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Gen. no. 111, neg. by W, No. 45. Date 1884, July 31. 5:30 P.M. Cloudy.
'113.D.67; July 31, 1884, Thursday 5:00 pm; Winchester is in the distance on the left. The house is known as the Dinkler house. Its present occupant was with us while we were taking this view. A piece of our road from Winchester is visible on the left and on the slope just in front of it is the sandy knoll from which No. 110 was taken the line of the road across the view is marked by the bushes.'
Battlefield of 1864 Third Battle of Winchester,Virginia Gen. no. 106, neg. by W, No. 43. Date July 31, 1884. Thursday 12:05 P.M.
Gen. no. 104, neg. by W, No. 42. Date July 31, 1884. Thursday 11:30 A.M.
Gen. no. 109, neg. by W, No. 44. Date 1884, July 31. Thursday 3:20 P.M. Cloudy.
Gen. no. 112, neg. by W, No. 46. Date 1884, July 31. Thursday 5:30 P.M. Cloudy.
'114.D.(68); July 31, 1884, Thursday 6-15 pm; sun in cloud; Sheridan army crossed here in '64 going to the battle of Winchester (West). Ford is shallow not more than knee deep. View was taken before we crossed. Current of river is from right to left.'
'Looking S.W. My view is taken from near the entrance gate. In the foreground are the tops of he flowers of the beds kept by the wife of the officer in charge. The lodge is just out of sight on my left. Everything is kept in the neatest order, the turf close cut and very thick and green. On various mounds are placed cannon as monuments like the one on the right. There are 4430 soldiers buried here. In the center of the cemetery stands a fine "soldiers monument." The Conf. cemetery lies next to this one with only a lane between. A wall of dressed stone surrounds the cemetery concealed on the inside by a thick hedge. 105.D.(63); July 31, 1884, Thursday 11:45 am, cloudy'
'Looking N. from a little sandy hill on right of pike and nearly alongside Dinkler's farm house seen in No 113. The place of the pike is shown by the telegraph wires through the road itself is low and hidden by the fringes of bushes. 110.D.66 I.C.; July 31, 1884, Thursday 3:50 pm, dark, cloudy'
'Looking towards the Blue Ridge, the eastern wall of "the Valley." The line of the range of Mts. can be scarcely distinguished in the photograph, though the blue line was very easily seen by us when on the spot.  Two noted passes on gaps were in sight. Ashby's gap on the extreme right and "Snickers gap" on the extreme left. Under the trees on the left we sat after dinner and read our letters which were received at Winchester. 108.D(65); July 31, 1884, Thursday 1-15 pm. hazy'
'Winchester is behind. The ground is that between the two armies before the last attack of the Federals. The Union men formed line on the slight rise of ground which makes the horizon, and the Conf. were where we stand. Under the trees on the left is a fine old mansion where W. went to go get milk. The next view (No 108) is taken from the place looking in the same general direction as this. The battle referred to in this and the following view is Sheridan's in 1864. 107.D.(64); July 31, 1884, Thursday 12:10 p.m.'