virginia Coal Column with diplay at the Jamestown Exposition in 1907.
A display of statistics of the different coal companies in West Virginia at the base of the coal tower at the Jamestown Exposition.
Display of statistics at the base of the coal tower at the Jamestown Exposition.
Caskets lining the street as horse-drawn hearse takes caskets to the mine.
Street scene after Monongah disaster. Horse-drawn hearse delivers caskets to the mine and coffins line the street of Monongah.
Tree lined shore of the Greenbrier River.  Steel Bridge in the background.
People standing outside of buildings on Railroad Avenue, South Alderson, W.Va.  'Given by Virgil Burns.'
People standing outside buildings on the sidewalks beside Railroad Avenue, Alderson, W.Va.
Overview of Town of Alderson looking S.W. from Indian View.  Mountains surrounding town of Alderson.
Houses line Pike Street in Clarksburg.  Glen Elk area is visible in background.
Interior view of the Clarksburg Light and Heat office in Clarksburg, W. Va.  Large heating stove in the right foreground.
Townspeople are standing in front of buildings located on Main Street, looking west, in Clarksburg, West Virginia.
Children stand next to a Christmas tree.
Baby Charles R. Shock seated in front of tree.  Bess and Herbert Shock standing to left of the tree.  Alma and Cinderilla (born August 30, 1901 and died June 3, 1991) Shock standing on right side of tree.
Members of the Helvetia Band with their instruments, gather outside for a portrait.
Members of the Helvetia Band with their instruments, gather outside for photograph.
Female workers are answering the phones in a telephone office in Parkersburg, West Virginia.
People in a canoe float down the street.
'Looking From Murdoch Down 12th St After 1907 Flood.'
'Pointed building in the middle of picture is Trinity Church. Mrs. Mildred Stephenson.'
"The Van Devender Insurance Company located on 132 3rd Street between Ann and Julianna Streets. Formally Parkersburg National Bank, 1839-1904 and later the Salvation Army Building. The building was torn down in early March 1969.'
'This picture was taken in 1907 in the back of Samuel Mullett's barn.  Jacob Hassig and Will Berger owned the thrashing machine.  Many of these neighbors were relatives.  Family and neighbors could always be relied on to help on Doolin.  Row 1: Andy Goddard, Frank During, Ed Schupbach, Lewis Durig, John Kocher, Albert Durig, Harry Mullett, Samuel Mullett, and Adolph Durig.  Row 2: Charles Goddard, Will Berger, Sam Kocher, Jacob Hassig, Charles Fisher, John Grossenbach, Wilbert Kocher, Jesse Mullett, Charles Durig.'
Women are doing hair and nails in the parlor.
'School House Afloat on the Ohio River, Flood of March 1907, passing under the bridge at Wheeling, W. Va. (This school building floated from Warrenton, Ohio, to Sistersville, W. Va., a distance of over 100 miles.)'
'Remains of Volcano in 1907 Looking South.'
Virginia Rumsey and friends are taking their dolls for a walk.
People standing and seated on the porch of the Club House at Eccles.
Group portrait of Sugar Grove Teachers.  1st Row, 5th from left; Florence Henderson,  2nd Row, 2nd from right; Mattie Eye,  3rd Row, 3rd from right; Jessie Hammer.
Old 299 Passenger Train, 1907.  Z.W. Lafon was the Engineer.  Pictured:  M.H. Bill Sneads (father of Earl Sneads et. al.), Casey Dillon (fireman), Mars (conductor), Bill Matson (baggage master), Bill 'Black Bill' Millioms (breakman), Roger Keyser, boy and last man are 'stand-ins.'