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Postcard photograph of the West Virginia University Cadet Band in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Miriam Graybeal of Williamsburg, WV; Ruby Allen of Ravenswood; Josephine Snyder of Huntington; Polly Snyder of Romney; Naomi Tompkins of Hinton.
The Spinster Club at Lucy Wood Lawrence's wedding, February 18, 1908. From left: Bess Brown, Willa Brand, Sallie Bennett, Lucy Wood, Minnie Core, Josie Kunkle, Tillie Bernhardt. The Spinster Club of Morgantown flourished by the first decade of this century. At least two members married. All were Morgantowners who had graduated from high school and several had finished West Virginia University. Most were teachers. The Club met to socialize and visit on Saturday nights, with an occasional male friend or fiance allowed to attend. Members helped Ruth Wood, a pioneer stenographer, Realtor,and political candidate, raise her sister Lucy's daughter after Lucy died in China giving birth to her only child.
The Spinster Club in Gym Suits, 1903. From left: Ruth Wood, Sallie Bennett, Willa Brand, Stella Hall, Lucy Wood, Minnie Core, Josie Kunkle. Lucy Wood left a letter which mentioned wearing her gym suit as one of six layers to keep warm in western China.
The third row, center with bow tie is identified as Jefferds.
Pictured are: Burt C. Alphant; Ed C. Gerwig, Jr.; Geo H. Atkinson, Jr.
'Business Men on Campus -- James A. Albertson (left), personnel relations manager of Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp. at Ravenswood, participated in the West Virginia University College of Commerce's new businessmen on campus series, which is designed to familiarize students with the actual operations of business and to acquaint businessmen with WVU's College of Commerce.  Talking with Mr. Albertson are (left to right, seated) Robert Kohlbecker of Charleston and Roger Osborne of Logan; (standing) Ralph Krasik and James Shepherd, both of Morgantown, and John Erb of Wheeling.'
Female students riding in a Model T at the intersection of Pleasant and Spruce Streets.
From left to right, First Row at bottom: 1)May Ellison, 2)Laura Craig, 3) Hazel Kelly, 4)Unknown, 5)Annabelle Charleton, 6)Aloise Hensell, 7)Sponsor: Mrs. Collins, 8)Jessie Davis, 9)Pearl Michael, 10)Leola Wotring, 11)Lela Grace Conaway, 12) Jeanette Brown; Second Row: 13)Florenda Manendia, 14)Marion Ott, 15)Loretta Federer, 16)Vernita Anderson, 17)Marie Suitor, 18)Elizabeth Repert, 19)Elizabeth Lawrence, 20)Jessie Schnopp, 21)Agnes MacGrerroan, 22)Miriam Shultz; Third Row: 23)Jeanette MacGreffey, 24)Unknown, 25)Edith Jordan, 26)Medora Mason, 27) Jaunita Hensell, 28)Unknown, 29)Agnes Neidemeyer, 30)Martha Washington, 31)MacGorren, 32)Virginia Thacker, 33)Kate Montgomery; Fourth Row: M. Simpson, 35)Elizabeth Reacy, 36)Mary Eddy, 37)Lucie Trickett, 38)Alice MacGreffey, 39)Wertie Ruale, 40)Erma Belle.
Group of students in a medical class pose by a small water fall near Falling Run, some are wearing long aprons; on the site now stand Business and Economic and Life Science Buildings. An inscription of 'Dr. J.F. Trippett died August 20, 1912' with a signature of Clyde Trippett, M.D. on the back.
Class of 1942 from the School of Journalism pose with Dr. and Mrs. P. I. Reed.  The Reeds stand far right and Prof. Wild stands to the far left.  Mrs. Reed was an English teacher.
The picture shows a group of female students in front of a ivy covered building with a front arched entrance.
Group of female students from WVU Catalog of 1895-1896.
Group of students from the graduating class of 1895 pose in cap and gown. In the forefront of the photo are twins Anna and Stella White of Morgantown, W. Va., who were the first women to receive Bachelors of Science degrees at West Virginia University.The other graduates of the class are: W. B. Cutright (Morgantown, W. Va.); C. E. Carrigan (Wheeling, W. Va.); T. L. Davies (Gleville, W. Va.); M. E. Gorman (Rivesville, W. Va.); W. J. Holden (Glenville, W. Va.); S. S. Jacob, Jr. (West Liberty, W. Va.); G. H. A. Kunst (Weston, W. Va.); U. S. G. Kendall (Fairmont, W. Va.); T. M. Lavell (Pencoyd, Pa.); Russell Morris (Morgantown, W. Va.); P. B. Martin (Kingwood, W. Va.); J. B. Protzman (Morgantown, W. Va.); C. N. Ridgway (Hospital, Illinois); Silas Stathers (Wheeling, W. Va.); and J. F. Strader (Morgantown, W. Va.).
The list of the names: C.S. Lowe (Eldora), W. F. McDonald (Charleston), C.A. Osborn (Clarksburg), Miss Evelyn Pratt (Wheeling), A.L. Sawtell, Phi Kappa Psi (Wheeling), W. H. South, Phi Sigma Kappa (Morgantown); G. E. Anderson, Phi Kappa Psi (Latrobe, PA), W. S. Arnold (Hartmansville), C. D. Barb (Morgantown), J.T. Beall (Capon Bridge), C.P. Davidson (Fleming), H.K. Brane (Piedmond), G. H. F. Holy (Grafton), J.W. Hugus (Wheeling), G.R. Krebbs, Sigma Chi (New Martinsville), Phillip Konrad, Sigma Chi (New Martinsville), J.E. Law (Clarksburg), Lee Lewellen (Duke), Miss Maud Sedgwick (Monterey, PA), C.H. Trippet (Wheeling), John Wallace (Wheeling), E.M. Whitescarver (Pruntytown), Miss Lucy B. Wood (Morgantown), H.M. White, Sigma Chi (Camden); F.N. Frum (Bridgeport), G.E. Gramm (Grafton), P.E. Greer (Wheeling), F.E. Gebhart (Latrobe, PA), Dale Grant (Morgantown), J.W. Horn (Capon Bridge).  The caption reads : 'Fulton and Morse have exhausted the scope of invention, nor that Webster and Jefferson have reached the highest limit of statemanship; but we do belive that in these and other fields of activity there is work that we may do, and we are getting ready to enter them.  Believing as we do in co-education, we are proud to have some young ladies in our class, and regret that their number is not larger.  We give due praise to these ladies, who by their enrnest efforts, are profiting by the educational advantages which are as much theirs as anyone's else.  May their example and influence and success induce many others to pursue the same course, and to help, by larger numbers, in representing future classes.  The members of the class are not lacking in loyalty to the University and all its interests.  Thoroughly imbued with the college spirit, they stand ready to help to enlist others in the work.  We feel sure that many, if not all, of those who are now Freshmen will continue their work through the entire course, and finally go out from the University as graduates, and place their names upon the roll of the many who have gone from this institution and achieved honorable success.'
'Bureau of Finance.'
International Students from Tanganyika (now Tanzania) standing near a pond.
A group of international students from Tanganyika (now Tanzania) meeting with a male student of WVU.